Getting the most value for your money. It’s something every consumer craves — especially brides and grooms. When you’re getting married, a large part of the planning process is figuring out what amenities and services you can afford that are in sync with your style, party size, and budget. Of course, those couples who opt to wed in our Nation’s Capital, need to choose wisely since affordable wedding packages in Washington, DC, aren’t always easy to come by. Washington, DC wedding venues can be very expensive, so all-inclusive wedding packages are a very popular option — including a wedding on the water. With the beautiful Potomac River serving as the city’s backdrop, iconic landmarks all become part of the event scenery. But remember: It’s also important to choose the right venue’ for an all-inclusive wedding package if you want to enjoy some impressive benefits such as a range of seasonal chef-prepared menus and live entertainment options (among other things!). Ready to learn more? Keep reading for additional details.


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What Makes Washington, DC an Ideal Wedding Destination

Washington, DC is celebrated as the center of US politics, but it’s also a destination known for its art and culture, dining and entertainment, and some of the most beloved national tourism attractions including the Jefferson Memorial, Georgetown Waterfront, Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument. There’s the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Arlington National Cemetery, The Pentagon, Old Town Alexandria, and National Harbor. That means it’s only natural that hosting a wedding here is the perfect place for so many couples. As the city’s popularity continues to rise, the demand for unique wedding venues is following suit too.


The Benefits of Choosing City Cruises for Your Washington, DC Wedding

Bride and Groom dancing at their weddingBecause the Potomac River serves as a stunning backdrop for Washington, DC, the most obvious choice for a wedding venue is one on the water, which can incorporate all the breathtaking views. The picturesque surroundings make for an amazing addition to wedding photos and automatically inspire good vibes and good times simply by immersing all event attendees in an exquisite setting. Additionally, when you choose City Cruises as your preferred wedding venue, you’ll be able to enjoy the advantages of all-inclusive wedding packages that boast professional wedding coordination, planning services, and exceptional hospitality led by our team of extraordinary event coordinators both onboard and off.


All-Inclusive Wedding Packages Offered by City Cruises

Wedding Package with Bride throwing her bouquet.When it comes to wedding services, couples can’t go wrong with City Cruises. Not only do our all-inclusive wedding packages encompass a range of seasonal chef-prepared menus and full-bar packages that offer both specialty cocktails and mocktails, but they also include customizable entertainment. Everything can be tailored to your style, party size, and budget; it’s the ultimate way to make your dream event a reality. As you explore our Washington, DC Wedding Events page, you will discover everything we provide – a complimentary event coordinator, plus options for enhancements and add-ons including photo booths, customized florals, and videographers all from our curated list of local vendors; but that’s not all! To alleviate stress and make the planning process seamless, we always make the experience flexible and customizable. Whether it’s catering, decorations, or entertainment, we’ve got you covered.

Additionally, when you Explore Our Washington, DC Fleet page and take a visual tour of our vessels, you’ll discover both indoor and outdoor spaces, which boast unparalleled panoramic views from every direction as well as climate-controlled interiors and open-air exterior decks that rank among the largest and most luxurious in their class. From dining rooms with large picture windows to modern interior design, the magic is in the details, which reveals that each of our venues offers an abundance of choices.

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Take It to Heart with Real Wedding Testimonials

While we know all of our benefits and services are bound to impress, we also acknowledge that real-world testimonials are something every client seeks out before they even consider booking a boat. It’s a fact that’s exciting to us since there are so many couples who have shared their stories of how City Cruises made their event memorable and unique. When we get feedback like “The day went by so fast and the food was impeccable” and “Thank you for all of your help and coordination in making our wedding day special and unforgettable,” we know we’re doing things right — and it just inspires us to remain committed to the exceptional hospitality and first-class service we are renowned for.




Book an All-Inclusive Wedding Package with City Cruises Washington, DC

As soon as couples get engaged, it’s time to start thinking about planning their big day. For many, the process can be a stressful one, and budget constraints can be problematic when it comes to ensuring you get everything you need and want for the occasion. But when you book an all-inclusive wedding package with City Cruises, we make the process a breeze. Not only does our team of event coordinators make the experience easy and enjoyable, but from booking to boarding, brides and grooms have a seamless experience.

Hosting a wedding with City Cruises is the best way for brides and grooms to get everything they want when they opt for an all-inclusive package. The benefits are endless since spectacular Washington, DC, views, gourmet food, and customizable amenities are all included. The only thing left to do is to fill out this form, and an event coordinator will contact you and guide you through the next steps in customizing your wedding package and amenities to meet your event vision.

Original Post Date: June 20, 2024