Alcatraz Accessibility Policy

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan
Statement of Commitment

Alcatraz Cruises is committed to providing employees and guests with a safe, secure and respectful environment to work and visit. We believe in integration and equal opportunity. We dedicate ourselves to creating amazing experiences for all our guests and strive to meet the needs of those with disabilities. We will do this by preventing and removing barriers to meet requirements under the Accessibility with Disabilities Act.


Alcatraz Cruises will provide Accessibility Standards for Customer Service training to all employees. New employees will be trained during New Hire Orientation upon commencement of employment. Alcatraz Cruises will maintain a record of the training that includes the date of completion and the names of employees involved.

Accessible Emergency Information

Alcatraz Cruises is committed to providing our customers with publicly available emergency information. Accessible formats and communication supports for persons with disabilities will be provided upon request in a timely manner that takes into account the person’s accessibility needs. We will provide employees who have disabilities with individualized emergency response information when necessary.

Information and Communication

Alcatraz Cruises is committed to making our information and communications accessible to persons with disabilities.

In the event of a planned or unexpected disruption to services or facilities for customers with disabilities, Alcatraz Cruises will notify our customers promptly by posting a notice that includes the reason for the disruption and its anticipated length of time.

Alcatraz Cruises has established a Quality Management Program in which customer feedback allows for multiple types of communication such as Comment Cards, Social Media, Tour Operator Feedback, and Web Surveys. The data gathered from these sources enable us to determine accessibility gaps and take prompt action to resolve issues. We will ensure our program is accessible to people with disabilities by providing, or arranging for the provision, of accessible formats and communication supports upon request.


Alcatraz Cruises will take the necessary steps to ensure employees consider the needs of people with disabilities when designing, procuring, or acquiring self-service kiosks.

Service Animals

Alcatraz Cruises welcomes people with disabilities and their service animals. Service animals are allowed on the parts of our premises that are open to the public.


Alcatraz Cruises is committed to fair and accessible employment practices that attract and retain employees with disabilities. We will notify applicants throughout all stages of the employment cycle about the availability of accommodations.

Alcatraz Cruises will consult with the applicant and arrange for a suitable accommodation that takes into account the applicant’s accessibility needs.

Upon commencement of employment, Alcatraz Cruises will notify successful applicants of our policies for accommodating employees with disabilities.

Design of Public Spaces

Alcatraz Cruises is committed to incorporating barrier-free principles in the construction and reconstruction of our facilities. We have taken measures to ensure our premise is accessible for those guests and employees with disabilities.

For Further Information

For more information about Alcatraz Cruises’ commitment to accessibility, contact us:

[email protected] or 415.981.ROCK (7625)

Alternative accessible formats of this document can be made available upon request.

Alcatraz Cruises’ Commitment to Web Accessibility

Alcatraz Cruises is committed to making its products and services accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. Alcatraz Cruises is currently in the process of implementing several initiatives, including, but not limited, to the following:

  • Conforming to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (“WCAG”) 2.0/2.1 AA, published by the World Wide Web Consortium;
  • Providing a link to Alcatraz Cruises’ Accessibility Policy from the homepage, soliciting and providing a method to submit feedback, and providing a method to contact Alcatraz Cruises;
  • Modifying policies to prioritize accessibility bug fixes to ensure they are remedied with the same level of priority as any other equivalent loss of function for individuals without disabilities;
  • Retaining a website accessibility consultant to conduct an annual website accessibility evaluation and audit of;
  • Providing annual training to Alcatraz Cruises’ website content and technical support personnel to ensure Alcatraz Cruises’ website conforms to WCAG 2.0/2.1 AA.

Alcatraz Cruises’ goal is to conform to and will continue to make improvements to  Please direct any questions or suggestions on how to improve the accessibility of our site [email protected].