On the west side of Manhattan sits a series of piers that have become one of the cultural epicenters of a city already known as one of the world’s great melting pots!

Chelsea Piers originally served as berths for ocean liners and even was the sailing destination for the RMS Titanic. Today, it is a vibrant, energetic, and highly sought area of New York City, famous for its outdoor activities, fitness, events, and you guessed it, food! After all, you would have to imagine a place good enough for the beloved “Food Network” to call home, to be surrounded by spots that any foodie would want to explore.

chelsea piers in new yorkThe Mermaid Inn

A restaurant list of places by a pier would be incomplete without a good seafood place. The Mermaid Inn is that, and then some. “The Mermaid Inn has been designed to evoke the feeling of being on a mini vacation in a small seaside village,” the eatery’s website says. Known for its hospitality, The Mermaid Inn started as a New England-style seafood restaurant and has morphed into a globally inspired “seafood brasserie.”

New York Signature Dinner Cruise

If you want to kick it up a notch, board a Signature Dinner Cruise at Chelsea Piers for a 2.5-hour dinner cruise that will make for an unforgettable evening. A delicious dinner buffet with freshly prepared entrees, salads, and desserts awaits you all while enjoying spectacular views of New York City’s magical skyline and local landmarks. You will also be treated to onboard live DJ entertainment, interactive games, and access to the open-air rooftop lounge or climate-controlled spaces. Dine the night away with friends and family and soak in all the beauty that New York City offers right from Chelsea Piers.

Bateaux New York Premier Lunch Cruise

If you are looking for a unique lunch place, The Bateaux New York is an elegant experience that you do not want to miss. Cruise along the East and Hudson Rivers to see iconic views of New York City with boarding from Chelsea Piers. The glass-enclosed deck provides a luxurious perspective from the water all while dining with friends and family with a delicious plated lunch all using freshly prepared ingredients. Curated music featuring a live pianist and live narration make for a one-of-a-kind experience that will be talked about for years to come.


Cookshop is a culinary experience like no other. Their menu focuses on the freshest ingredients available – giving a new meaning to farm-to-table. Taking “freshness” seriously, Cookshop frequently changes its menu based on fresh ingredients that are available from local purveyors.

Cull & Pistol

Located in the heart of Chelsea Market is The Cull & Pistol Oyster Bar, a Michelin-acclaimed seafood restaurant beloved by locals and tourists alike. Known for exceptional service and seasonal menus, sourced from the varied offerings of their sister seafood market, The Lobster Place. They consider themselves seafood pioneers bringing unique experiences with seafood since 1974.  Check out their Happy Hour with prices sure to make you “happy”!


To describe Shukette as vibrant would be an understatement. With the colors, flavors, and culture, it is easy to see why this is one of NYC’s trendiest Mediterranean restaurants. Shukette takes pride in serving a “locally sourced and sustainable” menu and even offers guests the opportunity to sit across from the kitchen, where they can see chefs carefully craft their meals and presentations.

chelsea market new york

Chelsea Market

How can you go to Chelsea and not stop by the Chelsea Market? Chelsea Market is probably one of the most famous cafeterias in the world and home to some of the best food New York City has to offer. With over 40 different eateries to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide what exactly your taste buds are calling out for. It may be a good idea to do some research before going, especially if you are hungry.

Within the Piers

One thing Chelsea Piers does is act as a hub for all types of sports and leisure activities. What better way to enhance any activity than with food? Check out Water Hazard Bar & Lounge, a great take on the continuing trend of pairing food and drinks with a driving range. Except this driving range overlooks the Hudson River! Not into golf? Check out Bowlmor Lanes, a place famous for bowling, arcade games, and its Behemoth Burger, a whopping six-pound, 14-inch burger!  And because it’s NYC, there’s always a place to grab a pizza. Get your ice skates and a quick slice at Piers Pizza Company at Sky Rink.

spirit of new york yacht


Even with all this great food in one area, no “Big Apple” experience is complete without a journey onboard the Bateaux New York Premier Plus Dinner Cruise. Departing from Pier 61, sail the East and Hudson Rivers while taking in spectacular, one-of-a-kind panoramic views of the city. Throw in some drinks, live music, and a mouthwatering, freshly prepared three-course meal, and you are set to have a night you won’t soon forget. If you are thinking of doing something special to celebrate an occasion, viewing that world-famous NYC skyline from the comfort of a fully glass-enclosed deck means you can book this experience year-round without worry.


Is there parking available at Chelsea Piers?

On-site parking is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week on Piers 59, 60, and 61. Complimentary twenty-minute parking is available for any drop-offs.

What can I find at Chelsea Piers?

Situated on Piers 59, 60, and 61, Chelsea Piers features numerous restaurants, sports, and entertainment venues, as well as event spaces, Silver Screen Studios, and a commercial marina with both excursions and private boats.

What are the best dining options at Chelsea Piers?

There are so many options for dining at Chelsea Piers with literally anything under the sun that you can think of to please your inner foodie. The Mermaid, Cookshop, Cull & Pistol are just a few but for a one-of-a-kind dining experience, try a Dinner Cruise to enjoy the food and not only take in the views but be part of the views!

Should I bring my family to Chelsea Piers?

There is so much to do at Chelsea Piers for families. You can go bowling, there is a golf driving range, rock climbing, enjoy many restaurants, take a dining cruise and so much more.

What are the unique dining experiences at Chelsea Piers?

Along with a variety of upscale restaurants and casual eateries, Chelsea Piers offers unique dining experiences such as City Cruises. These cruises provide a chance to enjoy a meal while touring around Chelsea Piers and taking in the stunning views of the Hudson River.

How do the restaurants at Chelsea Piers cater to different culinary preferences?

The restaurants at Chelsea Piers offer a diverse range of cuisines, from traditional American fare to international dishes, catering to a wide array of tastes and preferences.

Can I find family-friendly dining options at Chelsea Piers?

Yes, many of the restaurants at Chelsea Piers are family-friendly, offering menus and environments suitable for diners of all ages.

Are there any signature dishes or must-try foods at Chelsea Piers’ restaurants?

While the blog highlights various specialties, visitors often enjoy the fresh seafood dishes and the unique culinary creations offered by the waterfront restaurants.

What are the options for waterfront dining or dining with a view at Chelsea Piers?

Chelsea Piers boasts several waterfront dining options where guests can enjoy meals with scenic views of the Hudson River and the city skyline.

Are there options for special dietary needs at Chelsea Piers’ restaurants?

Yes, many restaurants at Chelsea Piers offer menus accommodating various dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Is there outdoor seating available at Chelsea Piers dining venues?

Several restaurants at Chelsea Piers feature outdoor seating, allowing guests to enjoy their meals with picturesque views of the river and city.

Can I host private events or parties at Chelsea Piers’ restaurants in 2024?

Many of the restaurants and dining cruises at Chelsea Piers offer private event spaces suitable for parties, celebrations, and corporate events. As well as hosting a private event on a boat in NYC with City Cruises!


Original post date: April 18, 2023