Ruth Phillips and Carlos Vargas decided they wanted a unique and interesting venue to tie the knot. A cookie-cutter wedding just wasn’t something they were interested in, but they didn’t want to abandon every classic wedding tradition. Upon “Googling” they found Hornblower Cruises & Events. After talking with our wedding coordinators, they booked a ceremony on a public Champagne Brunch Cruise.

Getting Hitched with Friends
Booking on a public cruise doesn’t mean that you get stuck saying “I do” in front of strangers. In fact, the ceremony occurs before passengers even board. Your party also gets their own area to enjoy brunch and catch up.

Bright Smiley Faces
There’s something about being around a wedding that really puts people in a celebratory mood. An awesome moment occurred when passengers spotted the bride. Their faces lit up and the whole wedding vibe was taken up a notch.

A Fairytale Day
The weather put on an amazing show for their wedding. The sunshine lit up the aquamarine water. It was the kind of day where you would expect to see a unicorn, but instead there were dolphins swimming behind the yacht!

Smiles Everyone, Smiles
Everyone was feeling the love — even the staff (who have probably seen hundreds of weddings) were cheering the couple on as they took their first dance.

Share the Love
It’s funny how a yacht can become a whole community in an hour and a half. While the waves lapped the sides of the boat for the millionth time, a couple got married, people met and became friends, families caught up and a whole lot of great memories were made. Not a typical day, but a typical wedding with Hornblower Cruises & Events.

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