With so many exciting neighborhoods and different restaurants in New York City, it’s hard to know where to begin when choosing where to go for brunch. From rooftop restaurants with amazing views to bottomless mimosas, you will have the best time at any of these top brunch spots in 2024!



You can have a full sit-down brunch with French toast, eggs Benedict, and unlimited mimosas, or a laidback Sunday brunch loaded with Southern favorites—fried pickles, fried chicken and waffles, and biscuit sandwiches with scrambled eggs—washed down with hearty Bloody Marys.

Fancy an overstuffed breakfast sandwich from a Jewish deli, or a full Irish breakfast, complete with a grilled tomato? Or maybe an upscale outing on the Upper West Side is more your speed, especially if you spring for the shrimp cocktail or lobster Benedict, brioche French toast or lemon-ricotta pancakes.

What about some healthy avocado toast, or not-so-healthy French toast sticks with boozy brunch cocktails? Huevos rancheros, or breakfast nachos washed down with a crisp lager? Or maybe some dim sum—chewy chicken feet, translucent steamed shrimp dumplings, or perfectly pan-fried turnip cakes? Sesame-scallion milk buns or sweet-plantain pancakes, kimchi scrambled eggs or corned-beef hash?

You can find all that and more within the five boroughs of NYC. From the West Village to the Lower East Side, uptown, downtown, and across the river in Brooklyn and Queens, New York knows how to do brunch. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the multitude of choices. The options are virtually limitless but have no fear; we’ve got you covered. From donuts to diners, with or without kids, discover the best brunch option for you! Order the unlimited drinks and let the fun begin—which place deserves the title of Best Brunch NYC?


1 B&H Dairy has the best brunch in NYC on a shoestring budget

Hands down one of the best old-school brunch spots in NYC, B&H Dairy is a highly affordable East Village lunch counter that’s been in operation since the 1930s. It offers a tried-and-true selection of the usual diner suspects, but the regulars mostly show up for the comforting kosher classics, from borscht and matzo ball soup to blintzes and pierogis. Bagels and smoked fish—whitefish and lox, aka smoked salmon—are also on the menu, as is a deliciously cheap egg-and-cheese sandwich on challah bread. This shoebox-sized joint is a greasy spoon you will not want to miss!


2 230 Fifth Rooftop has the best brunch in NYC with a view

You’ll feel as if the towering Empire State Building is just another guest at the table at 230 Fifth Rooftop in NoMad. The popular bottomless brunch menu starts with the mainstays and takes them up a notch—Bailey’s-soaked challah French toast, a bacon-and-egg breakfast burrito studded with feta and salsa verde, avocado toast crowned with a fried egg, and an Impossible burger with the works, plus a solid array of brunch cocktails.

This is New York’s largest rooftop bar with indoor and outdoor space available. Saturdays and Sundays guest DJs accompany your meal with a bottle of bubbly for every two guests to get your weekend going. 




3 Cookshop has NYC’s best classic brunch menu

One of Chelsea’s most cherished brunch spots, uncomplicated Cookshop offers straightforward renditions of the meal’s greatest hits. Order the golden beignets and cinnamon buns with cream-cheese icing; just save room for huevos rancheros, or the signature fried-egg sandwich with fontina, caramelized-onion jam, and potato hash on the side.

The chef makes every effort to incorporate the range of ingredients available in the Northeast with every dish created. 


4 Sarabeth’s has the best brunch in NYC for families

They don’t call it the City That Never Sleeps for nothing, and true to form, the midday crowds in New York are often recovering from a raucous night out. The city’s best brunch places aren’t necessarily suitable for kids, but an always-safe bet is Sarabeth’s,, a popular chain with four family-friendly locations, including one on the Upper West Side.

The grownups will be happy with pickled Bloody Marys and “five flower” mimosas, though given the menu of fun brunch dishes—avocado toast, “fat & fluffy” French toast, lemon ricotta pancakes—everyone’s sure to find something delicious to eat. (Don’t forget an order of truffled french fries for the table!)


5 Tre has the best bottomless brunch in NYC

A pint-sized trattoria-style Italian restaurant on Manhattan’s chic Lower East Side, Tre has been operating on Ludlow Street since 2007 and doesn’t disappoint today. The bottomless brunch menu features Caesar salad with grilled chicory, rigatoni carbonara with pancetta and Parmesan, and vegetable-heavy or prosciutto-and-burrata-stuffed piadinas—plus all the mimosas and champagne you can handle for 90 minutes.


6 For All Things Good has the best brunch in NYC for vegetarians

For All Things Good has two locations in Brooklyn, one in Bed-Stuy and another in Williamsburg. Both are heavy-hitters, serving up healthy Mexican cuisine minus the meat. The vegetarian and vegan brunch dishes are refreshingly innovative yet true-to-tradition—think: griddled tetelas and cheesy quesadillas sure to delight even the most devoted carnivore.

Try a mezcal-mushroom tlayudita with hen of the woods mushrooms, or a memela with mole amarillo and queso fresco—a cheese sandwich of sorts. And consider ordering salsa, guacamole, and a dozen fresh blue- or yellow-corn tortillas to go; they’ll make a good snack when you’re hungry again later.

