The city of Los Angeles is a magical place where celebrity sightings are normal and some of the most famous landmarks in the U.S. are present. During national holidays, this city becomes even more magical with firework displays. The guide below provides the top locations for viewing Los Angeles fireworks.

By visiting Los Angeles with a clear list in mind of the top places for viewing fireworks, you can ensure that your trip includes views of this beautiful show. From fireworks on the fourth of July to New Year’s Eve, you’ll find splendid displays in the City of Angels. Continue reading for top Los Angeles fireworks viewpoints.


Where to See Los Angeles Fireworks

These top places offer the best views of fireworks throughout the year.


Huntington Beach Pier

Everything is bigger and better in the Los Angeles area, especially fireworks displays. During the fourth of July, the Huntington Beach Pier curates one of the most extensive celebrations, complete with a fireworks show. This multi-day festival also includes acrobatics, a parade, and more.

There are multiple viewpoints for the fireworks show at Huntington Beach Pier. For example, you can simply view the fireworks while walking around the area. However, if you want a closer view of the fireworks, you must purchase tickets.

Various restaurants in the area also offer views of fireworks so you can enjoy a meal and the show simultaneously.


Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl is a famous amphitheater in Los Angeles and is considered one of the top music venues. It holds many events throughout the year, including a large fourth of July bash with an impressive fireworks show. Their celebrations typically include live music by famous bands, singers, and groups.

This location has been known to host events for multiple days, providing a stunning spot to enjoy Los Angeles. Keep an eye on the stage as the Los Angeles fireworks shoot out of the archway.


Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey is famous for its firework shows that occur annually. The fireworks are shot off the South Jetty, providing a pretty show over the water. You can view the show from the water via a cruise. Or, you can view the Marina Del Rey fireworks via nearby locations like Burton Chace Park or the Fisherman’s Village.

It’s recommended to arrive for the fireworks at 1 pm to ensure you get the spot that works best for you. As watching fireworks is a popular activity, there will be crowds that you will have to navigate through.

Additionally, there are nearby restaurants that you can sit at for views of the fireworks. These outdoor spots offer a pleasant experience further away from the fireworks.

Marina del Rey fireworks


Marina Del Rey Cruises

Marina Del Rey cruises provide exceptional views of the fireworks. The proximity to the show creates an even more immersive experience. There are various excursions throughout the year providing views of the fireworks. You may want to consider a cruise during a New Year’s Eve trip, including the New Year’s Eve Dinner Cruise and the New Year’s Cocktail Cruise.

Additionally, you can check out the Marina Del Rey 4th of July Cruise if you’re visiting in the summertime.


Hollywood Forever Cemetery

It might seem like an odd location for viewing fireworks. However, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery offers fun cinema experiences throughout the year. During the fourth of July, the cinema experience lasts a few days and includes a firework show.

Tickets are required for any events that occur at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Ensure you purchase tickets beforehand, or you’ll miss out on the fireworks.


Rose Bowl Stadium

The Rose Bowl Stadium is one of the most famous locations in Los Angeles; it’s an outdoor athletic stadium. However, it also holds larger events, concerts, and more. This stadium has been open since 1922 and is marked as a National Historic Landmark.

The AmericaFest Celebration is an annual event near the fourth of July. It typically includes live music, exciting motocross events, and an exciting fireworks show.




Disneyland is one of the happiest places on earth, as they shoot off fireworks more frequently than other locations. Unfortunately, the fireworks are not shot off every night, so checking the entertainment schedule is essential.

However, fireworks typically occur each night if you’re visiting in the summertime. Disneyland also provides firework shows during larger holidays, like the fourth of July. Make sure you’re angled toward the Castle or It’s a Small World ride for the best views.

There are other viewing spots around the park where you can stop and enjoy the fireworks. For those wanting to view Los Angeles fireworks without waiting for a holiday, Disneyland is your best bet.


Los Angeles Fireworks: Planning a Visit

Since many locations in Los Angeles offer firework shows, deciding which locations are nearest to your accommodation is essential. This will aid in narrowing down the best option for you during a trip to Los Angeles If you have flexibility on the timeline, consider visiting Los Angeles during a holiday for firework views.

Otherwise, Disneyland is your best bet as they feature fireworks more often.

Los Angeles Skyline at night


Are fireworks legal in Los Angeles?

Fireworks are illegal in most of Los Angeles county, especially in major cities. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t sufficient locations for firework viewing. Many smaller cities allow safe and sane fireworks and offer stunning fireworks shows like Alhambra, Vernon, and South Gate. Avoid setting off your fireworks while visiting LA unless you’re sure you’re in a city or area that permits them.

It’s also necessary to ensure that any fireworks you buy are under the safe and sane list if you plan on lighting fireworks yourself. Otherwise, you risk repercussions for using illegal fireworks.

Where to watch free fireworks in Los Angeles?

There are quite a few spots where you can catch a free fireworks show in LA, such as Grand Park, Dodger Stadium, and the Hollywood Bowl. These locations only offer fireworks during national holidays.

Which cities in LA County allow fireworks?

There is a long list of cities in LA County that allow fireworks, including the locations below.

  • Alhambra
  • Artesia
  • Cudahy
  • Downey
  • El Monte
  • Hawaiian Gardens
  • Temple City