Hornblower’s 2017-2018 Winter Whale watching season began with perfect whale spotting and viewing conditions last weekend. On Saturday, Whalers from the San Diego Natural History Museum gathered on the Adventure Hornblower to kick-off the season. These dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers interact with guests before and during the whale watching cruises to teach them about gray whales and other baleen whales along with ocean wildlife and conservation. Although no whales were spotted during the first cruise, guests and whalers enjoyed fantastic sightings of a Humpback Whale and our first Gray Whale of the season during Sunday’s cruises along with a large herd of playful Common Dolphins and gorgeous Pacific White-sided Dolphins.

Gray whales are just beginning their southward migration past the coast of San Diego en route to the calving lagoons off the Pacific Coast of Baja California, Mexico. Soon we should see significantly more migrating gray whales, including some mother’s traveling with newborn calves. Be sure to watch this page for current sightings and updates for the season.

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