The Big Apple is known the world over as being the ultimate hub for hospitality. It’s a destination that prides itself on providing the most memorable experiences set against (arguably) the world’s most iconic skyline, so it’s no wonder that numerous couples opt for a wedding there — along with a host of pre- and post-wedding celebrations. One of our favorites? A post-wedding brunch in New York City.  The surroundings on the East and Hudson Rivers include landmarks beloved across the globe from the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Governors Island, to One World Trade Center, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island. To truly immerse yourself in Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs, a post-wedding brunch on the water is an ideal option, but no typical yacht venue will do. To travel in style — and get all of the amenities you desire — choosing City Cruises is a no-brainer. Join us as we explore what makes NYC paired with City Cruises the best idea for a post-wedding brunch.


The Bateaux with Fall foliage and New York City skyline in background.


Why NYC Is Perfect for a Post-Wedding Brunch

There’s no denying that New York City’s scenic waterfront is cinematic. In fact, there have been countless movies that have featured this magical city and skyline. That makes it a great location for celebrations that double as some of the most enviable sightseeing opportunities around. Getting up close to popular attractions makes a wonderful end to a weekend or weekday wedding affair. The appeal of a brunch cruise along the East and Hudson Rivers is a unique way to bring close family and friends together one final time for a special gathering that will result in remarkable memories. The first step? Review our New York City Wedding Events page. There you will discover City Cruises’ unique approach to weddings and wedding-related events on the water, and the array of all-inclusive packages, amenities, features, and add-ons City Cruises offers, plus details on how hosting an event is a seamless experience everyone will enjoy.


Benefits of a Post-Wedding Brunch Cruise in New York City

People cheering on the Bateaux with Fall foliage and New York City skyline in background.Everyone knows the process of planning a wedding (and all of its accompanying events) can be a stressful undertaking. That’s why once it’s over, you can breathe a sigh of relief and start to unwind. Plus, with the big day behind you, a post-wedding brunch is the final chance to mix and mingle with friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere. From the water, spectacular views of New York City are all around you, and it’s an experience worth sharing. The all-in-one, convenient excursion combines brunch, celebrating, and sightseeing all under the expertise of City Cruises’ event planning team, who make the process a simple endeavor — and that’s a wedding gift every couple will want to keep. Additionally, when you Explore Our New York City Fleet, you’ll find the magic is in the details. Each of our venues offers an abundance of choices, and boats are decorated with festive décor. A visual tour of our fleet — which offers both climate-controlled indoor and open-air outdoor spaces boasting unparalleled panoramic views from every direction — will help you decide which vessel is the perfect choice for you and your guests. It should also be known that you can book a section of tables, a full deck, or a private charter, and there are package options available for all party sizes, styles, and budgets. In addition, customized décor, upgraded furniture, and entertainment options can be arranged to execute the specific event vision you want.


Planning Your Post-Wedding Brunch Cruise with City Cruises

guests enjoying brunch on city cruises in chicago

There’s something about brunch that makes it a fun and popular meal. Combining breakfast and lunch with cocktails or mocktails (if you’re so inclined) creates a lively vibe — especially when you opt for an adventure on the water. Under beautiful big blue skies, with the wind in your hair, the buzz is just as electrifying as New York City itself. Add to that a wealth of options and amenities provided in our brunch packages, and it makes for an unforgettable event. Because we can customize how you would like to personalize the experience with add-ons and/or upgrades, every post-wedding brunch ensures that each couple will get everything they desire and require. If you need a videographer, photographer, or a photo booth, we have a network of curated local contacts to handle the request. If you crave bar or menu upgrades or want customized florals, we’ve got you covered. Since first-class service and exceptional hospitality are our top priorities, coordinating with City Cruises’ event planners makes for a seamless execution.


Inside New York: The Post-Wedding Brunch Cruise Experience

The bright lights of the big city can be a lot to take in, but when you opt for a City Cruises post-wedding brunch cruise you can enjoy it all at your own pace. Seeing all of the sights and sounds from the safety and luxury of a beautiful yacht is something every guest savors. When you board our vessels, you step into elegance and luxury to indulge in brunch delights that feature a sampling of gourmet cuisine and creative cocktails. Our delicious food and beverage options are prepared by culinary experts. The wide variety of chef-prepared, seasonal menus and full bar options include fan favorites such as seafood towers, cheese and crudité stations, steak, and decadent dessert displays — plus specialty cocktails and mocktails. As you enjoy the panoramic views of NYC from the water, you can take comfort in the fact that you can celebrate and relax with ease. Our expert event managers, stewards, captains, and bartenders handle everything, so all you have to do is focus on toasting love and creating lasting memories.


Couple cheering with One World Trade building and skyline in background.


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Hosting a post-wedding brunch with City Cruises in New York City is an excellent way to get access to all of the city’s most iconic sights, and cruising on one of our luxury yachts guarantees that you have your choice of several exceptional amenities and enhancements. Couples who are considering this unique and unforgettable experience for their post-wedding celebration are easily swayed by the easy process and impressive work our event experts always provide. The best way to ensure success? Fill out this form, and one of the experienced event planners will reach out to you to start planning your event!