How often do you say “Thank You” to your employees?

Do they think you really mean it? We learned from our parents, grandparents, teachers, mentors, etc., that saying “thank you” is polite and respectful. When did thanking someone, specifically an employee/co-worker become a meaningless habit?

Continuous motivation, high employee-satisfaction ratings, and increased productivity are all results of appreciating your employees. Everyone loves to be recognized for their hard work and all of the hours they have put in to make a project or company successful. Team building is such an important factor and ultimately contributes to improved company morale. With Employee Appreciation Day taking place March 2nd, we’ve come up with a list of things you can do to show your team how much you really admire their efforts!

1. Company Potlucks
This is a great way of showing the diversity within the company and a great way to instigate conversation. People from different departments are able to join together and not only learn a few things about different cultures, but most importantly, learn about who they work with.

2. Happy Hour or Dinner
Nothing is more appreciated by employees than knowing they are able to leave work at work, but still get to enjoy the company of their co-workers. It sets a relaxing tone with more bonding than happens within the office environment.

3. Celebrate small and big milestones
Having everyone sign a birthday card or even throwing a baby shower for an employee makes a team member feel extremely valued and appreciated.

4. Summer Fridays
These are the best! After a rough week, leaving early on a Friday is something employees are sure to love. It’s a simple gesture, but people are always glad to start their weekend at 3pm on a hot, summer day.

5. Say “Thank You,” in different ways.
Again, simple gestures go a long way. Verbally thanking an employee can be the highlight of their day. Call them into your office and state how proud you are of them, or even leave a surprise sticky note letting them know you’re aware of their efforts.

7. Go big or go home!
If you’re located within the tri-state area, come to the big apple and take a happy hour cruise with Hornblower NY. The Alive After Five happy hour cruise is the perfect way for employees to relax and watch the always changing, ever-present views of NYC pass by. Your team will realize they’re part of a great company that offers exceptional perks. And nothings beats that!

People value sincerity and all the world’s top business leaders will tell you, success begins with its people. Make sure keeping your employees happy is a top priority, because without them your company wouldn’t be the success it is today.


-The Hornblower NY Family

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