If you were to ask brides to vote on which event is their favorite pre-wedding celebration, we have a feeling the bachelorette party would take the top spot. Mainly because spending quality time with her crew is a wonderful way for brides to celebrate sans any stress — if the evening’s done right. When you opt to host a bachelorette party in Norfolk, you’re practically guaranteed good vibes and good times. Because we all know that a Norfolk wedding is a popular option for tying the knot, a bachelorette party obviously follows suit, and with the beautiful surroundings and scenic sunset views of Elizabeth River, a yacht venue makes the perfect spot for celebrating. A bachelorette party on the water offers the best of both worlds when you book with City Cruises because everything you could need and want are included. We’ll do whatever we can to set the stage for a memorable experience that will elevate this pre-wedding occasion to make sure every bride and her guests enjoy this special evening.




Why Norfolk Is a Best Bet for a Bachelorette

Known as a cool coastal city, Norfolk features beautiful pristine beaches, inviting seaside communities, and gorgeous surroundings. It’s an easy destination to enjoy and explore. The area’s lively atmosphere and stylish vibe make Norfolk the perfect location for a bachelorette party. Of course, the simplest and most luxurious way to take it all in is from one of City Cruises’ amenity-filled vessels. As you explore our Norfolk City Fleet, you’ll discover that our luxury yachts, or floating venues, are some of the largest and most lavish in class and that we can accommodate guests starting at 80 people and going up to 400.


The Proof Is in the Party Package(s)

Party with colorful food place on a tableWhen it comes to planning a bachelorette party, there are a lot of things to organize. From the food and drinks to entertainment and décor, the process can be a stressful one — especially since you need to consider the event’s budget, size, and style, too. Here’s where City Cruises really makes our mark. When you review our Norfolk Wedding Events offerings, you’ll find exclusive bachelorette party packages that provide tailored options to suit every host’s needs and desires. We offer all of the features and amenities designed to create a perfect event, complete with scenic views, chef-prepared gourmet menus, entertainment and enhancement options, and more.


Cruise in Style in Norfolk, Virginia

City Cruises bachelorette party venues are the ideal way to travel in style. With vessels that feature elegant décor and fun ambiance, the event provides unique cruise choices for a memorable experience. Our climate-controlled interiors and open-air decks are all part of the modern design and they help set the scene for a trendy bachelorette party. We also offer customizable dining choices and entertainment options that inspire a vibrant, joyful atmosphere — as well as special features to help elevate the entire event experience.


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Planning Makes Every Event Perfect

One of the most important parts of coordinating a bachelorette party is personalizing this pre-wedding celebration. That includes choosing custom décor and themes, plus menu selections to suit every guest’s palate. While the process can seem overwhelming and stress-inducing, it really doesn’t have to be, because when you book with City Cruises you get access to our event experts who will provide planning assistance with every last detail — and those details are something all of our clients come to appreciate.


It’s All About Unforgettable Moments

baltimoreCity Cruises specializes in creating memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s weddings, rehearsal dinners, or bridal showers, we’ve got you covered. One event that’s especially fun to coordinate is bachelorette parties because nothing produces bigger waves of fun, and the best part is – we handle everything so there’s no stress involved for anyone. With our exclusive bachelorette party packages we provide all-inclusive options that make planning easy with customization choices for every event budget and size. Plus, we also offer additional services and enhancements to elevate the experience even further. Our team collaborates with a network of the top wedding partners in the Hamptons Road area based on an exclusive, curated list of exceptional vendors. Whether you’re seeking a videographer, photographer, or photo booth to capture the celebration, or customized florals to set the scene, City Cruises will deliver what you want.


How to Make Your Event a Seamless Experience

 Part of what makes event planning really stressful is that there are so many small elements that need to come together in order to make the experience seamless. Finding a venue, getting a caterer, choosing entertainment, and dealing with an array of different vendors (many of which you may not know…) can be time-consuming and challenging. For such a fun event, the planning process can often seem less than picture-perfect. But a simple way to eliminate that is booking with City Cruises. In addition to our fleet of exceptional and unique floating vessels, it’s our expert event team that’s the not-so-secret part of our success. You can expect your special evening to be a completely stress-free and enjoyable experience when you partner with us. Plus, taking advantage of our local connections is a tip every host we have worked with loves to take advantage of.

We’d be remiss not to mention one big part of what makes City Cruises so special, and it’s important because every event is judged by this one specific thing. You guessed it — the food. Let’s be honest: When menus are lackluster, it’s the first thing people comment on, and actually, it’s continually one of the highlights of City Cruises’ positive reviews. Clients often praise our culinary delights. The exclusive menus we create for bachelorette parties accommodate dietary restrictions, special requests, and are also just simply delicious. In addition, we have plenty of beverage packages to choose from, so celebratory toasts are always guaranteed.


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Plan Your Bachelorette Party in Norfolk with City Cruises

Pre-wedding celebrations can sometimes cause as much stress as the actual wedding itself. With so much planning involved, it can be a challenge to organize everything. Because the very nature of a bachelorette party is about fun, there’s no need to make the process a stressful one. When you work with City Cruises it never will be. Instead, all any host has to do is focus on creating lasting memories for the bride and her crew — and just enjoy having the ultimate celebration. Simply fill out this form and an experienced event planner will contact you to get the party started!