It’s always fun and exciting to be the new hire in the office: constant praise, appreciation for the work you’re doing, excitement at being at a new job. All in all it’s pretty great. Then you’re no longer the new hire and your employer keeps expecting the same level of work if not more. Stress creeps in. Doubt rears its ugly head. Growing pains follow. Or maybe it’s nothing like that and it’s rainbows and unicorns for you.

No matter what it’s like for you at work, everybody likes winning things. And few people like corporate events planning. Thankfully we at Hornblower have a solution for you and a way for you to become the office hero all over again. We have the Sunsational Office Summer Party Cruise Sweepstakes in full swing and invite you to enter the contest and potentially win a table for 10 on one of our brunch cruises or dinner cruises. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

We’re sure you’re wondering what we get out of this whole thing. Well, maybe there are a few more Facebook ‘likes’ in it for us. Or maybe we’re just trying to help you achieve Employee of the Decade at your job for changing how corporate events planning is done. Let’s be real for a second. Who doesn’t want their boss fawning them for winning a cruise? Nobody. So go ahead and like us on Facebook or enter on our website itself and let the Sunsational Summer begin!

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