There are a few things you should keep in mind when planning team-building exercises. Make sure any activities you plan are fun for everyone. As much as you love rock climbing, not everyone you work with may feel the same. 

Choose activities and games that you know everyone on your team will be comfortable doing; otherwise, you may find you’re not helping improve morale at all. 




Ice Breakers

It’s always a good idea to start with a couple of ice breakers, especially if you have team members from different locations who may not know each other so well. 


Seating Plan

Have your team members arrange their seating so that they are set according to name and birth month. It’s a simple idea but requires a little communication and organization and helps introduce those who are not yet acquainted. It’s a quick and effective way to start the day and get everyone in the right frame of mind. 


First Job/Worst Job

Everyone has had a terrible job… or at least a first job. Each person writes down their name and the position they worked in their first job or worst job. The job positions will be read out, and everyone has to guess who held that role. Again, it’s a fast and effective way for people to get to know each other a little better, and they might also realize how good they’ve got it in their current job. 



Do something with food

Everybody loves food. So, it makes sense that a team-building food-related activity is going to be a winner. And the best part is you get to eat the results. 


Sushi or salsa making

This is a perennial favorite and combines all the ingredients (pun intended) you need for a productive team-building challenge. Participants will need to be organized, so they are responsible for different elements; they can add creative touches and will need to communicate well for the best results, so it covers all the bases, and everyone will enjoy devouring the final product. 


Cupcake decorating

This is another one that ticks all the boxes as far as what you want to achieve, especially if you make it a competition and encourage creativity. And everyone’s a winner because they get to eat cupcakes at the end. 



Problem-solving skills are vital to any successful workplace. Regardless of the industry you are in, you’ll want your staff to be able to work together to find solutions to problems. It’s an absolute must for success. 


Scavenger hunt

One of the all-time great team-building games. Scavenger hunts are great fun and effective in getting your crew to communicate, problem solve, and work together… under pressure! 



This is a classic but often overlooked team-building activity. It’s ideal for those who are uncomfortable with public speaking or working in groups. And it can be tailored to any topic you want to cover. You could have teams act out popular books, songs, movies, or current events. The possibilities are endless, and it’s great fun. 





Morale-boosting Activities That Will Get Your Team Working Together Like Never Before


ropes course

1. Ropes Course

A ropes course is a great way to build trust and teamwork. It’s also a lot of fun! There are many different types of courses, so you can find one that’s perfect for your team. This activity is perfect for those who are looking for an adrenaline-pumping challenge. 


2. The Amazing Race

This team-building activity is based on a popular TV show. Divide your team into groups and give them each a list of challenges to complete. The first team to finish all the challenges wins! This activity is perfect for competitive people who love a good challenge. 


3. Paintball

Paintball is a great way to build teamwork and strategy skills. It’s also a lot of fun! This activity is perfect for competitive people who love a good challenge. 


4. Escape Room

Escape rooms are all the rage right now, and for a good reason! They’re a great way to build teamwork and problem-solving skills. This activity is perfect for those who love a good challenge. 


5. Marshmallow Challenge

This classic team-building activity is guaranteed to get everyone working together. The goal is to build the tallest free-standing structure out of spaghetti, marshmallows, and tape. It sounds easy enough, but trust us, its not! This activity requires communication, problemsolving, and creative thinking. And the best part is that its a lot of fun. You can find everything you need for this challenge here. 


Barriers to Effective Teamwork

In order for a team to be effective, there must be open communication, mutual respect, and a shared sense of purpose. However, there are a number of factors that can impede teamwork and prevent a group from reaching its full potential. Below are some of the most common barriers to effective teamwork. 


1. Interpersonal Conflict:

One of the most common barriers to effective teamwork is interpersonal conflict. When team members are not able to get along or trust one another, it can be very difficult to work together effectively. In order for a team to be successful, team members need to feel comfortable communicating with one another and working through disagreements. 


2. Lack Of Clarity:

Another barrier to effective teamwork is a lack of clarity about the team’s goals. If team members do not clearly understand what they are trying to achieve, it can be very difficult to work together effectively. All team members need to be on the same page regarding the team’s goals for the team to succeed. 


3. Lack Of Resources:

teamWhen team members do not have the tools or information, they need to do their job, it can be very difficult to work together effectively. Teams need to have access to the resources they need in order to be successful. 


