What makes City Cruises' Thanksgiving dinner in Long Beach special?

The Thanksgiving Signature Dinner Cruise in Long Beach by City Cruises sets itself apart by merging gastronomic excellence with picturesque vistas. This dining experience offers guests a grand dinner buffet, bursting with traditional Thanksgiving dishes freshly curated by professional chefs. Enhanced by City Cruises’ renowned hospitality, the onboard experience is further elevated by full-bar service and tastefully chosen festive decorations. Amid the peaceful ambiance of Southern California’s renowned beaches and harbor, guests can revel in the holiday spirit while the dedicated team at City Cruises ensures every detail is perfectly handled. 

What sights can you see on a Thanksgiving dinner cruise in Long Beach?

On the Thanksgiving dinner cruise in Long Beach, attendees are graced with breathtaking views of Southern California’s iconic beaches and the vibrant Long Beach harbor. As the cruise sails, the sight of the shimmering waters with the city skyline, illuminated piers, bustling marinas, and perhaps even the distant silhouette of a ship creates an unforgettable visual feast. It’s a mesmerizing way to witness Long Beach’s beauty under the night sky, making it an unparalleled experience. 

Are both food and drinks served on the 2024 Thanksgiving dinner in Long Beach?

Absolutely! The Thanksgiving dinner cruise in Long Beach offers a lavish dinner buffet that encompasses a wide array of freshly prepared entrees, salads, and desserts, ensuring a hearty and delightful meal. In addition, guests have access to unlimited coffee, hot tea, iced tea, and water. To accompany this feast, a full-bar service is available, stocked with a selection of creative cocktails, wines, and beers, catering to the diverse preferences of the guests. 

Why is Thanksgiving a great holiday to get out on the water with City Cruises?

Thanksgiving embodies gratitude, unity, and celebration. Taking this festive spirit to the waters with City Cruises brings in an element of novelty and grandeur. The tranquil surroundings of Long Beach’s waters provide a serene environment to reflect and give thanks. Combining the pristine beauty of the harbor and beaches with City Cruises’ hallmark hospitality makes for a unique celebration. The meticulously curated menu, panoramic views, and a touch of luxury create an ambiance that promises not just a meal, but an event that will be remembered for years to come. It’s an extraordinary way to experience a traditional holiday.