“The event marked the culmination of a 20-year “out-of-the-mainstream” relationship that included the growth to adulthood of three daughters, two of whom are married (yes we planned both weddings), three high school graduations, three college graduations and sadly the passing of our parents. For our families and close friends, marriage equality had brought a great deal of support and profound pent-up excitement for our potential wedding.” —Drue

Sometimes things come together in a type of beautiful symphony. Weddings have a million moving parts and mean many distinctive things to people. While Dean and Drue’s wedding had hundreds of tiny exquisite details, it also meant different things to the couple and their families. It was the beginning of a whole new chapter. Rather than starting off with “I,” this chapter of their lives began with “we.” “Although we were anxious to have our relationship legitimized, our daughters had an additional emotion that we had not anticipated,” says Drue. “For them it was to be an event that would legitimize their family; the lack of which had been of concern to them during their school years.”

Aptly summed up, “Love Has Come of Age This Is the Moment” was printed on the invitations.

Sparkle and Shine
What’s the big day without diamonds? Bridesmaids wore these incredible necklaces—not to worry the couple wasn’t outshined.

Champagne Anyone?
The pre-ceremony toast was sure to settle any butterflies the couple might have felt.

The Big Wait
What’s a few more minutes after waiting 20 years?

The Wait is Over
At times, the moment just stands still, especially when it is one of the largest ones in your life.

Family Speeches
Dean and Drue had lots of family members at their wedding, including their daughters.

At the Reception
Dean and Drue stun in their gorgeous matching reception attire.

Is there anything better than family? Or falling in love? Or being with the one you’re supposed to be with? It’s impossible to really know, because no one has found what that might be yet. In the meantime, we can just love and appreciate when things come together in harmony.

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