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Stay up to date with our whales in San Diego. From our daily whale watching reports to photos and video, this is the spot for our favorite marine mammals. Gray Whale Watching Season runs from December to April!

2021-2022 Winter Whale Watching Report

DateMorning CruiseAfternoon CruiseNotes
1/02/2210 Grey Whales
Common Dolphins
-We lucked out and experienced a beautiful, sunny day today with calm seas. Within 15 minutes of leaving the harbor the captain sighted our first gray whale blow. After following this single whale for quite awhile, Captain Eric turned the Adventurer north in search of more gray whales. At this time some folks observed a small pod of common dolphins amidst a group of plunge-diving seabirds.

It wasn't long until the captain brought us close to two different pairs of gray whales with plenty of fluking and in one case snorkeling behavior. At times we were so close as to hear the magnificent exhalation and visualize clearly the heart-shaped blow. This was one of the highlights of our trip.

Although we were seeing mostly adult gray whales, many SDNHM whalers stated a belief that at least one of these whales was a juvenile due to smaller flukes and fewer patches of barnacles.

After searching the coastline off of Point Loma, our captain turned south again where we were lucky enough to locate and approach a group of five gray whales, swimming side by side, blowing in quick succession and fluking or at least showing their knuckles as they took their longer dives. By this time of afternoon, the sun was getting lower on the horizon and the glare on the water was intense.

Captain Eric asked us to bid adieu to this grand finale in order to steam back to the harbor. A dolphin was spotted by some folks, while others simply enjoyed warming up inside and relaxing as we steamed thru the calm waters of the harbor to our dock.

When asked, everyone stated they had a grand time including the children. Our passengers included parties from as far away as Brazil and Canada and many other states including Michigan, Minnesota and Florida. It was a spirited cruise on a most comfortable vessel!
1/03/223 Grey Whales
10 Common Dolphins
-We had a beautiful day, sunny and clear with calm seas. We had visitors from Arizona, Utah, the San Francisco area, and some locals too. We saw three Gray Whales heading south. One must have had her timer on because she was so predictable, four blows and a fluke on a four-minute cycle. Ten Common Dolphins came by to say hello.
1/06/226 Grey Whales
Mola Mola
-It was a beautiful day out on the water with approximately 70 people on board, including many families visiting from out of state. The sun was shining, the seas were small and the wind was calm. We saw a total of 6 gray whales traveling southbound. Three of the whales were adults and three were juveniles. A couple of the whales surfaced right next to the boat so everyone on board had fantastic views of them. We also saw a mola mola near the end of the trip. A great day on the water!
1/07/222 Bottlenose Dolphins
Sea Lions
1 Pregnant Grey Whale
3 Juvenile Grey Whales
7 Grey Whales
Common Dolphins
Sea Lions
Morning Cruise
Beautiful day, calm water. What a great whale seeing day. Almost the entire time there was something to watch.

Right after the harbor- two Bottlenose dolphins, sea lions.Shortly after that a big Gray whale (more of light skin) - we thought maybe a pregnant female. Shortly after that two adult Gray whales. They were maybe disturbed by a small boat because they changed the direction of swimming and Captain Rick decided to go further Nord. What a beautiful performance there. 3 juvenile Gray whales synchronized flukes every 5-6 minutes. One breaching. We observed them for more than a half an hour On the way back we saw two even smaller flukes several times. Everybody on board was really pleased.

Afternoon Cruise
On the afternoon cruise today we saw 7 gray whales in two clusters — one a trio and one a quad — A bit unusual to see 3 or 4 grays traveling so close together and blowing and fluking together. The first trio seemed to have more barnacles and potentially older; second group was mostly all gray with minimal barnacles so maybe less trips down to Baja.

We were treated to multiple fluke displays including a 1-2-3 by the trio and even a synchronized pair by the quad. The quad group was quite close to boat and able to really appreciate their size and scale.

Minimal other sea life although we did see a few common dolphins on approach back into harbor and of course the fun sea lions at the bait docks.

1/09/22Bottlenose Dolphin
2 Grey Whales
5 Grey Whales
Sea Lions
Morning Cruise
Today was a beautiful and sunny day out on the water for the morning cruise. We were first greeted by a Bottlenose Dolphin in the harbor and not long after leaving the harbor we encountered two Gray Whales. These Gray Whales showed off their flukes as they dived down! Among the passengers were a good handful of people who had never seen a whale before and among the volunteers a first Gray Whale sighting. Overall a great experience for everyone onboard.

Afternoon Cruise
On the afternoon cruise we had a beautiful clear day with nice calm water. We encountered 5 total gray whales on the trip and saw many blows in the distance. We found three whales shortly after leaving the harbor and we stayed with one individual and observed it’s blows. We then moved north and found a pair and observed synchronized flukes and blows from them. We didn’t see any dolphins but found a few sea lions on the way back to the dock.

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