Before heading down the aisle, there’s a very important rite of passage that takes place for the bride. No, we’re not talking about the engagement party, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner; we’re referring (of course) to the bachelorette party! This is a final opportunity to gather all of the bride’s friends together for an evening of fun, and if you’re hosting a San Francisco wedding, it’s the ideal way to take advantage of all of the city’s sights and sounds by hosting a bachelorette party on the water.

Choosing a yacht venue for a bachelorette party in San Francisco is the perfect way to celebrate the occasion — especially when you choose a City Cruises experience. Why? Because everything is included. It’s low-maintenance planning that provides plenty of rewards, ranging from exceptional amenities such as fresh, chef-prepared menus to breathtaking views from our climate-controlled interiors and open-air exterior decks. But that’s not all. We’ll break down what else you can expect to show, we’re simply the best at setting the stage for memorable bachelorette events that elevate your pre-wedding celebrations in San Francisco.


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Why San Francisco Is a Best Bet for Your Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties are all about enjoying good times and good vibes, so San Francisco is a natural fit for the occasion. Because visiting the city is a vibrant experience — and the surrounding panoramic views are sublime (we’re looking at you, Golden Gate Bridge) — there’s already a built-in buzz for fun. When you book an event with City Cruises, your event is elevated even more with sightlines to the iconic skyline and world-famous landmarks, plus a wealth of amenities. There’s simply no better place for having access to it all. With our San Francisco Wedding Events offerings, you’ll find a range of exclusive bachelorette party packages to choose from that are tailored to every size, style, and budget as well as all of the features you could ever want to ensure a perfect event.


Why Cruising Is Always in Style

venuesLet’s be honest: Life’s more fun on the water. Whether you are headed there for a professional event or a personal one, when you’re traveling by boat your mood is automatically much better than being landlocked and confined by four walls. Being on deck in the sunshine and fresh air with ocean breezes blowing through your hair puts your mind (and your mood) at ease. Plus, City Cruises’ vessels feature elegant décor, modern design, and a convivial atmosphere fitting for trendy bachelorette parties. When you explore our San Francisco City Fleet, you’ll discover numerous gorgeous crafts ranging in capacity from 100 to 500 guests. Our customizable dining options mean every guest’s palate will be pleased; our variety of entertainment choices means a joyful ambiance for all; and unique cruise offerings — complete with special features — translate to a memorable experience everyone will treasure.


How Planning Makes Things Perfect 

When it comes to planning a bachelorette party, there’s the potential for a lot of work — from finding the venue and curating the entertainment or activities to designing a menu appealing to every guest. The benefit of partnering with City Cruises? All of that comes included, and additionally, you can personalize your pre-wedding celebration with custom décor and themes and food selections that suit every palate. You’ll be able to enlist planning assistance from City Cruises’ event experts so that no detail is missed, and every aspect of your event is handled with the utmost care and consideration. But you don’t need to take our word for it (in fact, we wouldn’t expect you to).


What’s Cool About City Cruises’ Bachelorette Party Packages

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When it comes to planning events — bachelorette parties or otherwise — it can be a stressful experience. The long list of to-dos can take its toll on hosts and prompt some unnecessary anxiety. But the whole goal of the occasion is to create unforgettable moments, so to make sure that focus remains clear choosing a City Cruises’ all-inclusive option may be the answer. We’ll provide customization choices for every budget, which means any additional services and enhancements can be included. Whether that’s photo booths and a videographer, customized florals, and/or bar and menu upgrades, we’ll accommodate all of your needs.


How To Make the San Francisco Experience Seamless

The best part of planning your City Cruises’ bachelorette party is that the experience is a seamless one. Working with City Cruises’ event planners means that they will handle all of the logistics and you won’t need to worry about coordinating caterers, entertainment, or any enhancements you’ve requested — they will handle everything for you. The only thing you’ll need to do is expect the best for your special evening, sit back, relax, and savor the occasion. But it doesn’t end there. Part of what makes a City Cruises event so enticing (literally) is the culinary journey you and your guests will be treated to. Our bachelorette party catering and dining includes culinary delights on the water consisting of exclusive menus that accommodate dietary restrictions and special requests. There are also several beverage packages to choose from to help you toast the bride and all of her guests.


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Book Your San Francisco Bachelorette Party Today!

Planning a pre-wedding celebration — especially a bachelorette party — should be focused on fun, stress-free, and designed with creating lasting memories in mind. When you book with City Cruises that’s exactly what you’ll get, plus there’s plenty more in store. Fill out this form and an experienced event planner will contact you to get the fun started.