If you want to have a well-functioning team — whether that’s in the office, on the field, or at home — it’s crucial that you build a sense of fellowship and camaraderie among your group members. The easiest way to do that? Team-building events! No matter if it’s a casual hangout after work or a jam-packed day of exercises geared to foster bonds between coworkers, you can’t beat a good ol’ work retreat. However, nailing down exactly what you want to do and where you want to do it can be a challenge. Luckily, for folks living in or near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the only obstacle is narrowing down all of your awesome choices!

When searching for the best places to host corporate team-building events and outings in Philly, you have a slew of great options: From the city’s many experiential bars and restaurants to group event spaces, unforgettable charter vessels, and more, you really can’t go wrong when having your corporate team-building event or outing in Philadelphia. Plus, City Experiences has its own fleet of vessels that are available for charter for all types of private events, which can be great options for any team-building outing. Read on to learn more.

Philadelphia Team Building Events on the Water

Philadelphia Corporate Events on the Water – Looking to host your next event on the water aboard a unique floating venue with exceptional views of Philadelphia’s historic waterfront and skyline? Look no further: City Cruises offers chef-prepared menu options, full bar service, and all-inclusive packages that can be customized to fit your budget and party size. Whether you’re looking to host an employee outing, entertain clients, hold your next meeting or special event, book a holiday party, or more, your guests will love the distinctive on-board hospitality, climate-controlled interior spaces, and open-air outdoor decks. You and your guests will get to experience Philadelphia from a whole new perspective from the Delaware River — and enjoy some picturesque city views while you’re at it! Simply fill out this form today and an Event Planner will contact you!

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Other Philadelphia Team Building Options

One of the things you probably want to focus on when it comes to team-building is cooperation. If that’s the case, there’s no better way to encourage teamwork than by visiting Escape the Room Philadelphia! Escape The Room’s three exclusive escape room experiences are filled with secrets and mystery, and each room has its own setting, secrets, storyline, and escape route. Plus, you’ll be able to motivate your team by aiming to beat the 20% success rate and take home the title!

bowling alley philadelphiaCompany cocktail events are fun but hanging out at the bar can feel a little tiring after a few outings. That’s where Philadelphia’s many experiential bars and restaurants come in! If you’re looking for a little excitement, why not bring the team to Bury the Hatchet Axe Throwing? Guests can bring their own food, beer, and wine, so even if some folks don’t want to throw, they can still have fun and cheer on other members of their team. And your axe-throwing group can add a little mystery to your experience by competing for a mystery prize of randomly selected items. Even if you’ve never thrown an axe before, the highly trained staff will have you hitting bull’s eyes before you know it. Another great option for team-building fun is hitting an arcade bar; lucky for you, Philly has a bunch of great ones! Spin, a ping-pong bar, will have your team cheering each other on while they play against each other; enjoy delicious craft cocktails, beer, and wine; and snack on top-tier bites. South Bowl is another excellent venue for team building, where your group can have a few drinks and knock down a few pins while they bowl the night away. They also have “the best burger in Philadelphia,” but you’ll have to judge for yourself! For a more traditional bar experience, host your retirement party or holiday party at Garage in Fishtown. With indoor and outdoor seating, skee ball, a pool, sports on the TV, and more fun things to do, this’ll be a night to remember.


Lastly, depending on your group size, you can snag a group rate and catch a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park, a Flyers or 76rs game at the Wells Fargo Center, or an Eagles game at Lincoln Financial Field — Philadelphia is known for its passionate and lively fanbase, and the atmosphere is perfect for team bonding and camaraderie.  


FAQs – Philadelphia Team Building (2024)

What makes Philadelphia a great place for team-building activities?

Philadelphia offers a diverse range of activities that are perfect for team building. From its unique floating venues like City Cruises, escape rooms, experiential bars, and restaurants, to traditional sporting events, there’s something for every team to enjoy.

What are some unique team-building activities in Philadelphia?

Unique team-building activities in Philadelphia include taking a cruise on the Delaware River with City Cruises, solving mysteries at Escape the Room, throwing axes at Bury the Hatchet, or playing games at local arcade bars like Spin and South Bowl.

What services does City Cruises offer for corporate team-building events in Philadelphia?

City Cruises offers a distinctive floating venue for corporate events with exceptional views of Philadelphia’s historic waterfront and skyline. It provides chef-prepared menus, full bar service, and customizable all-inclusive packages to fit your budget and party size. The vessels feature climate-controlled interiors and open-air decks for a unique event experience.

Can I arrange a sporting event for team building in Philadelphia?

Absolutely! Depending on your group size, you can get group rates to catch a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park, a Flyers or 76ers game at the Wells Fargo Center, or an Eagles game at Lincoln Financial Field. The passionate and lively atmosphere at these games is perfect for team bonding.

