Kew Gardens – Kew’s Orchids Festival
Imagine yourself in Thailand, with colourful floral displays, including a bright Vanda tunnel and arches decorated with orchids at Kew’s Orchids Festival. You can also get all the ins and outs on the significance of orchids in Thai cuisine, medicine and culture, and browse the pop-up show with an exclusive range of Thai-themed products.
Orchids Festival at Kew Gardens – 10th February – 11th March 2018
Tower Bridge Exhibition – Historic Bridge House Estates
Find out what it’s like inside Tower Bridge and visit its latest exhibition: Historic Bridge House Estates. The exhibition explores the history, its role, and its distinctive insignia, the Bridge Mark.  And have you experienced the thrill yet of seeing London life through the Glass Floor?
Historic Bridge House Estates at Tower Bridge Exhibition – 24th January – Autumn 2018
The London Dungeon – Séance
Get ready to be frightened even more this half term at the London Dungeon. Face your fears as you place your hands on the Ouija board in their latest show – Séance. The London Dungeon’s sinister Victorian medium invites you to join her in contacting the afterlife in this scary show.
Séance at The London Dungeon – 10th – 18th February 2018
Cutty Sark – Make it Go
This Half Term, the whole family can get into the racing-themed arts and design experience with Make it Go! at the Cutty Sark. Try out your design ideas and race your vehicles beneath the hull of one of the world’s most magnificent sailing ships.
Make it Go! at Cutty Sark – 12th – 17th February 2018
Westminster Abbey – Commonwealth family Week
Westminster Abbey celebrates the Commonwealth during a week of special events for families. Join the celebrations in partnership with 52 countries, and get into activities including art, dance, music and storytelling and family trails.
Commonwealth Family Week at Westminster Abbey  – 12th – 16th February
Tower of London – Knight School
Become a knight this February Half Term and join Tower of London Knight School. Kids get to decorate a helmet of their own, take home a shield to design their very own family coat of arms and try on medieval fashion, among other activities.
Knight School at Tower of London –  10th – 18th February 2018. Activities are recommended for children aged 5-11 and their families.