If you didn’t know, February 12-February 18 is the official week for Random Acts of Kindness. Specifically in New York City, we tend to go on about life absorbed in our own world consumed in the daily hustle and bustle. Time to pause and take a step back to see what you can do to pass kindness around.

This week for Random Acts of Kindness Week, it’s up to you to put your kindness to the test and continue it not only for the week, but throughout the year. Apply this to your life at home as well as work and even in social scenarios. Here’s some tips to find out what you can do!

  1. Start the “Pay it Forward” Coffee Line.
    • This becomes more popular by the day, which is great news. It all starts with one person ordering their beverage then paying for the person in line behind them without that person knowing. It’s a simple anonymous gesture that can either change someone’s mood in a positive manner or simply be a great start to the day.
  2. Donate spare change to someone in need.
    • We tend to pass by homeless people without stopping because we are either rushing to get to work, don’t carry cash, or just don’t feel like donating. Just $1 can help a person buy a warm beverage through a harsh winter or help them stay cool during a brutal heat wave in NYC. You never know how it can help them, but know you’ve done a good deed.
  3. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen.
    • Sometimes, your time is more valuable to an individual rather than money. Around the holidays, we all think that it’s a great opportunity to help those in need, but quickly resume our daily routine right after the holidays are over. Volunteering can be more than a one-time operation. Time is value and you’ll feel great after your shift is over.
  4. Buy your co-worker a random gift!
    • People LOVE gifts. It just so happens that Valentine’s Day is during the week of Random Acts of Kindness. This may or may not have been organized on purpose, but does that really matter? Show a coworker you care about them. Buy them something small, like a box of chocolates, or go big and buy them tickets to a Hornblower Happy Hour or Party Cruise. Whatever you get them, it’ll instantly boost their mood and bring a smile not only to their face, but yours as well.

There’s enough love to spread in different ways. Just remember, you can make a difference to someone’s day by simply having a kind heart.

With Love,

-The Hornblower NY Family

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