Newport Beach puts you in a golden state of mind with its year-round sunshine. This coastal city is famous for its harbor, seaside strolls, amusement parks, shopping, and museums.

Beautiful weather and coastal views make this an ideal spot for fun dining. Newport Beach is a delightful mixture of vibrant and relaxed perfect for dining.

city cruise newport beach dining roomThen there’s the thriving restaurant scene. Newport Beach’s seafood cuisine brings you a taste of the ocean’s bounty. Locally inspired foods include farm-to-table, Italian home cooking, and authentic Mexican cuisine. It is all here throughout the scenic streets of Newport Beach.

Life is full of new tastes and dining experiences, so let’s dish out the fun places to eat in Newport Beach that will have you California dreaming to the pier and back.

City Cruises’ Premier Brunch Cruise fuels you up for the day with scrumptious breakfast meats, eggs, and potatoes. For those late risers, hand-carved strip loin and oven-roasted turkey energize you with kale quinoa salad and pasta al forno.

Devouring Newport Beach’s flavors while sailing across its calm waters gives you a taste of the coastal city. You can feel the magic of Newport Beach aboard the luxury yacht while the ocean breeze puts your mind at ease.

If you prefer the moonlight as your backdrop, then look no further. Take a Newport Beach Premier Dinner Cruise for a fun and unique dining experience that you will not forget. Take in the sights and sounds from a luxury yacht before feasting on a delicious plated dinner crafted from fresh and local seasonal ingredients. After dinner head outdoors to soak in the sparkling night sky as you glide along the harbor where you will be treated to views of Southern California’s beautiful beaches. Add to the fun by listening to the playful sounds of the barking sea lions and spotting the towering yachts and sprawling mansions.


The Beachcomber

cottage house in newport beachThe Beachcomber is just steps from the sand and water’s edge. Taste the ocean on your next meal and dine seaside in a converted cottage house.

The location alone makes it one of Newport Beach’s fun places to eat. It’s a paradise for foodies– breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A basket of puffy Beachcomber beignets and fresh fruit crepes of Chantilly cream and mascarpone cheese that will tingle any sweet tooth.

Ocean flavors are reeled and grilled at The Beachcomber. The lunch menu has salty and tasty dishes. With mouth-watering choices of Mahi Mahi or grilled shrimp tacos, Alaskan cod fish and chips, and shrimp pesto pasta. One of the favorites on the menu is their Ahi Poke Bowl; it hooks you on the first bite.

The Surf n Turf menu extends from blue crabbed stuffed salmon to prime filet mignon and braised short ribs. Dining can be as casual to as elegant as you want as you sit back amongst the sand and surf.

But the beach experience may be what have you falling in love with Newport Beach. Booking the fire pit for an evening grill has you right at the heart of what makes Newport Beach so truly special.

Location: 15 Crystal Cove, Newport Coast, CA 92657


The Farmhouse at Rogers Gardens

An outdoor oasis in the seaside neighborhood of Corona del Mar is where you will find one of the best farm-to-fork dining locations. The seasonally inspired foods are served in an al fresco setting that is adorned with greenery, creating private dining spaces.

The menu features creative spaghetti squash dishes, braised enchiladas, sea scallops, shrimp, and mussels. You can also enjoy grilled albacore tuna sandwiches and panko, curry & coconut-crusted Icelandic cod.

Make it a Sunday brunch and delight in Farmhouse apple pumpkin butter stuffed French toast and baked shakshuka. Here you have a good reason for that late afternoon beverage. Drink for a worthy cause and indulge in a few for a “swig for selflessness,”–50% of sales of their featured swig goes towards the spotlight charity in the community of the week.

Location: 2301 San Joaquin Hills Rd, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

boats on the water in newport beach

The Original Mama D’s Italian Kitchen

Whether you go with family or friends, or on a date, The Original Mama D’s Italian Kitchen is on everyone’s list of favorite places to eat in Newport Beach. The dishes are pasta-tively amazing!

Every dish feels like it has been made with the loving hands and heart of your grandmother (Mama D’s Famous Homemade Ravioli is a must-try at least once!) Surrounded by the nostalgia and homey feel inside, you cannot help but find yourself having a bit of fun and laughs.

Tastes of the sea with an Italian flare are found in Pat’s Baked Clams and Quinn’s Calamari Fritti. Hearty dishes like vegetarian lasagna, baked ziti, veal parmigiana, sausage, and chicken capri will leave you stuffed like an eggplant.

Location: 3012 Newport Blvd, Newport Beach, CA 92663


cocktails in newport beach

Gracias Madre

Traditional Mexican cuisine is offered at Gracias Madre, where surprising and creative dishes are beautifully presented. Trendy vibes fill the restaurant with authentic flavor profiles honoring local, organic plant-based ingredients.

If you aren’t sure what you want to want to sink your teeth into, then take advantage of the Taco Tuesday menu. Coconut meat, oyster, portobello, or crispy parmesan-crusted mushrooms fill up their yummy list of choices.

Carnitas made of braised jackfruit, taco salads of walnut taco meat, and the Madre burger of roasted mushroom and black bean and a cashew nacho cheese make it difficult to decide. See the ingenuity of Gracias Madre in their hearts of palm ceviche, where even a seafood lover will come to appreciate the take on this classic dish.

