One of the most beautiful places in California is Marina del Rey. This Los Angeles County coastal area is right where you want to be for some fun in the sun. The scenery is breathtaking and there’s so much to do – including dining on the waterfront. Marina del Rey also offers breathtaking sunsets making it an ideal place to get away for the weekend. Take all the beauty of this coastal hotspot on the water and it is easily a wonderful place to host networking events.

Love it or hate it, networking is a part of life. “Yes, networking can help you land jobs and gain access to new opportunities,” according to Harvard Business Review. “But it can also be about making genuine connections, knowledge sharing, and giving back to others.” And while people may reluctantly line up for networking events, there are things that you can do to make them more palatable for your guests. One important thing to consider when planning your event is not to have networking events in boring, stuffy locations. That’s a real turnoff. Instead, take it to the water! Break out of the office and onto the water with a spectrum of tailored experiences crafted to inspire your unique event vision. City Cruises has flexible venue options all on the water for your networking events in Marina del Rey or Los Angeles that will elevate your outing and inspire your guests.




Host a Networking Event in Marina del Rey with City Cruises

Whether you’re looking for a networking event venue in Marina del Rey, or a Los Angeles networking event venue, City Cruises is the best place to start. The environment on the water in a City Cruises yacht has a much different vibe than traditional venues. People are more likely to cut loose on an adventurous yacht ride around Marina del Rey.

Networking events on a boat setting bring people together in a more engaging and interactive experience. It’s the atmosphere aboard a boat that sets the stage for a more relaxing event, making it easy for guests to kick back and enjoy their time. Guests are more apt to mix and mingle and really appreciate when you host your group event on the water. It will help you become a go-to for networking opportunities.


Effective Networking on a City Cruises Yacht

Marina del Rey mountains and skyline in the sunset

Companies know the importance of networking opportunities for a business’s success, and for people both personally and professionally since they can establish lifelong relationships. These events help people connect with others in their field and they can help spread the word about your own business now and in the future. You may even get a lead on a new opportunity.

City Cruises networking events are relaxing but also adventurous. Being on a City Cruises yacht helps break down the barriers that often come with corporate events such as these. There’s even a novelty factor that guests are not at the same tired event space with the same bland conversations. City Cruises takes everything to the next level.

Planning your next corporate or networking event takes a thoughtful approach to make it successful.

While at a City Cruises networking floating event venue, guests are in an entirely different atmosphere that will allow them to drop their guard. Another icebreaker is often the impressive views around Marina del Rey and the wonderful sunset. There’s a host of conversation starters that you just can’t miss!


City Cruises Offers Numerous Amenities and Services

City Cruises has a variety of all-inclusive packages from which to choose in Marina del Ray to make your networking event stand out from the rest. Packages include chef-prepared menus, full bar options, and customized entertainment for your event’s needs and your party size. The best part is that the breathtaking views become the backdrop of the event. Views can be seen from climate-controlled interiors and open-air outdoor decks no matter what the temperature is outside. And those views include Southern California’s beautiful marinas, towering yachts, and gorgeous homes!

Marina del Rey’s Fleet for All Your Networking Event Needs

Explore Our Marina del Rey City Fleet, with four venues available for different event sizes and number of guests. Start with the Cabaret, a smaller yacht perfect for more intimate networking events. It has a main deck that is fully enclosed and features a parquet dance floor, sound system, and a full-service bar. The upper deck salon has sliding plexiglass windows. Guests will love sipping cocktails and mingling on either deck.

Your guests will feel like they are in a dream on Just Dreamin, the 110-foot custom boat features comfortable couches, a built-in mahogany dance floor, contemporary teak and granite detailing, and a full-service galley. The spectacular views can be seen from the wraparound windows.

The Marina Hornblower’s classic nautical style sets it apart from the other venues. It features interior wood accents and portholes as well as an open bow and outdoor observation deck at the top of the craft.

Networking will never be the same as guests can dance and let loose to live entertainment or engage in conversations on the sun deck to take in those spectacular views.

As the flagship of the Marina del Rey fleet, the Entertainer is the largest charter yacht in the marina. It has 6,600 square feet of event space on three decks. The bay windows and open lounge deck allow for wonderful views of the marina and Los Angeles. This is the perfect spot for larger groups.


Couple looking out on the water


Customize your Networking Event with City Cruises Marina del Rey Venues

No matter your event size, there’s a venue to fit your needs. City Cruises brings it together with friendly, helpful, and kind staff. Everything will be taken care of for your event while you sit back and relax. You can choose a package already offered or customize any of them to your needs. You can discuss your vision for your next networking event and work together to ensure everything falls into place.

Making your networking event happen is easy. Submit a request form online to find out more about how City Cruises can help make your Marina del Rey networking event a success. City Cruises has everything you need to make an event amazing, but they also will go above and beyond to make your networking event stand out among the rest. Fill out your information and someone will be in touch. We will see you on the water soon!


How can I customize my networking event aboard City Cruises in Marina del Rey?

The possibilities for customizing your networking event aboard a City Cruises yacht in Marina del Rey are endless. Based upon your specific needs, we will ensure a successful event by tailoring every detail to your liking. Our team will work with you from conception to completion with customized packages with catering, décor, entertainment, to suit the theme and goals of your networking event.

What size groups can be accommodated for networking or corporate events in Marina del Rey with City Cruises?

City Cruises Marina del Rey has a fleet of vessels that can accommodate corporate groups of various sizes, from small teams looking for an intimate setting to larger groups needing ample space for more extensive activities. The flexibility of our fleet ensures that every networking event can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the group.

What types of corporate events are offered by City Cruises in Marina del Rey or the Los Angeles area?

City Cruises Marina del Rey offers a range of corporate events, including team building, client dining meetings, holiday parties, networking events, and special events unlike any other, all with attentive service and picturesque views on the water.

Why is Marina del Rey a great location for networking events in 2024?

Marina del Rey, with its stunning waterfront setting and numerous outdoor spaces, offers a unique environment for networking events. With its location near Los Angeles, Marina del Rey provides a strategic advantage for netwrorking events, offering easy accessibility for attendees while providing a picturesque backdrop that enhances corporate opportunities.

Original Post Date: October 5, 2023