Everyone has a story about a holiday office party — from the wild ones to the cringeworthy ones to the boring ones. Planning a company holiday party is a small but great way to show appreciation for the people who make the business function from day to day. It’s also a way to unwind and get to know your coworkers better — outside from water cooler talk. If you want your party to fun and memorable for all the right reasons, games and activities are a great way to get the party started.

Read on for some holiday party ideas and games to ensure your office party is truly unforgettable!

Guess the Gifts!
How to Play: The host needs to wrap all presents in identical-sized boxes. In each box, there will be two of the same gift. Write down what’s inside each box and tape it facedown on the box. Everyone will need a partner. One person will describe what’s in the box and the other person will try to guess the item. If they guess what’s inside the box in 30 seconds, the team gets to keep the gift.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph
How to Play: A holiday twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Gather your craftiest people to create a large poster of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer without his famous nose. Then, create noses for each person to stick onto the poster, and bring along a blindfold. You know the rest.

Secret Santa
How to Play: A tried-and-true holiday tradition. Start by setting a price limit on each gift. Have everyone write their name down along with a gift suggestion or two, this can be as vague or specific as you want. Everyone can either draw names or you can assign them. At the end, guess who gave you the gift.

Reindeer Toss
How to Play: You’ll need antlers and four rings, this can be purchased or handmade. Have everyone get together in teams of two. One person will wear the antlers while the other tosses the rings. Whichever team tosses all four rings on the antlers first wins a prize.

White Elephant Gift Exchange
How to Play: You can never go wrong with a White Elephant. Have everyone bring one wrapped gift to contribute to the game. It’s best to set a price limit. Other options include serious or gag-gifts only. Everyone will draw a number to determine what order they will open presents in. Following the first player, each player has the option to steal a gift or open a new one. Anyone who has their gift stolen gets the choice of stealing another gift or opening one.

Games are a great way to get everyone up, mingling, and laughing. If you have a larger party, consider setting up game stations to keep things moving.

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