2023 - 2024 年冬季观鲸报告

日期 早晨的巡航 午后巡游 笔记
1/28/24 5 Adult Grey Whales
2 Juvenile Gray Whales
Sunny skies and calm seas made for an excellent morning of whale watching. Not far out of the harbour we found a group of 4 adult grey whales and 1 juvenile travelling southbound. They were travelling very close together and put on an amazing show by rolling over and fluking multiple times. We followed them for a while, then set off and found a lone adult grey. On the way back, right in the mouth of the harbour we were lucky to see a juvenile grey whale. We could not have asked for a better day!
1/27/24 6 gray whales
1 cow/calf pair
500 common dolphin
3 adult Gray Whales
750 Common Dolphins

We had just set sail on a glorious, sunny morning when we spotted a juvenile gray whale right in the harbor at Ballast Point! We were able to see the youngster up close for several passes. Further out we witnessed quite a feedy frenzy with pelicans diving mixed in with a delightful pod of common dolphins, all feeding on a bait ball. We saw 5 more adult gray whales, 3 travelling together. But the highlight was a gray whale cow/young calf pair that came up close and stayed near the surface for several passes!

Spectacular San Diego day on the water - sunny, warm, with a very flat ocean making it easy to spot the wildlife. A very tall spout was spotted in the distance, suspected to be a Fin Whale but it disappeared quickly so we couldn't be sure. Two adult Gray Whales were "cavorting" close to the boat, which appeared to be courting or mating behavior. They were rolling onto their sides, raising their pectoral fins, flukes coming straight up, and even poking their heads out of the water in semi-breach positions. A pod of about 750 Common Dolphins then appeared from the distance, swimming around the boat to the delight of the passengers. We saw one more Gray Whale as we headed back toward Pt. Loma.
1/26/24 3 Southbound Gray Whales
1 juvenile Gray Whale (in the Bay)
50 Common Dolphins
Beautiful day on the water! Nice and sunny with some wind and decent swells. Homeschool group on board had 10-15 kids who were well versed on Gray Whales and anxious to learn more! We started the trip with a pod of 50 Common Dolphins. As soon as they peeled off, spotted 3 Gray Whale heart shaped blows. Stayed with them for 45 minutes or so, then spotted possible additional group of 3. These 3 were taking frequent breaths and one rolled over, showing a pectoral fun. Whalers suspect mating activity. Stayed with that group for 45 minutes, then headed back. Once at Ballast Point area, spotted juvenile dubbed “Bubbles” by crew, surfacing.
1/21/24 4 Whales, 4 Dolphins On today's cruise we saw 4 gray whales. The first was a juvenile whale hanging out by ballast point. We later saw another juvenile gray whale not far off Point Loma in the kelp forest. We also separately followed two adult gray whales heading south. On our way back to the harbor we saw two Common and two Pacific White Sided Dolphins.
1/20/24 5头灰鲸 The first gray spotted was at Ballast Point in the harbor (Bubbles is the name the team gave to this whale). Once in the ocean and only about two miles offshore, the ship/captain followed one gray whale migrating south for a bit of time. Three more grays were seen as this cruise was returning to the dock by the Midway Museum.
1/14/24 1 gray whale cow/calf pair
2 adult gray whales
We hadn't sailed too far off of Point Loma when we received reports of a whale close by. As we neared the location, what had been reported as a single whale we realized was a very small calf and its mother. This had to have been a recently born calf since its size seemed to be no bigger than a dolphin though we didn't see much more of it than its small head. This calf was shiny and black in color in addition to being so small. Mom was being a bit coy and we only had a few glimpses of her barnacle- encircled blowhole and a bit of her back. Rather than hang around them, our captain decided it was in their best interest to let them be and very shortly we had another gray whale sighting to check out. This whale was in no particular hurry and seemed content to swim in one area coming up every 7-8 minutes in such a way that we got great views of this whale. We made one last excursion to the north to check out another sighting and we were rewarded with a southbound adult gray whale. He or she was moving at a nice slow pace with regular surfacing and we were able to watch this beauty for a good 15-20 minutes before heading back to the pier.
