What is it like having a party on a Hornblower yacht? We’re so glad you asked. It’s not like any kind of venue that you can find anywhere. In fact, people who choose our yachts share a lot of the same characteristics: they’re foodies at heart (or at least love great food), they appreciate superb customer service and they want to throw a not-your-everyday event with amazing views as their backdrop.

To give you the best idea of what it’s like, we’ve compiled views from many of our ports. Think of it as a mixtape featuring all the different locations and possibilities for hosting a party. You’ll notice a few things:

Everyone has a smile on their face
Champagne bubbles look better on a yacht
Music and changing views go hand in hand
There’s tons of space to party on our yachts
Check out our Partyspective video. You’ll wish you were there.

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