Are there places in Philadelphia suitable for large corporate events or outings?

Yes, Philadelphia has numerous venues suitable for large corporate events. For instance, City Cruises can accommodate large groups on their charter vessels, offering exceptional hospitality, cuisine, and views. Alternatively, large groups can also take advantage of group rates at local sports arenas.

Can I host a meeting or special event on City Cruises in Philadelphia for the company?

Yes, City Cruises in Philadelphia is an excellent venue for hosting meetings or special events. With their customizable packages, full bar service, and chef-prepared menu options, they offer a unique and memorable event experience.

Can I organize a team-building event on a boat in Philadelphia?

Yes, absolutely! City Cruises in Philadelphia offers a unique and engaging option for team-building events. Organizing a team-building event on a boat can foster camaraderie as teams work together in a fresh, exciting environment. The panoramic views of Philadelphia’s historic waterfront and skyline add to the exceptional experience. City Cruises provides chef-prepared menus, full bar service, and customizable all-inclusive packages, making it a seamless and memorable choice for your next team-building event.

What type of customizable team-building activities does City Cruises offer in Philadelphia?
City Cruises in Philadelphia offers a range of customizable team-building activities designed to foster teamwork and collaboration while enjoying the scenic views of the Delaware River. Activities can include culinary challenges, on-board treasure hunts, leadership workshops, and themed parties. Each activity is tailored to encourage participation, enhance team dynamics, and provide a fun and memorable experience.

What makes a City Cruises team-building event unique compared to other venues in Philadelphia?
A team-building event with City Cruises in Philadelphia stands out due to its unique combination of breathtaking waterfront views, exceptional service, and customizable activities. Unlike static land-based venues, a City Cruises event provides a dynamic and engaging backdrop of Philadelphia’s skyline and landmarks, creating an atmosphere that encourages stronger connections and more meaningful interactions among team members.

Can City Cruises in Philadelphia host team-building events during any season?
Yes, City Cruises in Philadelphia is equipped to host team-building events year-round. Our vessels feature climate-controlled interiors to ensure comfort during colder months, and open-air decks that are perfect for enjoying the fresh air and scenic views in warmer weather. This flexibility allows for memorable team-building experiences regardless of the season.

What support does City Cruises provide for planning a team-building event in Philadelphia?
City Cruises offers comprehensive support for planning team-building events in Philadelphia, including a dedicated event planner who will work with you from start to finish. This includes assistance with selecting the right vessel, customizing your event’s activities and menu, and ensuring all technical and logistical requirements are met for a successful and smooth experience.

How can a team-building event with City Cruises in Philadelphia contribute to a company’s culture?
A team-building event with City Cruises can significantly contribute to fostering a positive company culture by providing an offsite experience that emphasizes collaboration, communication, and appreciation. The relaxed and unique setting away from the office encourages employees to connect on a personal level, leading to improved morale and a stronger sense of belonging within the company.

What historic landmarks can teams explore in Philadelphia for team-building activities?
Teams can explore significant landmarks like Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and see the Liberty Bell, symbols of American freedom and democracy. These sites offer a backdrop for historical tours and scavenger hunts, enriching team-building with educational content.

Are there outdoor spaces in Philadelphia suitable for team-building exercises?
Yes, Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park provides an expansive green space ideal for outdoor team-building activities, including sports, eco-friendly projects, and orienteering. The Schuylkill River Trail also offers picturesque routes for walking and cycling challenges.

How can teams engage with Philadelphia’s public art for team-building?
Teams can embark on a mural scavenger hunt with Mural Arts Philadelphia, exploring the city’s vibrant neighborhoods and discussing the stories behind the art. This activity encourages creativity, communication, and collaboration.

What unique views does City Cruises offer for team-building events in Philadelphia?
City Cruises in Philadelphia offers stunning views of Penn’s Landing, the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, and the city skyline from the Delaware River, providing a unique perspective and a tranquil setting for team discussions and bonding.

Can City Cruises in Philadelphia accommodate team-building activities that focus on history or culture?
Yes, City Cruises can tailor your team-building event to include educational components about Philadelphia’s rich maritime history and cultural landmarks, offering a unique learning experience alongside team-building exercises.

What makes Philadelphia’s City Cruises an ideal choice for outdoor company outings?
With its open-air decks and climate-controlled interiors, City Cruises offers a flexible and comfortable setting for outdoor company outings, allowing teams to enjoy the beauty of Philadelphia’s waterfront while engaging in tailored team-building activities.

How does a team-building event with City Cruises contribute to a company’s goals?
Team-building events with City Cruises foster a sense of unity and collaboration, enhance communication, and offer a break from the conventional office setting, contributing to improved team dynamics, morale, and overall productivity, aligning with long-term company goals.

Original Post Date: June 23, 2023