1/13/24 6 Gray whales
300 Pacific common dolphins
We saw gray whales very soon after exiting San Diego Bay. Lots of spouts and many tail flukes were seen as we stayed with them on their southbound journey. We left the whales and encountered Pacific common dolphins. Many dolphins were swimming close to the boat, swimming under the boat and playing in the bow wake.
1/6/24 3 Grey Whales
150 Common Dolphins
30 Pacific White Sided Dolphins
Today was sunny with good visibility, making it an excellent morning on the water. A pod of common dolphins was spotted soon after leaving the harbour. They delighted all aboard by bow riding, leaping and frolicking around us. We then set off north and found a small pod of Pacific White Sided dolphins, and just behind them, a gray whale! The majestic giant surfaced a few times and fluked for us. Not far away we found a pair of southbound gray whales, who really put on a show by surfacing and fluking multiple times!
1/5/24 30 Common Dolphins 1 Gray Juvenile Whale
Adventure set sail under slightly hazy skies that led to eventually more sun shining while we went in search of the Eastern Pacific Gray Whale. Slight swells were observed as we exited the San Diego Bay. Captain Rick headed west for a couple of miles and decided to take the Adventure to the North to see if there were possible southbound Gray Whales. After a few miles of searching with no luck Adventure began the journey to head closer to the coastline near Point Loma. We did come into contact with a small family pod of Common Dolphins that we observe. It was great to see a couple of calves in the mix. Guests on board were excited see the dolphins come close to the vessel. As we continue our journey south we finally came across 1 juvenile Gray Whale that was crossing the shipping lanes close to Point Loma. We observed the beautiful heart shape blows and guests gushed with happiness. The juvenile appeared to be a 2 year old as it had some barnacles on its nostrum which meant that it had been to the Lagoons of Baja California Mexico. The Gray surfaced about 1 dozen times as we observed it's pathway. The Gray did finally surface on the western side of the vessel and we could tell that it was heading to the gateway between the Los Coronados Middle and North Islands which is the gateway to the lagoons for the Grays. At that point we knew that it had 475 miles still to go in order to reach the lagoon areas.
12/31/23 1条灰鲸 The king tides brought some very large swells this morning but we set out to try to see what we could find! Despite the bumpy ride, we were able to find a juvenile gray whale who was headed South. The whale surfaced a few times with it's signature blow before diving deeper and showing off its tail fluke. It was traveling at a quick pace but we were able to locate it once more. Guests were treated to 4 more spouts and another beautiful view of its fluke before it continued on its journey to Mexico.
12/30/23 1 Minke Whale
4 Mola Mola
20 Pacific White Sided Dolphin
500 Common Dolphin
As we made our way through the harbor we were greeted by a few dolphin. Gray skies turned to sunshine and we soon observed a number of Pacific White Sided Dolphin, followed by approximately 500 Common Dolphin. We were thrilled to observe a Minke Whale that surprised us with popping up in different areas around the boat. Throughout our trip, we saw several Mola Mola (Ocean Sunfish) with one that was very close to the boat. We also observed a number of sea birds, including Cormorant, Brown Pelicans and a Red-Footed Booby that flew overhead.
12/29/23 1条小鲸鱼 A menke whale was briefly spotted, but maintaining contact turned out to be challenging. No other siting occurred during this trip.
12/25/23 1 Gray Whale
300 Common Dolphins
The mood onboard was "merry and bright" today as passengers and crew all received an incredible gift - the first Gray whale of the season. The adult whale stayed with us for several passes and fluked twice. We were also joined by 300 common dolphins, who thrilled the passengers by bow riding along the boat!
12/24/23 50 Common Dolphins After a gray start to the day, the sun came out for a beautiful day on the water. About an hour into the cruise we encountered a pod of common dolphins, some of which came very close to the boat and played in the wake. The dolphins stayed with us for about 20 minutes then went their own way. Unfortunately we did not see much other marine life for the rest of the day, but were still able to enjoy a beautiful day on the ocean.
12/22/23 100 Pacific White Sided Dolphins
40 Common Dolphins
It was a beautiful morning after a big thunderstorm the night before. We saw a pod of approximately 100 Pacific White Sided Dolphins who were swimming close to the boat for several minutes. We also saw a group of approximately 40 Common Dolphins surfing in the bow's wake.
