Baltimore is big on excitement and experiences. It’s no wonder it’s nicknamed “Charm City.” This bustling city is not only rich in history, it is definitely one of the hidden gems of the East Coast. It’s a city of culture, with amazing waterfront views, many museums to visit, festivals to attend, mouthwatering crab cakes, and a touch of romance. That means it’s not only the perfect place for your Baltimore wedding but also the place to have your bridal shower on the water.

There are a lot of things that have to come together for your wedding, from the rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, and, of course, your bridal shower. Whether it’s an old-fashioned bridal shower or a themed party, the bridal shower is usually a bit more intimate, usually consisting of the wedding party, close family, and dear friends, according to


Why Choose Baltimore for Your Bridal Shower on the Water

City Cruises knows how to do Baltimore Wedding Events, from the perfect wedding, to the bridal shower before the big day. When you decide to have your party along Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, it includes sunset views to share with your bridal shower guests. As you sail on the Patapsco River, the Baltimore skyline and local landmarks will become the backdrop of your special experience. Some of those spectacular views include the USS Constellation, Federal Hill, and so many more.


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Customize Your City Cruises Baltimore Bridal Shower

Bachelorette party cheersWhatever your vision is for the bridal shower of your dreams, City Cruises makes sure that your ideas become a reality, as you and your guests come aboard for a party that everyone will remember forever.

Start with City Cruises event planners who are there to make your bridal shower come to life. You have enough going on with all your planning for your wedding and all the extras. A little help with planning a bridal shower goes a long way so you can kick back and relax the day of the event. Friendly and helpful staff know how to plan an event on the water and go above and beyond to make the process stress-free for you and your guests.

Whatever the number of guests, whether it’s a large bridal shower party or more intimate, City Cruises can plan an unforgettable, all-inclusive experience. You can expect to receive first-class service and exceptional hospitality. Culinary experts will prepare delicious food and beverage options. The chef-prepared menu has every guest in mind, taking into consideration special dietary needs. And when it comes to drinks, cocktails or mocktails will be served. If you have a themed drink or want one created just for you and your guests, we can help you! And, of course, soft drinks, teas, coffee, and water are always available.

Your package can include:wedding related events

  • A two-hour lunch cruise or two- or three-hour dinner cruise
  • Background music
  • Live entertainment
  • Plated, food station, or buffet menu
  • China, linens, glassware
  • Cash cocktail bar
  • Dessert
  • Service staff and bartender(s)
  • Themed décor
  • Linens


High Style on the Water: Your Baltimore City Cruises Venues

When it comes to the perfect venues on the water, City Cruises has unparalleled yacht venues to suit your style. Explore Our Baltimore City Fleet and get a hint of the type of venue you want for your bridal shower.

It doesn’t matter which venue you choose, you’re in for the bridal shower party of a lifetime. The atmosphere on the boat will put everyone at ease so that they can fully enjoy the party. And, of course, the picturesque views are always a conversation starter.

All the magic is in the details, and each of our City Cruises venues offers an abundance of choices. Every venue boasts unparalleled panoramic views from every direction. Our climate-controlled interiors and open-air exterior decks rank among the largest and most luxurious in their class.

The Spirit of Baltimore has two spacious indoor decks and a stunning rooftop deck for breathtaking views of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Enjoy lunch, brunch, or dinner for a party of any size. Your guests will be in heaven. The smaller Majesty is a three-level private yacht that is the picture of elegance on the water. It has an atrium vaulted ceiling that connects the first and second dining decks. It also features two outside decks including a third-level skydeck.


Book Your Bridal Shower with City Cruises in Baltimore!

City Cruises offers first-class service and hospitality that goes along with it. You and your guests will not only enjoy a delectable meal and drinks, you will also get to capture some of Baltimore’s top sights from a yacht. Whether you’re just talking about the wedding and getting some marital advice from your guests, or playing fun bridal shower games, City Cruises will make sure everyone is having a great time.




Baltimore is the city where you definitely want to have your bridal shower. It’s got all the charm you need and then some. City Cruises will help make your vision come true and your bridal shower be a standout for all your guests. It’s so easy to get started. All you have to do is fill out this form and we will be in touch soon. Then you will be on your way to the bridal shower of a lifetime.

FAQs – Baltimore Bridal Shower Venue (2024 & 2025)

What are some popular options for hosting a bridal shower in Baltimore?

Baltimore offers a variety of venues for hosting a bridal shower, ranging from quaint tea rooms and luxury spa resorts to upscale restaurants and historic inns. The city’s rich history and vibrant harbor provide unique settings, whether you’re looking for an intimate gathering or a lavish celebration.

What activities can we include in a Baltimore bridal shower?

A bridal shower in Baltimore can be enriched with diverse activities, from spa treatments for relaxation to interactive cooking classes for a hands-on experience. Consider a private tour of the Baltimore Museum of Art for art lovers or a fun-filled afternoon at a local winery or brewery. Baltimore’s scenic Charm City also offers beautiful parks for a picnic-style shower.

Why is City Cruises a perfect venue for a bridal shower in Baltimore?

City Cruises in Baltimore offers an unforgettable setting for a bridal shower, providing stunning views of the city skyline and Baltimore’s historic waterfront from the Inner Harbor. A cruise allows guests to enjoy a luxurious and scenic backdrop, gourmet dining, and entertainment options, all while celebrating in style. The unique experience of being on the water adds an extra touch of elegance and excitement to the occasion.

What makes a bridal shower on City Cruises unique compared to other venues in Baltimore?

A bridal shower on City Cruises stands out due to the dynamic and picturesque views of Baltimore’s landmarks from the Inner Harbor to the iconic Fort McHenry. The moving scenery ensures a memorable event, providing a constantly changing backdrop for photos and festivities. Additionally, the customization options available for dining, decorations, and entertainment allow for a truly personalized celebration that reflects the bride-to-be’s style and preferences.

How can I customize a bridal shower on City Cruises in Baltimore?

City Cruises offers a range of customization options to make each bridal shower unique. From selecting menu items catered to your preferences to choosing a specific route along the harbor, the details can be tailored to your event. Add-on services like floral arrangements, custom cakes, and live music or DJs can further personalize the celebration, ensuring the bridal shower is exactly as envisioned.

What should I consider when planning a bridal shower with City Cruises in Baltimore?

When planning a bridal shower with City Cruises, consider the size of your guest list to select the right vessel, the theme of your event to coordinate decorations and activities, and any dietary restrictions for the catering. It’s also important to book in advance to secure your preferred date and time, especially during peak wedding season. The City Cruises team is available to assist with planning and logistics to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all guests.