Lumiere London

City Cruises is proud to support the second edition of Lumiere London festival, the Capital’s largest light art exhibition, which returns to London from 18th – 21st January 2018.
For those who wish to admire sme of the illuminations from a new perspective City Cruises will pass the iconic Westminster Abbey and National theatre, as well as stopping at Westminster pier for exploring the Southbank and Waterloo area.
Commissioned by the Mayor of London and produced by Artichoke, Lumiere London is a free–to-attend event which will see more than 40 UK and international artists transform the city into a vast nocturnal outdoor exhibition space, offering audiences new and surprising perspectives on the capital’s districts, streets and iconic architecture. The festival, which is designed to lift the spirits in the dark days of winter, will welcome millions to the capital and reinforce London’s position as the leading global cultural capital, open to all.
Press Releases 2018 from Artichoke Project:
1. Mayor gives green light for Lumiere to reutn to London in 2018 (02.08.2017)
2. First reveal of the prohramme for Lumiere London 2018 (12.09.2017)
3. Sneak preview of Lumiere London 2018 (13.12.2017)
4. Lumiere London full programme (09.01.2018)
Installations of 2018:
Origin of the World Bubble 2018 by Miguel Chevalie (Visualisation), Courtesy of Artichoke and the artisits, Oxford Circus
lumiere london fun
The Wave by Vertigo, Courtesy of Artichoke and the artists, Riverside Walkway
the wave
Umbrella Project by Cirque Bijou, Courtesy of Artichoke and the artists, Fritzrovia Street and Victoria
Voyage by Camille Gross & Leslie Epzstein (France), Hotel Cafe Royal, Regent Street

The Light of the Spirit, Patrice Warrener, Lumiere London 2016, Produced by Artichoke, Westminster Abbey

Installations of 2016:
Dresses, Tae gon KIM, Lumiere London 2016, produced by Artichoke, supported by the Mayor of London

Photo credit: Matthew Andrews
Elephantastic, Lumiere London 2016, produced by Artichoke, supported by the Mayor of London

Photo credit: Matthew Andrews
195 Piccadilly, NOVAK, Lumiere London 2016, supported by Levy, in partnship with Heart of London Buisness Alliance and private view by land Rover