Washington DC is celebrated as the capital of the United States, and many important dignitaries from around the globe have come to the city for a host of memorable events. But there are also VIPs of a different kind that travel here as well — among them, brides, grooms, and their wedding parties. So when it comes to a Washington DC wedding, the location has plenty to offer; the same holds true for a bridal shower in Washington DC. From iconic attractions to panoramic water views, there’s something for everyone, and the ideal way to take it all in (of course) is from the comfort of a yacht venue, which also doubles as a great destination for a bridal shower on the water. But figuring out which boat to book isn’t always easy, except when you opt to enlist the impressive amenities and services of City Cruises.


How to Host a Memorable Bridal Shower on the Water

 Coordinating a memorable bridal shower should be simple since the main goals are bringing together family and friends for games, gifts, food, and fun. Yet the reality — as is the case with planning most events — is that it can entail a lot of work. From finding the ideal venue to coordinating catering and compiling a guest list (which sometimes requires reducing attendees due to space), many elements need to align. In fact, the host also needs to consider budget and style as well. But what if everything could be handled in one fell swoop? With City Cruises Washing DC, it can be! Because we’re committing to helping you elevate your pre-wedding celebration in every way possible.


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Why Washington DC Delivers as a Destination 

washington dc sightseeing with two womenWhen it comes to deciding where to host all of the events that encompass the wedding experience, Washington DC is a great city to consider. Not only is the destination a metropolis that’s buzzing with lots of sights and sounds but some of the most important landmarks in America are located here. If you want to see as many as possible in a comfortable and chic way, choosing a cruise on the Potomac River is ideal. City Cruises also has a range of exclusive bridal shower packages that are part of our Washington DC wedding events and are tailored for every party size and style. Plus, we feature numerous amenities designed to produce a perfect event, from delicious chef-prepared menus and full-bar packages to climate-controlled interiors, open-air decks, and much more.


When You Cruise, You Can’t Lose in Washington DC

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One of the biggest perks about partnering with City Cruises for your bridal shower is that you’ll be guaranteed to cruise in style. When you explore our Washington DC city fleet, you’ll discover that our vessels are some of the largest and most luxurious in class. Showcasing elegant décor and fun ambiance, the modern design of our crafts makes for the trendiest of bridal showers, as well as unique cruise options for a memorable experience. Ranging in capacity from 70 to 300 attendees, the sky’s the limit on space and comfort. Plus, with our customizable dining options, entertainment choices, and special features, the atmosphere is automatically one that’s full of joy.


Planning Makes the Perfect Bridal Shower

 As with most things in life, if you don’t have a plan you won’t know where things stand. There’s no better example of this than planning an event, and with bridal showers attempting to “pull something together” just won’t do. Even the best intentions to simplify things will often fall short. That’s why City Cruises is such a great resource. Our team can help you personalize your pre-wedding celebration with custom décor and themes as well as offer menu selections that will suit every guest’s palate. This team, which includes the event planners at City Cruises, has a wealth of bridal shower experience and can provide all of the planning assistance you need.


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A Peek into City Cruises Bridal Packages

Now that you know what you can expect from City Cruises in terms of services, let’s talk more about the bridal shower packages we produce to create the unforgettable moments you’re searching for. Since we want the planning experience to be stress-free, there are all-inclusive options to choose from so that every detail is handled without any worry. It’s the simplest way to guarantee a smooth day. For those who want to customize their choices to be in line with their budget, we offer that option too. That means you can add additional services and enhancements to elevate the occasion even further. Some examples? Think customized florals, photo booths, specialty lines, and/or a videographer, just to name a few.


Partnering with City Cruises on Your Bridal Shower

Aerial Odyssey vessel DC Washington DCJust like finding the perfect mate, working with City Cruises on your bridal shower is an ideal partnership. The best insider tip we can submit: Take advantage of our event planners. They are dedicated to making your bridal shower planning a seamless experience so that the only thing you should expect on your special occasion is to unwind and have a great time. Because we know part of the pressure in planning the perfect bridal shower is ensuring the food is up to snuff, City Cruises’ packages include a culinary element that’s top-notch. There’s no need to worry about catering and dining since we have it covered with gourmet delights that will entice the senses while you’re enjoying your time on the water. With our exclusive menus — which cater to dietary accommodations and special requests — plus our beverage packages, you’ll be able to toast the event with ease.

For everyone looking to elevate their bridal shower City Cruises is a great choice. Not only will you be creating lasting memories for your pre-wedding celebration, but you’ll also be ensuring that the bride and her guests enjoy an event they’ll treasure forever. Ready to get the planning process started? Simply fill out this form and one of our event planners will contact you!