12/17/23 2 头座头鲸(一对母鲸和一对幼鲸)
50 条普通海豚
30 条宽吻海豚
今天天气晴朗,海面平静,我们在巡航中看到了鲸鱼和海豚。我们看到了一对座头鲸母子,它们在船边游了大约 15 分钟。此外,我们还看到了约 50 条普通海豚,其中有一对海豚妈妈和海豚宝宝育儿室以及其他海豚。在返回途中,我们在圣地亚哥海湾附近发现了 3 只宽吻海豚。
12/16/23 3 头座头鲸
80 条海豚
这是一个美丽的早晨,水面风平浪静。我们发现了 3 头座头鲸,并近距离观赏到一头座头鲸在深潜时吹气并竖起鳍。此外,我们还看到了大约 80 头海豚,其中包括一对海豚母子(育儿室)。

2023 年夏季观鲸报告

日期 早晨的巡航 笔记
8/25/23 500 普通海豚
1 褐鲣鸟
3 宽吻海豚
在驶出圣地亚哥湾的途中,一些乘客看到了几条宽吻海豚,当我们驶向岸边时,我们看到了许多漂浮的鸟类。我们甚至还近距离遇到了一只棕鲣鸟,它飞过上层甲板,飞得很低,许多人都能近距离看到!在同一时间,我们还看到了一些飞鱼。考察完 9 英里海岸返回时,圣地亚哥的天空洒满了阳光,我们看到了一大群普通海豚正在进行交配。海豚在水面上跳跃,溅起水花,高速游动,你可以看到海豚在水面下层层叠叠。
8/19/23 300 海豚 我们离开港口时,船上的捕鲸者都注意到有大量不同种类的海鸟飞向大海。离开港口时,我们在离一个小饵球不远的地方看到了一小群普通海豚。当我们驶向 9 英里海岸时,我们看到了一个普通海豚育幼群,这让每个人都兴奋不已。在整个航行过程中,当我们在鲸鱼区航行时,我们继续看到了多个短喙和长喙的普通海豚群。
8/18/23 1000 条常见海豚 海豚总数至少有 1000 多条,展示了精彩的杂技表演。我们继续看到母海豚带着小海豚,不同的海豚群让我们近距离欣赏了它们的花样游泳。
8/17/23 1 长须鲸
800 普通海豚
探险号在大雾中驶出圣地亚哥湾,雾一直持续到我们到达 9 英里海岸地区。在那里,我们发现了一小群 100 多条普通海豚,其中还有几条小海豚,船上的游客可以观察到它们。我们继续向西航行,直到在 14 英里海岸附近看到了喷口。探险号 "向西航行,在那里我们看到了几处长须鲸喷出的水柱,这只长须鲸对我们来说有点难以捉摸。我们观察了长须鲸,因为它身上的斑纹非常漂亮。我们的时间用完了,船长开始了返回圣地亚哥湾的旅程。在返回的途中,我们有幸遇到了一个由 700 多条普通海豚组成的较大的海豚群,其中包括一个育幼海豚群。
8/13/23 1 条小须鲸
2 鲯鳅
300 条普通海豚
在返回港口的途中,我们遇到了一群非常活跃的普通海豚,它们的高空跳跃和母海豚与小海豚的对视让游客们大饱眼福。我们还在海豚附近发现了两只巨大的莫拉莫拉(mola mola)。
8/12/23 2 宽吻海豚
1200 普通海豚
3 鲯鳅
它们上演了一场精彩的表演。 我们观察到海豚的各种滑稽动作:直接跳出水面、旋转、拍打尾巴、全速直线游动。
8/11/23 500 条普通海豚
1 鲯鳅
虽然没有发现鲸鱼,但海豚却没有让人失望。 整个行程中有几个小的海豚群,还有一个大的育幼海豚群围绕着游船。 它们跟在船后,在船头嬉戏跳跃,逗得乘客们乐不可支。 一只莫拉莫拉(Mola Mola)海豚被发现靠近游船,当船长在海面上盘旋时,它还停留在海面上,让乘客们大饱眼福。
8/7/23 800 条普通海豚
1 长须鲸
