San Francisco Rehearsal Dinner Venues

Where to host a rehearsal party venue in San Francisco?

There are many great places to host a rehearsal party in San Francisco! If you are looking for a truly unique venue, City Cruises is what you are looking for. Take your rehearsal dinner out onto the SF Bay aboard a boat.

Who typically pays for a rehearsal dinner?

Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is hosted by the groom’s parents. However, nowadays, it is more common for the bride and groom to pay for their own rehearsal dinner or for the two families to split the cost.

What is a typical menu for a rehearsal dinner?

A typical rehearsal dinner menu may include appetizers, a first course, entrée, and dessert. It is common to have wine or champagne with the meal.

What is the purpose of a rehearsal dinner?

A rehearsal dinner is typically held the night before a wedding. It is a time for the bride and groom’s families to meet and get to know each other better. It is also a time to go over the final details of the wedding.

What are some games or activities that can be done at a rehearsal dinner?

Some fun games or activities that can be done at a rehearsal dinner include: charades, Pictionary, trivia about the bride and groom, and “guess the song” (where guests have to guess the song that the bride and groom danced to at their first dance).