Things to Do Near the London Eye, London

The London Eye is one of the most iconic attractions in London’s skyline, and it’s a great place to base yourself if you’re planning to visit the city of London. A lot of London’s best tourist activities can be found around there, and there are plenty of things to do near The London Eye.
Take a Boat Tour
The first on any list of London Eye attractions, has to be a boat tour! The London Eye Pier sits directly underneath The London Eye itself, so it’s perfect place to hop on and enjoy a sightseeing tour with City Cruises. Save your feet, and relax on a boat tour to soak in the rest of the tourist sights. You’ll be treated to loads of incredible views from the river – and you can hop off at the other end of The Thames, or ride it round in a circle back to where you started.
Visit Sea Life London Aquarium
London Aquarium is a 20 second walk from The London Eye, and is a great day out for families. If you’ve finished spinning on the wheel and seeing the city from dizzying heights, then a nice relaxing stroll around the aquarium is a good way to come back down to Earth. The aquarium is huge and houses loads of beautiful marine specimens – perfect for any wannabe mermaid or pirate.
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Take a stroll along the Embankment
Whilst there are lots of tourist attractions around The London Eye, there’s nothing nicer on a sunny day than just taking a leisurely stroll along the embankment. Even on a rainy day – you’ll still be able to spot some of the city’s best loved landmarks. There’s so much to see, and lots of little cafes along the way too.
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Big Ben
Just across the river from The London Eye, is Big Ben – perhaps the most iconic clock tower in the world. Take a stroll across Westminster Bridge, and enjoy the views offered up of Parliament and Big Ben along the way. The perfect spot for a selfie or two!
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Relax in Jubilee Gardens
This peaceful patch of grass overlooks The London Eye and The River Thames, and is the perfect picnic spot for some lunch on a sunny day. Usually you’ll also find street performers nearby along the embankment, who will entertain you as you eat!
London Dungeons
To explore the more sinister side of London’s history, a trip to The London Dungeons has to be on your list. Of all our things to do near The London Eye – this is the most scary! Older kids will love it, and it’s always a hit with couple and groups of friends too. See who chickens out first, and who’s the bravest!