探险号在大雾中驶出圣地亚哥湾,雾一直持续到我们到达 9 英里海岸地区。在那里,我们发现了一小群 100 多条普通海豚,其中还有几条小海豚,船上的游客可以观察到它们。我们继续向西航行,直到在 14 英里海岸附近看到了喷口。探险号 "向西航行,在那里我们看到了几处长须鲸喷出的水柱,这只长须鲸对我们来说有点难以捉摸。我们观察了长须鲸,因为它身上的斑纹非常漂亮。我们的时间用完了,船长开始了返回圣地亚哥湾的旅程。在返回的途中,我们有幸遇到了一个由 700 多条普通海豚组成的较大的海豚群,其中包括一个育幼海豚群。
8/5/23 1 头蓝鲸
1000 条普通海豚
多个海豚群,包括许多母海豚/幼海豚不断出现。先是一小群,然后越来越大,许多海豚还跟船游了好一会儿。当我们驶到深水区时,我们看到了第一只喷口。鲸鱼又呼吸了几次,露出了更多的身体,然后我们发现了背鳍。我们与鲸鱼一起呼吸和潜水了至少 3 个周期,然后转身返回码头。
8/4/23 800 普通海豚
2 鲯鳅
我们在大约 12 英里外看到了一个由大约 800 头普通海豚和小海豚组成的活跃的大海豚群。在我们返回海湾的途中,海豚群分成了两个较小的海豚群,但仍然很活跃,它们在我们身后跳跃、拍打尾巴和冲浪。
7/31/23 Minke: 1
普通海豚:3000 多条
海豚成群! 一大群又一大群的海豚跳跃着,拍打着。 在一个小区域里还有许多小海豚。 我们看到了 3 隻不同的 mola mola,还有 1 隻 Minke,它在船附近浮出水面至少 6 次。 此外,今天还有很多军事行动:一艘核潜艇驶来、4 架战斗机从海军基地起飞、一架海鹰直升机和一艘可在 14 英尺水深内作业的战斗舰。
7/28/23 1 条蓝鲸
2 鲯鳅
12 条里斯索海豚
30 条宽吻海豚
550 条普通海豚
在前往海底峡谷的途中,我们遇到了大约 50 头普通海豚。 有几对母豚/小豚在船边游来游去,还有几十条海豚在船头嬉戏,表演得十分精彩。 后来,我们在离岸 7 英里处看到了一条蓝鲸的喷口。 我们离得很近,可以看到它在浅水下潜时的上半身。 不过,船离墨西哥 "边境 "越来越近,所以我们不得不中断航线,去寻找更多没有南下的海洋哺乳动物。 不久之后,我们非常幸运地看到了一群相当顽皮的里索氏海豚。其中几只跃出水面,让我们所有人都兴奋不已! 我们和这群海豚在一起呆了大约 20 分钟。 这些海豚总是令人目不暇接。 在我们返回港口的途中,有一群非常活跃的普通海豚。许多海豚完全跃出水面,就像在飞一样。
7/23/23 1 条鲸鱼
557 海豚
离开海湾不久,我们就遇到了大约 50 隻普通海豚。之后,我们向西驶向九英里海岸。一路上我们看到了很多渔船,但没有看到水花。然后,我们看到了一群 7 头里索海豚,它们不停地从船下游过,然后又从另一侧游上来。它们靠得很近,非常漂亮。就在我们看着它们游走的时候,一条蓝鲸也来到了我们左舷附近。在我们不得不返回港口之前,我们看到它在海面上又游了一圈。在返航途中,我们最后看到了一大群(500 头)普通海豚在跳跃和溅水。
7/22/23 1 只蓝鲸
1 Mola Mola
1500+ 普通海豚
今天,海豚们表现出了罕见的状态,超级大群的海豚从不同方向飞来,在浪花中跳跃、跃起、翻肚。许多海豚随船游动,令乘客和船员们大饱眼福。我们还看到了带着刚出生的小鲸鱼的母鲸和满是幼鲸的育婴室。在航行了大约 12 英里后,我们看到了一头幼年蓝鲸,它在相对较短的间隔时间内与我们共同吹了几次气。此外,我们还看到了一条鳕鱼,大家看到了它独特的外形和游泳动作。
7/21/23 9 头蓝鲸
250 条普通海豚
