Work-life balance has been a focus of businesses and employees alike for decades. However, in today’s fast-paced corporate environment, the importance of maintaining one’s professional and personal life cannot be overstated. According to Hubstaff, “60% of U.S. workers say they don’t have boundaries between work responsibilities and life, and 72% believe a healthy work-life balance is crucial.” Work outings, business meetings, team-building events, and company retreats are crucial for fostering a positive culture. These are essential to inspire camaraderie and collaboration, and to enhance creativity and productivity, while improving employee morale.

Unfortunately, these activities can sometimes infringe on an employee’s family time, which can easily undo all the positive benefits of getting the team together outside the office. This can ultimately lead to stress and dissatisfaction among your team members. Achieving a proper balance between professional and personal commitments is essential for maintaining a happy, motivated, and loyal workforce. Ready to find that sweet spot? City Cruises is here for you. Let’s explore strategies and best practices for balancing corporate events and job commitments as well as your teams’ leisure time with their family.


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Understanding the Importance of Work-Life Balance

Before diving into specific strategies for achieving a good work-life balance for your employees, it’s important to understand why it’s crucial for your business’s success, and how it could potentially affect your bottom line:

  • Employee Health and Well-Being – Employees with a good work-life balance experience lower stress levels, better mental health, and higher job satisfaction. A healthier workforce misses less work and may work more efficiently.
  • Productivity and Performance – A well-rested and content employee is typically more productive and creative. Extrapolate that over your entire group, and you may find your team increasing their overall output and quality of work.
  • Attraction and Retention – Employees are more likely to stay with a company that respects their personal time and family commitments. Plus, word travels fast, and before you know it, you’ll have top talent in your industry looking to join your organization.
  • Company Culture – A culture that values work-life balance is attractive to innovative individuals and fosters a positive work environment. Having a great company culture is something that every business should strive for if they are looking to be successful.


Assessing the Impact of Work Outings on Employees

Work outings can have various impacts on employees, both positive and negative. It’s essential to weigh these effects to find the right balance for your business.

Positive Effects Work Outings Have on Employees

DancefloorEvents and meetings outside the office can have a positive influence on a team. For one, team-building activities or events that inspire team bonding will strengthen relationships among colleagues. They can also provide a significant morale boost as workers can escape their mundane daily routines. Depending on the occasion, employees can even enhance communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

Negative Effects Work Outings Have on Employees

While work outings have plenty of positive impacts on employees, there may also be some negative ones. The biggest one being time away from family. Having professional commitments outside of normal working hours can lead to employees missing family events. This leads to increased stress and may even result in resentment. Another negative effect is if someone is consistently working events, they can eventually experience fatigue and burnout.


The Role Leadership Plays on an Employee’s Personal Life

teamBelieve it or not, leadership plays a fundamental role in maintaining an employee’s work-life balance. Leaders and managers should set an example and model a healthy work-life integration themselves. By demonstrating it’s possible to excel at work while prioritizing personal commitments, they encourage employees to follow suit without having to fear negative repercussions.  Also, by managing expectations, communicating clearly, and keeping realistic goals, supervisors can keep their staff from feeling unnecessary pressure, resulting in a dedicated and motivated team.


Simple Strategies for Balancing Work Outings and Family Time

Here are 5 strategies companies can use as best practices for balancing their employees’ work outings and commitments with personal family time:

1 Scheduling Considerations

Give your group ample notice for work outings. This allows employees to plan personal and family schedules accordingly. Also, try to schedule events during work hours whenever possible. If an event must occur outside regular hours, consider a time that minimizes the disruption to family time.

2 Inclusive and Flexible Planning

Family-friendly work events are fun for everyone. Organize outings where employees can bring their families. Picnics, sports days, and holiday parties can be enjoyable for both employees and families. Involving employees in the planning process is another thing to contemplate. Let them be a part of the brainstorming process or allow them to submit ideas.


Group of Employees at a Corporate Event onboard City Cruises


3 Offering Alternative Options

While it won’t apply to all outings, optional participation can go a long way to boosting morale. However, you’ll need to make it clear that attendance is not mandatory and there will be no negative consequences for those who choose to spend that time with their families instead. If that isn’t feasible, try providing virtual options for those who cannot attend in person. This can be particularly useful for employees with young children or other caregiving responsibilities.

4 Time Management Policies

One extremely popular strategy amongst workers is compensatory time off. Offering PTO as a bonus for those attending work outings that occur outside of regular working hours is a clever way to get employees to engage and create excitement about participation. Something else to consider is implementing flexible working hours around the time of the outing to help employees manage their work and family commitments.

5 Communication is Key

Transparency is very much appreciated and gives workers an idea of what they are trying to accomplish and why. Clearly communicating the purpose and benefits of the work outing is something quick and easy decision-makers can do to provide the team with peace of mind. When employees understand the value and objectives, they are more likely to participate willingly.


Group of Employees at a Corporate Event onboard City Cruises


Host Your Company’s Work Outings on City Cruises Yachts

One of the most innovative ways companies can balance work outings with employees’ family time is by hosting events on City Cruises yachts. Our luxurious and scenic cruises offer a unique setting that combines work and leisure, allowing employees to unwind while still participating in team-building activities. By choosing City Cruises, companies can create memorable experiences that are enjoyable for everyone. With a number of venue options, you can host both employees and their families, while having set spaces for business and set spaces for recreation.

City Cruises yachts provide a stunning backdrop of famous landmarks and city skylines, offering a relaxing atmosphere that fosters genuine connections among team members. These outings can include a variety of different activities, from formal meetings and presentations to casual mingling and entertainment. The flexible environments of our venues ensure that employees can engage in meaningful interactions without the pressures of traditional work settings such as the boardroom. Furthermore, by allowing family members to join, companies can enhance the sense of community and appreciation, reinforcing a commitment to work-life balance. This inclusive and innovative approach not only boosts team spirit but also strengthens the bond between employees and their loved ones.

City Cruises Fleet and Venues


Work-Life Balance is Made Easier with City Cruises

Balancing work outings with employees’ family time is not just a nicety; it’s a necessity for building a resilient, motivated, and satisfied workforce. By implementing thoughtful strategies, companies can ensure that work outings enhance team spirit and productivity without encroaching on valuable family time. As you move forward, companies that prioritize this balance will not only see an improvement in employee well-being, but also a stronger, more cohesive organizational culture. No matter what practices your business puts into action, meetings and events outside the office and business hours will still exist. Make it worth their while by hosting any of your corporate events with City Cruises. Ready to plan your next outing? Fill out this form, and an event coordinator will contact you!