4. Different Work Styles:

Another barrier to effective teamwork is different work styles. When team members have different ways of approaching work, finding a way to work together that everyone is comfortable with can be difficult. For a team to succeed, team members need to compromise and find a way to work together to meet everyone’s needs. 


5. Distance

Distance can be a barrier to effective teamwork, both physical and psychological. When team members are not able to meet in person or feel like they are not connected to the team, it can be difficult to work together effectively. Teams need to find ways to overcome the distance between team members so that everyone feels like they are a part of the team. 

If any of these barriers are present, it can be very difficult for a team to function effectively. For a team to be successful, all members must be committed to working together and removing any barriers that might stand in their way. 



Tips for Building an Effective Team

If you want your team to be successful, you can do a few things to increase the chances of success. Below are some tips for building an effective team. 



1. Define The Team’s Purpose:

One of the most important things you can do when building a team is to define the team’s purpose. What is the team’s mission? What are the team’s goals? When team members know what the team is trying to achieve, they are more likely to work together effectively. 


2. Choose The Right People:

Another important thing to do when building a team is to choose the right people. Not everyone is cut out for teamwork. You need to find individuals who are willing to work together and put the team’s success above their own. 


3. Set Clear Rules And Expectations:

It is also important to set clear rules and expectations for the team. If team members do not know what is expected of them, it can be difficult to work together effectively. All team members should be aware of the team’s goals and what is expected of them. 


4. Encourage Open Communication:

teamOne of the most important things for teams is open communication. If team members are not able to communicate with one another, it can be very difficult to work together effectively. It is important to encourage team members to share their ideas and concerns with one another. 


5. Provide The Right Resources:

Another thing you can do to help your team be successful is to provide the right resources. If team members do not have the tools or information they need, it can be difficult for them to work together effectively. Make sure that your team has access to the resources they need in order to be successful. 




If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable team-building activity, look no further than the water. These ultimate team-building activities will have your colleagues working together in ways they never thought possible. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your co-workers and get ready for some serious fun on the water!

Want to learn more about creating the ultimate team building event? City Experiences offers a free downloadable guide filled with inspirations and ideas to get the party started.

FAQs – Team Building on the Water (2024) 

Why is team building on the water an excellent choice for companies in 2024?
Team building on the water offers a unique and memorable experience that can significantly boost morale and foster teamwork. The change of environment from the usual office setting to the open water encourages relaxation and openness among team members, facilitating deeper connections and communication. The serene backdrop of waterways also provides a refreshing setting that can inspire creativity and new ideas.

What types of activities can be organized for team building on the water?
Water-based team building can include a variety of activities, such as sailing challenges, kayak relays, paddleboard races, and themed cruises with interactive games. These activities not only offer fun and excitement but also require teamwork, strategy, and communication, making them ideal for strengthening group dynamics.

How does team building on the water differ from traditional land-based activities?
Team building on the water stands out due to its dynamic environment, which adds an element of adventure and novelty. The need to adapt to the water setting and work together on a boat or in water sports challenges teams in unique ways, enhancing cohesion and collaboration. Additionally, the calming effect of being near water can reduce stress and promote well-being among team members.

Why is City Cruises a great option for team building in various cities across the US, Canada, and the UK?
City Cruises offers a versatile platform for team-building events with its fleet of comfortable and stylish boats in cities known for their beautiful waterways, such as Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, London, and Toronto. With customizable packages, gourmet catering, and entertainment options, City Cruises provides everything needed for a successful team-building event. The opportunity to see city landmarks from the water adds a cultural and sightseeing element, making each event unique and engaging.

What customization options does City Cruises offer for corporate team-building events?
City Cruises offers extensive customization for team-building events, including tailored menus to suit dietary preferences, themed décor to match the company’s brand or the event’s purpose, and a variety of entertainment choices from DJs to live bands. Activities can be tailored to meet the company’s objectives, whether it’s fostering leadership skills, encouraging collaboration, or simply providing a day of relaxation and bonding.

Can team-building events with City Cruises cater to different group sizes?
Yes, City Cruises can accommodate team-building events of various sizes, from intimate groups to larger corporate gatherings. The fleet includes a range of vessels that can be chosen based on the size of the group and the type of event, ensuring a comfortable and fitting setting for every team-building activity.

Original Post Date: October 5, 2022

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