这次巡航共看到 9 头蓝鲸,其中 6 头近距离接触,另外 6 头在远处嬉戏。这 9 头鲸鱼活动时露出了一条鳍,而其他蓝鲸则在水面浮潜。此外,在这次观鲸之旅中,还看到了一只莫拉-莫拉(mola Mola),看到的 250 只普通海豚是长喙和短喙的混合体。
7/17/23 500 普通海豚
75 宽吻海豚
7/16/23 2 头蓝鲸(及鳍鲸)
150 条普通海豚
25 瑞索海豚
80 宽吻海豚
温暖的阴云笼罩着海岸,140 多名兴致勃勃的乘客出发参加夏季观鲸巡航活动。 里克船长和他的船员驾驶着 "探险家号 "驶过谢尔特岛,船上的乘客观看了一条宽吻海豚在美国海军训练舰附近跳跃。 在离开港口之前,更多的瓶鼻海豚在压载点附近吞食诱饵球。 海豚是今天的主题,因为在前往 9 英里海岸的途中,看到了许多普通海豚、多群大型近海宽吻海豚和罕见的里索氏海豚。 在 9 英里浅滩接近尾声时,看到了多只喷水海豚。 令乘客们高兴的是,13 分钟后,一条蓝鲸在船附近浮出水面,远处还有一条。 当我们返回港口时,两只鲸鱼都向我们挥手告别。
7/10/23 500 条普通海豚 船长得以接近几群普通海豚。当它们环绕着小船跃出水面时,近距离欣赏它们的美丽真是令人惊叹。我看到一次有多达三条海豚同步跃出水面。鹈鹕在进食时一头扎入水中,在水面上溅起巨大的水花。加州海狮在浮标上晒太阳。
7/8/23 2 头蓝鲸
2 鲯鳅
500 普通海豚
一个至少有 200 多条普通海豚的大海豚群向我们涌来,当它们随船游动时,让我们有了一次近距离的体验。我们观察了一会儿,发现了一条成年和幼年蓝海豚,它们起初躲躲闪闪,但后来又靠近了一些,让我们看得更清楚。后来,更多的海豚出现了,它们先是游开,然后又游回船上。最后一次看到鲸鱼时,我们看到了鲸鱼从头到尾的全貌,因为它就停留在水下。
7/7/23 3 头蓝鲸
250 条普通海豚
2 莫拉莫拉鱼
2 飞鱼
当我们进入海洋一侧时,水面上出现了许多鸟类,有鹈鹕、燕鸥和各种海鸥,还有一群普通海豚。当我们继续向 9 英里堤岸区域航行时,我们遇到了 125 条普通海豚,它们来到我们的船上,在船头嬉戏,在船尾冲浪。海豚群中还有几只小海豚,看到它们混在一起,游客们都非常兴奋。随后,我们在 9 英里海岸区域看到了 3 头蓝鲸的大喷口。它们浮出水面,用 25 英尺长的尾巴喷水和扇动翅膀。看到蓝鲸如此接近水面,以及它们的身体在水中呈现出的 "蓝色",许多游客都惊叹不已。尤其让游客惊叹的是,蓝鲸的喷水高度从 30 英尺到 40 英尺不等,当它们大幅下潜时,它们的鳍有多宽。当我们接近洛马角时,又有一群普通海豚前来迎接我们,并向船上所有的游客道别!
7/2/23 蓝调 7
Fin: 1
除了看到 7 头蓝鲸和 1 头长须鲸之外,我们还看到了一种船上很少有人见过的行为。 一条蓝鲸在海面上侧身,将 8 英尺长的胸鳍抬出水面,露出白色的底部! 其他蓝鲸也多次炫耀它们的鳍,它们离得很近,浮出水面时能清楚地听到它们的呼吸声。 我们还看到了两群普通海豚和一只漂浮在水面上的莫拉莫拉(Mola Mola)。
7/1/23 3 蓝鲸
800 条普通海豚
1 海蜇
1 海蛇
6/26/23 9 头蓝鲸
100 条普通海豚
在前往 5 英里标志的途中,我们看到了大约 100 头嬉戏的普通海豚。 还没到 5 英里处,我们就看到了蓝鲸。 它们无处不在! 九条蓝鲸离船很近,可以看到它们的身体和轮廓,它们就在水面下游动。 我们可以清楚地看到它们巨大的吹气孔和一些鳍。 我们都很享受听到它们呼吸的声音。 我们还看到远处至少还有 8 个吹气孔。 我们没有走过 5 英里,因为有很多鲸鱼让我们忙个不停。 此外,还有很多加利福尼亚褐鹈鹕,以及停靠在海军基地的三艘潜艇!

