If you’re planning to celebrate America’s birthday in a city full of rich historical significance—that also offers plenty of modern-day fun—we can’t think of a more apropos destination than Philadelphia. Known as the birthplace of the United States and the City of Brotherly Love, this buzzing metropolis was the meeting spot for the 1st Congressional Congress and the Constitutional Convention. The Declaration of Independence was signed here, and Philly was also America’s first capital. Now we could go on and on with more impressive hits of history, but we know you just want to know what to do in Philadelphia 4th of July weekend—and trust us, there are options. Whether it’s checking out fireworks as part of the WaWa Welcome America multi-week-long festival, attending the Independence Day Parade, or seeing the Philadelphia Orchestra and Fireworks Display, there’s something for everyone pursuing patriotic vibes. We’re happy to be your guide to what’s good, so let’s get started!

Things to Do in Philadelphia for the 4th of July (2024)

Independence Day is a popular holiday for Americans and a point of pride for the country’s citizens. It’s the birthday of the United States after all, so the celebration has to be special and there are several things to do in Philadelphia for the 4th of July that make it so. First off, there’s the multi-week-long festival—WaWa Welcome America—which is a family-friendly, multi-generational experience featuring a patriotic parade showcasing some of the most historic sites in the nation, educational activities, block parties, free concerts and museum access, movie screenings, and Juneteenth commemorations, all culminating in the annual fireworks spectacular. The festival traditionally runs for 16 days from late June to July.

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Next, consider the Philadelphia Orchestra and Fireworks Display. It usually occurs on the evening of July 1, and the complimentary show includes a concert at dusk and the first fireworks display of the weekend. On July 3, the Historic Philadelphia Block Party takes place right next to Independence Hall. The afternoon celebration includes food, entertainment, and numerous vendors. On the actual day of July 4, everyone gets in on the action at Party on the Parkway, an all-day street fair that’s part of the WaWa Welcome America celebration. It includes food, cultural and sporting events, live music, dancing, activities for kids, exhibits, and more. Visitors can also opt to attend the Independence Day Parade, which also showcases live music plus plenty of floats, marching bands, drum corps, drill teams, dance groups, and a few celebrity guest appearances. It’s a unique chronological procession of history that highlights cultural and social diversity.

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Fireworks Shows in Philadelphia for the 4th of July

Because the 4th of July in Philadelphia is hailed as a massive celebration, it should come as no surprise that the city is known for an amazing firework show that takes place above the Philadelphia Museum of Art as part of the annual WaWa Welcome America celebration. The event usually starts around 9:45pm after the WaWa Welcome America July 4th Concert at 7:00pm. And while this is the main attraction in town for the evening, there are several different spots to choose from for taking them in. There’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Fairmount Park’s Lemon Hill, Schuylkill Banks and Boardwalk, Kelly Drive, Paine’s Park, and Sister Cities Park—just to name a few.downtown philadelphia

What to Do in Philadelphia 4th of July Weekend

Now that you know all about Philadelphia’s 4th of July events, you may be asking yourself: What else can I do while I am there that doesn’t have to do with the holiday? The answer: plenty! For culture lovers, no trip is complete without a visit to Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Modeled after Paris’s Avenue des Champs-Élysées, it’s home to a host of cultural institutions including The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, the Barnes Foundation, The Franklin Institute, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Fans of the movie “Rocky” (and its many sequels) will definitely want to take a quick pic of themselves right next to the iconic statue and stairs also located in this area. Not too far from here, visitors will find the Eastern State Penitentiary too. Opened in 1829, this National Historic Landmark’s impressive architecture and radical philosophy for reforming criminals drive travelers from all over the globe to its door. Meanwhile, outdoor enthusiasts gravitate to the city’s waterfront (the Delaware River), which has a range of attractions and parks to enjoy including Cherry Street Pier, Race Street Pier, the Blur Cross RiverRink, and the Spruce Street Harbor Park. It’s the perfect spot to peep picture-perfect views of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge connecting Philadelphia to New Jersey.

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Know Before You Go

Because Independence Day is a major holiday weekend, there are a few things to be aware of before you start celebrating in Philadelphia. Weather-wise, daytime temps can get into the 90s and fall down into the 70s once the sun goes down. Dressing in breathable and comfortable clothes is a must (as is sunblock!) and a light outer garment is good to bring as well just in case you get chilly. In terms of parking, in the past multiple roads have been closed and public transportation usually runs on a holiday schedule. For the former, it’s best to check up-to-the-minute announcements as they post on the area’s tourism site; for the latter, log on to SEPTA for current updates on service. Pets on small leashes are permitted according to the city website, just be sure they’ll be comfortable with crowds and loud noises.

It’s All About Fun In (and Out) of the Sun

No matter what you decide to do in Philadelphia for the 4th, a trip to this destination is all about enjoying a fun and festive time wherever you end up. With so many activities to mark the occasion, lots of locations to catch fabulous fireworks, and numerous things to do aside from holiday-related events, there is no shortage of ways to make the most of your trip to Philly. The only question you need to ask yourself is: What time should I get going?

FAQs – 4th of July in Philadelphia (2024)

Where are the best places to watch the 4th of July fireworks in Philadelphia in 2024?
Aboard a City Cruises boat! And then things like The Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Penn’s Landing, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art offer great views, live music, and food vendors.

Are there any special 4th of July themed cruises offered in Philadelphia?
Yes, several cruises along the Delaware River feature fireworks viewing, dining, and entertainment.

What family-friendly activities are available during the 4th of July in Philadelphia?
Families can enjoy parades, outdoor concerts, historical reenactments, and interactive activities at Independence Mall and other locations.

Are there any historical tours or events related to Independence Day in Philadelphia?
Philadelphia hosts numerous historical tours and events, including visits to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, and reenactments of historical events.

What dining options are available during the 4th of July festivities in Philadelphia?
Food trucks, local eateries, and restaurants offer a variety of dining options, from traditional American fare to international cuisine.

How can visitors participate in the WaWa Welcome America festival?
Attend free concerts, museum days, parades, and fireworks shows; check the festival’s website for schedules and locations.

Are there any unique Philadelphia traditions on the 4th of July?
The annual WaWa Welcome America festival is a unique Philadelphia tradition, featuring a week-long celebration with various events.

What are some recommended transportation options during the 4th of July events in Philadelphia?
Public transportation, like buses and subways, is recommended due to heavy traffic and limited parking; ride-sharing and biking are also good options.

Can visitors access any special discounts or deals during the Independence Day celebrations in Philadelphia?
Visitors can find discounts and deals on local attractions, dining, and accommodations, often available through tourism websites or local businesses.

What are some safety tips for enjoying the 4th of July festivities in Philadelphia?
Stay hydrated, use sunscreen, be aware of your surroundings, follow local laws regarding fireworks, and have a plan for meeting points if separated from your group.

Why is City Cruises a great option for celebrating the 4th of July in Philadelphia?
City Cruises offers an exceptional experience for the 4th of July with unique views of the fireworks from the Delaware River. They provide an atmosphere of celebration with dining and entertainment, making it a memorable way to enjoy the holiday’s festivities against the backdrop of Philadelphia’s skyline.

What unique features do City Cruises offer for the 4th of July in Philadelphia?
City Cruises provide a unique celebration experience with a scenic cruise along the Delaware River. This offers a fantastic view of the fireworks and the city skyline, along with onboard dining and live entertainment.

How does City Cruises enhance the 4th of July fireworks viewing experience?
The cruise positions you away from the crowded city, offering a clear and unobstructed view of the fireworks display over the water. This creates a more relaxed and intimate viewing experience.