Weddings are arguably one of the biggest events people will experience in their lifetime, and because of that, they take a lot of planning. From engagement parties to rehearsal dinners —and everything in between — the process can be stressful. But once that ends (and everyone can relax), it’s time for the final outing: the post-wedding brunch, which — depending on your location — can be an unforgettable experience. Luckily, when you opt for a Long Beach wedding, you’re already guaranteed a beautiful destination for the occasion (we’re looking at you and your gorgeous views, Rainbow Harbor), so naturally enjoying a post-wedding brunch on the water via a beautiful yacht venue is an obvious choice to end the festivities. Of course, when you host a post-wedding brunch in Long Beach, finding the perfect partner can be a challenge, and that’s where City Cruises comes in. Our fleet of vessels, packages, amenities, and service are exceptional, and to prove it, we’ll detail them here so you can see for yourself.


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Why Long Beach is the Best Spot for A Post-Wedding Brunch

As a city celebrated for its scenic waterfront, special attractions, and beautiful views — including the Aquarium of the Pacific and the permanently docked RMS Queen Mary — Long Beach is an enticing option for a post-wedding brunch. Nestled in the Rainbow Harbor, visitors will find a vibrant port, world-famous Southern California beaches, and a lively downtown. Its coastal charm is matched only by its numerous urban amenities, including an active arts scene, buzzing nightlife, and impressive architecture. Cruises around the area provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable event, and the appeal of traveling along the water is a unique and memorable way to wrap up your wedding festivities. Since City Cruises handles everything for you, the process is seamless, simple, and stress-free.


The Benefits of a Post-Wedding Brunch Cruise

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Once the big day has come and gone, it’s time to sit back and enjoy your success. Because after such a whirlwind event, it’s the perfect chance to unwind and spend some quality time with friends and family. That’s exactly what a post-wedding brunch cruise is all about. The relaxing atmosphere offers the opportunity for an all-in-one experience to take in stunning views, indulge in a delectable meal, sightsee, and celebrate all in one afternoon. With a range of packages to choose from on the City Cruises’ Long Beach Wedding Events page, the sky is the limit on what you can do. Plus, because we offer the convenience of expert event planning you won’t have to stress about organizing every detail, and our experienced event managers, stewards, captains, and bartenders will ensure a seamless execution. Whether booking a section of tables, a full deck, or a private charter, package options are available for all party sizes, styles, and budgets.


Planning Your Post-Wedding Brunch Cruise with City Cruise

brunchWhen it comes to hosting events, we all know planning makes it perfect. And of course, with weddings, there are so many things to coordinate it can become overwhelming. When it comes to the post-wedding brunch you want to make the process as easy as possible; that’s why City Cruises is the ideal resource. Not only do we have a range of brunch packages to choose from that include amenities such as a variety of chef-prepared menus and full-bar options, but our boats feature customized décor, upgraded furniture, and entertainment options that can be arranged to execute a specific event vision that personalizes the experience to reflect each couple’s style. As you Explore Our Long Beach City Fleet, you’ll discover that the magic is in the details, and each of our venues offers an abundance of choices. Taking a visual tour of our vessels, which offer both indoor and outdoor spaces and boast unparalleled panoramic views from every direction, you’ll notice climate-controlled interiors and open-air exterior decks that rank among the largest and most luxurious in their class.


Inside the Post-Wedding Brunch Cruise Experience

Brunch cruises are so enticing because they are like experiencing a whole new world. As you board the yacht, you’ll be stepping into elegance and luxury showcasing panoramic views of Long Beach landmarks from the water and offering brunch delights featuring seasonal gourmet cuisine and delectable drinks. The former is prepared by culinary experts and include fan favorites like seafood towers, cheese and crudité stations, decadent dessert displays, and more; the latter can range from specialty cocktails and mocktails to full bar options. First-class service and exceptional hospitality are always guaranteed, plus our vessels are decorated with festive décor to help set the celebratory scene. The vibe is relaxing, so you can toast to love and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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There are several benefits to hosting a post-wedding brunch with City Cruises Long Beach. From the numerous amenities our vessels provide to the expertise and exceptional hospitality of our staff, your event can be a unique and unforgettable way to wrap up your wedding celebration. It’s an experience every guest will treasure, so now the only thing left to do is fill out this form, and an experienced event coordinator from City Cruises will contact you to start the cooking process and help you get ready to plan the best post-wedding day brunch ever.