It all began with a simple desire to find a good, fresh tortilla in New York City, and they have hit the mark! 


7 City Cruises has the best brunch cruises in NYC

Land-based brunches are all well and good, but when the occasion requires a bit more, head for the Big Apple’s waterways.

friends at brunch nyc

City Cruises’ New York Signature Brunch Cruise, which departs from both Pier 15 and Pier 61, cruises along Manhattan on the East River and the Hudson River for two hours while the buffet stays loaded, the

unlimited mimosas flow freely, and a DJ spins tunes to set the mood. Don’t miss your chance for a photo op with Lady Liberty! (Of course, you can also visit her directly via Statue City Cruises.)

Ready to treat yourself? The Bateaux New York Premier Brunch Cruise takes the brunch experience to the next level,with full sit-down meal – freshly prepared entrees, salads, and desserts on a beautiful glass-enclosed boat, plus all the unlimited mimosas and DJ action mentioned above tacking an extra half-hour onto the trip, Go all out and reserve a table by the window for a front-row seat for those sparkling skyline views, and order creative cocktails from the well-stocked bar if mimosas aren’t your thing. 

FAQs – Best Brunch Options in NYC (2024)

What makes a great brunch spot in NYC?

The best brunch spots in NYC offer a unique combination of delicious food, inviting ambiance, and excellent service. They often feature menus that blend classic brunch dishes with innovative twists, catering to a wide range of tastes. Look for places that have a reputation for quality ingredients, creative drink options, and a vibrant atmosphere. Some spots are known for their stunning views, outdoor seating, or historic locations, adding to the overall dining experience.

Can I find brunch spots with specific dietary options?

Yes, NYC’s brunch scene is incredibly accommodating to various dietary needs including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options. Many restaurants offer specialized menus or dishes designed to cater to these requirements. It’s always a good idea to check the menu online or call ahead to ensure the restaurant can accommodate your dietary preferences.

Are there brunch spots in NYC that require reservations?

While walk-ins are welcome at many brunch places, some of the more popular spots in NYC do require reservations, especially on weekends and holidays. It’s advisable to book in advance to secure a table, especially if you’re planning to dine at high-demand restaurants or have a large group.

What are some brunch spots in NYC with unique themes or cuisines?

NYC’s brunch spots boast a range of themes and cuisines from around the world, offering everything from traditional American and European breakfasts to innovative dishes inspired by global flavors. Whether you’re in the mood for Taiwanese specialties, Eastern European dishes, seafood-focused menus, or classic French cuisine, you’ll find a brunch spot in NYC that caters to your cravings. Some restaurants also offer themed brunches with special menus and drinks, making each brunch experience unique.

Can I find brunch spots with outdoor seating or views?

Yes, many brunch restaurants in NYC offer outdoor seating or are located in areas with beautiful views. Whether you’re looking for a rooftop dining experience with a view of the skyline or a cozy patio nestled in a quieter neighborhood, there’s a variety of options available. Outdoor seating is particularly popular in the warmer months, so it’s wise to book in advance or arrive early to snag a spot.

What makes brunch on a City Cruise in New York City a unique experience?

Brunch on a City Cruise offers a unique and memorable dining experience by combining the pleasure of a gourmet brunch with the beauty of New York City’s skyline and landmarks from the water. This option stands out because it allows you to enjoy classic brunch dishes and drinks while cruising along the Hudson or East River, offering panoramic views of iconic sights like the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and Manhattan skyline. It’s an exceptional way to enjoy brunch with the added excitement of sightseeing from a unique vantage point.

How does the menu on a City Cruise for brunch compare to traditional brunch spots?

The brunch menu on a City Cruise in New York City is designed to match the elegance and uniqueness of the dining experience. While it includes many traditional brunch favorites, such as pancakes, omelets, and mimosas, the menu also often features upscale options and seasonal specialties, prepared with a level of sophistication that complements the luxury of dining on a yacht. The quality of the food is top-notch, aiming to exceed what you might find in a conventional brunch setting on land.

What are the views I can expect during a brunch cruise in New York City?

A brunch cruise in New York City offers some of the most stunning and picturesque views available. As the cruise navigates through the waterways, you can expect to see breathtaking sights including the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Empire State Building, and panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline. The unique perspective from the water provides an unparalleled backdrop for your brunch experience, making it a visually captivating adventure as well as a culinary one.

How do I book a brunch cruise in New York City, and how far in advance should I plan?

Booking a brunch cruise in New York City can typically be done online through the City Cruises website or by contacting directly over the phone. It’s a popular option for both locals and tourists, so it’s recommended to book your cruise well in advance to secure your preferred date and time, especially during peak tourist seasons or around holidays. Checking availability and making reservations a few weeks to a month ahead of your planned outing will help ensure you get the experience you’re looking for.

Why is a brunch cruise considered a fantastic option for special occasions?

A brunch cruise in New York City is an excellent choice for celebrating special occasions because it combines fine dining with extraordinary views and a unique ambiance that’s hard to match on land. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or simply a memorable gathering with friends or family, a brunch cruise offers a celebratory setting that feels both exclusive and adventurous. The combination of delicious food, stunning sights, and the novelty of being on a boat adds a special touch to any celebration, making it an unforgettable experience.

Original post date: August 15, 2022