6/25/23 12 头蓝鲸
400 条普通海豚
. 当我们从港口出发,前往太平洋上蓝鲸出没的海域时,我们遇到了一些有很多鹈鹕、海豚和其他各种鸟类的贝特球。 我们还看到了几条(400 多条)普通海豚(有些是长嘴海豚),它们成群结队。 随后,船长将船开到了一个觅食圈内,我们看到了很多鲸鱼,远远近近的蓝鲸完全包围了我们。 这次巡航还看到了大约 12 头蓝鲸,在这些蓝鲸中,我们看到了两头长笛鲸,赢得了客人们的阵阵掌声。 当我们最后一次看到这些蓝鲸时,有一头蓝鲸靠近船尾几码的距离,给客人带来了极好的体验。
6/24/23 3 头蓝鲸
200 条普通海豚
1 鲯鳅
今天的观鲸活动非常精彩,我们在同一区域看到了三头蓝鲸。我们能听到它们的呼吸声,还看到了几根尾鳍。我们还看到了大约 300 隻普通海豚,以及一只在海面上觅食的莫拉莫拉(Mola Mola),令人兴奋。
6/23/23 1 蓝鲸
2 长须鲸
300 海豚
我们航行了大约六英里,遇到了一条蓝鲸和两条长须鲸。 我询问的三位乘客都告诉我,他们最喜欢的是看到三百多条普通海豚。特别是我们看到的那些在船边嬉戏的海豚。
6/19/23 9+ 蓝鲸
1 座头鲸

1000 头普通海豚

200 只近海宽吻海豚
今天的夏季巡航是水上的奇妙一天! 里克船长带我们驶向九英里海岸,很快我们就遇到了一大群 1000 多条普通海豚。 我们很快就看到了海豚喷出的水花,而且一直没有停歇! 我们被蓝鲸包围,多次在船附近与鲸鱼近距离接触,许多鲸鱼都在甩动尾巴,令人印象深刻。 有几次,两三只蓝鲸同时浮出水面,围绕着我们的船。 我们至少看到了两对幼鲸/母鲸或幼鲸/成鲸。 真正的亮点是一头非常友好和俏皮的座头鲸,它至少冲撞了 25 次,为大家带来了一场精彩的表演。 我们还看到了大约 200 头近海瓶鼻海豚,它们非常活跃。 上午的六月阴霾散去后,我们迎来了蓝天白云,每个人都度过了无比难忘的一天!
6/18/23 6 头蓝鲸(1 对母子)
200 条普通海豚
10 宽吻海豚
美丽的一天--出发时的六月阴霾,到达圣地亚哥时的艳阳高照。 出发时海豚活动频繁。 当我们发现蓝鲸时,周围到处都是喷水声。
6/10/23 3 头蓝鲸
1 头长须鲸
70 海豚
真是观鲸季的开始! 鲸鱼的叫声包围了小船。 鲸鱼离得很近,可以听到它们的呼吸声。 另一个不常见到的景象--里佐海豚和宽吻海豚一起游来游去--大约各有 10 条。 大量鱼饵球吸引了鹈鹕、海豚和鲸鱼。 蓝鲸--地球上最大的哺乳动物;长须鲸--海洋中的灰狗。SD 自然历史博物馆的捕鲸员展示了生物制品,并回答了乘客的问题。鲸鱼的一天















这是很有可能的! 圣地亚哥是大量普通海豚的家园。它们经常与鲸鱼一起游泳,所以你可能会近距离看到它们。




一天中观察鲸鱼的最佳时间通常是清晨或傍晚。这时的太阳没有那么 很刺眼和鲸鱼更活跃。