If one could actually marry San Francisco, I think most of us would. It is completely unique, gorgeous, heart-breaking, wonderful, sad, sweet, happy, memorable…San Francisco taught me how to fall in love with cities. I guess it makes sense to marry your partner here. Though cities like San Diego, New York, Marina Del Rey, and Newport Beach, etc. have their own lovely characteristics too. Ruth Phillips and Carlos Vargas chose this city to be their guest of honor for their wedding, and there is no mystery why.

Guests soaked in the views after the ceremony. The yacht sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge and back around Alcatraz. Imagining “The Rock” as a prison is definitely scary, but otherwise it is a perfectly normal looking island.

Champagne Anyone?

Popping champagne must be the universal signal for “let’s get celebrating!” Hornblower Cruises & Events’ staff can have any type of beverage on hand for party guests.

A Decadent Treat

This wedding cake was hard to top. Made by Hornblower Cruises & Events, it was a red velvet cake with a strawberry jam filling. Yum!

Having a Ball

Wedding guests had a ball enjoying the views, brunch offerings, music and cake. The convenience of having the ceremony and reception at one place, right in the heart of San Francisco, contributed to the relaxed atmosphere.

Happiness is a Happy Bride

If there isn’t a saying out there like “happy bride, happy groom, everyone in the room is happy too” there should be. Ruth was really overjoyed and touched by the attention and love she was getting from her friends and family. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Everyone dreams of their wedding day. It can be planned a million different ways, but somehow the little things like sharing it with close friends, family and your favorite city just makes it perfect.

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