Long Beach, California boasts an excellent climate and epic scenic seaside surroundings, making it an ideal choice for professionals to call home. With beautiful beaches, rich culture, and a flourishing arts and entertainment scene, there is no doubt that there is a talented and competitive workforce of professionals residing in the city with its seemingly limitless perks. Employers know that building an effective team that works cohesively towards a common goal benefits businesses and organizations. Hosting a team building event on the water in a truly unique environment with City Cruises Long Beach will increase motivation, communication, and employee collaboration. If you’re looking for results, look no further than a luxury yacht, with chef-prepared menus, full bar options, all-inclusive packages, and entertainment customized to fit your needs – all with picturesque views to create the perfect backdrop to sail into the perfect event that you and your team will not forget!

Build Your Team in Long Beach with City Cruises

Long Beach, also known as the “Beach with Benefits,” is known for its city atmosphere combined with shoreline and small-town culture. With all the attractions and conveniences of a big city, it also offers a perfect escape to a seaside village making it the perfect spot to host an epic team building event on the water. What if you could show your employees that you value and appreciate their contributions to your business in the most epic setting? Take your crew out on the adventure of a lifetime aboard a luxury yacht with all the bells and whistles to make this an unforgettable event that will be treasured for years to come.

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Balance Your Business Objectives with Your Team’s Well-Being in Long Beach

Gather your team in a refreshing new space and give everyone a reason to be excited about coming together for your next meeting. One of the most crucial decisions to be made about hosting a team building event is where to have it. Spending time together outside the typical cramped indoor spaces will rejuvenate your team creating a new sense of purpose. Take advantage of the beautiful waters surrounding you in Long Beach with exceptional views of world-famous beaches and the harbor and escape for a bit and leave all the stress behind. Spend time together as a team in an environment that is relaxing and calming which can lead to greater bonding. Your team will appreciate the thought that you have put into snagging an ideal spot to build relationships while having a good time in the fresh air. City Cruises Long Beach offers many different types of corporate events such as team building, client dining, meetings, holiday parties, or special events no like other. You and your guests will love our attentive hospitality, climate-controlled interiors, and open-air decks for a refreshing twist on corporate gatherings. Experience greater Los Angeles from the water and soak it all in.

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Happy Team = Effective Team

We all know that a strong team must be built through forming bonds and connections. Team building benefits your organization with increased communication, planning skills, employee motivation, and collaboration. Good leaders know that these events give your team a much-needed break for the people who make your company successful.  Building your team in a fun and lively environment will allow your coworkers to see each other in a different light, and will allow them to connect in a different setting. One of the most powerful reasons to host a team building event is to get results, and doing so in a relaxed and unique atmosphere will help to facilitate long-term goals, and foster genuine connections, and deeper discussions. A team that can work closely with one another will ensure productivity and a positive work environment. If your goal is to motivate your team, then look no further than City Cruises to help you make that happen. Regularly scheduled team building events can improve your company culture and will give you a greater understanding of your employee’s wants and needs. The benefits of hosting a team building event on a luxury yacht will be sure to follow you back to the office.

Let City Cruises Take Your Crew on an Adventure

Why not try something new for your next team building event in Long Beach. Give everyone a chance to relax and get to know each other in a fun and lively setting with the beautiful backdrop of beaches and views of the harbor. Escape the office and host your next event aboard a luxury yacht on the water. You will enjoy the city’s glorious sights and sounds from the comfort of a yacht while dining on chef-prepared menus, imbibing in our full bar options, and enjoying customized music and games to suit your event’s needs and party size.

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City Cruises Long Beach will Take Care of All Your Team Building Needs

No matter what size your guest list is, we have the venue to fit your needs. From a small and intimate gathering to a full-scale blow out, our friendly and helpful staff will make sure that all details will be taken care of so that you may simply sit back, relax, and enjoy. Mingle with your guests and let us take care of the rest. Now that you have decided to host your next team building event on the water, all you must do is fill out this form and let the calming waters take you away.

FAQs – Long Beach Team Building (2024)

What makes Long Beach a suitable location for team building activities?
Long Beach’s unique blend of urban sophistication and beach town charm creates a versatile backdrop for team building activities. Its waterfront setting, diverse cultural attractions, and mild climate make it an appealing destination for corporate groups looking to combine productive team building with relaxation and fun. The city’s array of indoor and outdoor venues caters to a wide range of activities designed to strengthen teamwork and communication.

What types of team-building activities are available in Long Beach?
Long Beach offers a variety of team-building activities, including beach games, sailing lessons, and competitive regattas in the harbor. For those looking for more intellectually stimulating challenges, escape rooms, culinary workshops, and interactive museum tours are popular choices. The city’s parks and open spaces also provide the perfect setting for outdoor fitness challenges, scavenger hunts, and environmental conservation projects.

How does the setting of Long Beach enhance team-building experiences?
The scenic beauty of Long Beach, with its iconic Queen Mary, historic lighthouses, and expansive marinas, provides a stimulating environment that can inspire creativity and foster a sense of adventure among team members. The combination of sea and city offers a unique setting that encourages participants to think outside the box and engage more deeply with their colleagues.

Are there venues in Long Beach that specialize in hosting corporate team-building events?
Yes, Long Beach is home to several venues that specialize in corporate team-building events, ranging from waterfront hotels and conference centers equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to more unique settings like the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center. Many of these venues offer customizable packages to suit the specific needs and objectives of corporate groups.

Why consider City Cruises for team-building activities in Long Beach?
City Cruises in Long Beach provides an unforgettable setting for team-building activities, allowing participants to connect and collaborate while cruising through the beautiful Long Beach Harbor. The unique experience of being on the water away from the distractions of the office can enhance communication, promote unity, and lead to more effective teamwork in a memorable and enjoyable setting.

What type of team-building events does City Cruises offer in Long Beach?
City Cruises in Long Beach is equipped to host a wide range of team-building events, from casual networking receptions and celebratory dinners to more structured activities like leadership workshops, team challenges, and themed parties. Our experienced team can work with you to design an event that meets your specific goals, whether it’s improving teamwork, rewarding employees, or fostering innovation.

Is it possible to book a part of a City Cruises vessel for a smaller team-building group in Long Beach?
Yes, City Cruises in Long Beach offers the flexibility to book part of a vessel for smaller team-building groups, providing a more intimate setting without sacrificing the unique experience of a harbor cruise. This option allows teams of various sizes to enjoy a customized event tailored to their needs and budget.

What makes a City Cruises team-building event stand out from other venue options in Long Beach?
A City Cruises team-building event stands out due to its dynamic waterfront setting, which offers a fresh perspective on Long Beach and a break from traditional conference room settings. The novelty of being on a boat fosters a sense of exclusivity and adventure, encouraging participants to engage more fully with the activities and with each other, leading to a more impactful and lasting team-building experience.

Original Post Date: December 7, 2023