Why Team Building Should Always be a Priority

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Company culture is as important – in fact, sometimes even more so – than compensation, so it’s surprising that when it comes to creating a great company culture, team building is often overlooked. “If we’re getting everything done, then why does it matter?” can be the response. But getting everything done doesn’t mean every employee feels valued — or isn’t exhausted.

Work should be about more than “getting it done”.We don’t buy the age-old advice of “no one likes their job”. We believe that how companies treat their employees play a large part in motivating the team. Gone are the days of simply showing up and clocking in and out. Building a cohesive team is critical to success and getting there has never been easier. So get out there and get going. With these tips, great people, a little laughter and a sense of accomplishment, you’ll be on the right track.

Why it matters

Despite the groans any mention of “team building” can elicit, it doesn’t have to be all trust falls and ice breaker games. Team building activities are a great way to get everyone on the same page, open up communication, and foster collaboration so that no matter what is thrown at them, your employees have a clear objective in mind.

Plan ahead

Give employees something to look forward to! Don’t spring it on them. Put some effort into creating events that focus on what your goals are for the quarter and beyond. Let your staff know well in advance and if you can offer them an opportunity to give some input before the event, do it. This will create a sense of ownership and purpose as you ask them to commit to achieving the goals you set forth. Get them invested before they hit the threshold on the day of the event!

Shifting focus

As larger projects come to a close, it’s important to acknowledge not only what’s been accomplished, but where the company is going next and where energy will be needed in the coming year. Recognize how far you have come and use that experience to determine what the upcoming goals will look like. It’s helpful to break down those larger goals into more manageable, day-to-day strategies, and set goals as a group to make employees feel more engaged with their work.

Make it memorable

The most effective team building events tend to take staff out of the comforts of the office. The change of scenery encourages everyone to come out of their shell and reinforce relationships. Getting out of the meeting room also helps to bring about momentum and creates opportunities for people to bond more organically.

Take your team offsite and use your team building venue to its full advantage.

  • Host a cooking party. It’s a unique way to improve communication skills
  • Set up office Olympics where departments go head-to-head to test their abilities  
  • Sign them up for a charitable cause. Go to a food bank, plant a tree, or work with a local Boys and Girls club. Feel good while doing good!

Keep it going

Most companies will have holiday parties, which is great, but what do you do in April when everyone is running low on steam? It doesn’t have to be a blow out every time, smaller versions of the larger picture can be spread out throughout the year. Setting a theme for the year with a big kickoff while having a few smaller events at each quarter is a great way to keep people engaged and focused on the end goal. Hey, maybe even try a sightseeing tour!

The fact is that if you want to get the best out of your people year round, corporate team building needs to be a year-round priority. If your business is to be successful, you need to make sure your team is inspired, refreshed, and ready to work.

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