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Team Building on a Boat in Orange County

How much is it to rent a boat for a team building event in Orange County?

It really depends on the type and size of boat you’re looking to rent, as well as the specific event or activity you have planned. Work with the City Cruises Newport Beach team to build a custom package and get the team out on the water!

Where to host a team building event in Newport Beach?
There are tons of great places to host a team building event in Newport Beach, depending on your group’s size, interests, and budget. If you are looking to make it a unique event, consider renting a boat as your venue. It is much more affordable than you might think! Book your Newport Beach team building venue with City Cruises.

What are some fun team building ideas in 2022?

1. Physical challenges like an obstacle course or a dance competition
2. scavenger hunts or other treasure hunts that require teamwork
3. building something together like a giant puzzle or a human pyramid
4. playing group games like charades or guessing games
5. creating a team identity by coming up with a team name, mascot, and chant
6. having a themed party or costume day where everyone dresses up as something related to the team theme
7. going on a group outing to somewhere fun like an amusement park or a bowling alley
8. doing something charitable together as a team, like volunteering at a local soup kitchen or organizing a food drive