Location: 1617 Westcliff Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Topside Roof Deck

Topside offers a sophisticated space with celebration-worthy views as Newport Beach’s only rooftop bar. Locals and visitors flock to this location for its true beach soiree vibe. Not only will you soak in amazing views, but the small menu has a few unique options as well. Warm lobster lettuce cups with finger limes and smoke trout roe and butter lettuce will be a crowd-pleaser. The Krug plus chicken sandwich is a pairing for the gods but do not forget the caviar service which is a playful rendition of the classic which pairs with the champagne you are drinking, and the choices are aplenty! The drink list is extensive to toast a special occasion or just to celebrate the fun and lively atmosphere.

Location: 3300 Newport Blvd. Newport Beach, CA 92663

FAQs – 2024 Fun Places to Eat in Newport Beach (Orange County)

Why is dining with City Cruises in Newport Harbor a fun experience?
Dining with City Cruises offers a unique and memorable experience, combining delicious cuisine with stunning views of Newport Harbor. Enjoying a meal on a boat adds an element of adventure and luxury to your dining experience.

What dining options are available with City Cruises in Newport Harbor?
City Cruises in Newport Harbor offers a variety of dining cruises, including brunch, lunch, and dinner options. Each cruise features a specially curated menu to complement the scenic backdrop.

How does a dining cruise with City Cruises enhance the Newport Beach experience?
A dining cruise offers a different perspective of Newport Beach, allowing you to enjoy gourmet food while cruising past beautiful yachts, waterfront homes, and natural landscapes.

What type of food is served on City Cruises in Newport Harbor?
City Cruises offers a range of culinary options, from brunch favorites and buffet-style lunches to gourmet dinner courses, often featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Is there entertainment on board City Cruises’ dining experiences?
Many of City Cruises’ dining experiences in Newport Harbor include entertainment, such as live music or DJ sets, enhancing the ambiance and enjoyment of your meal.

How do I book a dining experience with City Cruises in Newport Harbor?
You can book a dining cruise with City Cruises online through the website or by contacting the reservation team directly.

What type of cuisine can I find in Newport Beach?
Newport Beach boasts a diverse culinary scene, ranging from fresh seafood and classic Californian cuisine to international flavors like Italian, Mexican, and Asian fusion.

Are there waterfront dining options in Newport Beach?
Yes, Newport Beach is known for its beautiful waterfront restaurants offering scenic views of the harbor or ocean, perfect for a leisurely meal or a special occasion. With City Cruises, you can actually dine ON the water.

Can I find family-friendly restaurants in Newport Beach?
Newport Beach has many family-friendly dining options, with restaurants catering to all ages and offering a variety of kid-approved menus.

What are some unique dining experiences in Newport Beach?
Unique dining experiences in Newport Beach include dining on a boat, beachside eateries, rooftop bars, and restaurants with live music or themed nights.

Are there any fine dining options in Newport Beach?
Yes, Newport Beach is home to several upscale restaurants that offer fine dining experiences, featuring gourmet menus, extensive wine lists, and elegant atmospheres.

What Makes Newport Beach a Premier Dining Destination?
Newport Beach’s unique blend of upscale dining, diverse cuisine, and stunning coastal views make it a premier dining destination. The city’s culinary scene is enriched by its access to fresh seafood and local produce, offering everything from casual beachfront cafes to luxurious fine dining establishments.

How Casual or Formal Is Dining in Newport Beach?
Dining in Newport Beach offers a range of experiences from casual to formal. Waterfront restaurants and beachside eateries provide a relaxed atmosphere, while upscale restaurants offer a more formal dining setting. City Cruises offers a unique blend, where the ambiance can range from laid-back to elegantly casual, depending on the time of day and type of cruise.

What Is the Best Way to Experience a Sunset Dinner in Newport Beach?
One of the best ways to experience a sunset dinner in Newport Beach is on a City Cruise in Newport Harbor. This unique dining experience allows you to watch the sunset over the water, providing breathtaking views while enjoying a gourmet meal.

How Can I Celebrate a Special Occasion with Dining in Newport Beach?
Celebrating a special occasion in Newport Beach can be made memorable with a variety of dining options. Booking a dining cruise with City Cruises, reserving a table at a waterfront restaurant, or choosing an upscale dining venue can all make for a special celebration. Many restaurants offer private dining areas or special packages to enhance your celebration.

Why Is Eating on the Water in Newport Beach a Fun Experience?
Eating on the water in Newport Beach offers a truly unique and enjoyable dining experience that combines the beauty of the Southern California coastline with delicious cuisine. This experience allows diners to take in the breathtaking views of the harbor, the ocean, and the sunset, all while enjoying a meal. The gentle sway of the waves, the sound of the water, and the sight of yachts and sailboats passing by create an ambiance that can’t be found in any land-based restaurant. Whether you’re on a City Cruise enjoying a gourmet dinner or sitting at a waterfront restaurant, dining on the water elevates the meal into a memorable event. It’s not just about the food; it’s about the experience of connecting with the marine environment, the panoramic vistas, and the unique atmosphere that makes Newport Beach a sought-after destination for those looking to enjoy a meal with a view.


Original post date: January 10, 2022