“Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.” -C.S. Lewis

We need to come clean: we have more than one hopeless romantic on staff with us here (if it isn’t already obvious with the quote we picked). So, with gay marriage now legally allowed in California again, Hornblower is proud to offer gay & lesbian wedding cruises. To us, love is full of beauty and gives greater meaning to this thing called life. Start sharing in the beauty of life as well as the certain trials and low spots ahead with your significant other.

As mentioned before, there are definitely a couple of us (many of us) who have always dreamed of the special day with that special someone. As a result we always love seeing couples come in looking to plan their dream wedding cruise, all the while seeing how each cannot but help smile when looking at their partner. It makes our hearts soar and our minds race (we also drink a lot of coffee so that might be one factor…) when we see such a pairing.

That big day doesn’t just happen on its own without putting in some work. Wedding planning is hardly ever accompanied by the words ‘fun’ or ‘enjoyable’ in our experience but that doesn’t have to be true for you and your partner. Let us help make your wedding planning more fun and less not-fun with the gorgeous gay & lesbian wedding cruises we offer in Berkeley, San Francisco, Marina del Rey, Newport Beach, Long Beach, San Diego and New York . You take care of the ‘forever after’ part and we’ll help with tying the knot in style.

With Joy & Love,

The Team at Hornblower

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