Are you planning the perfect date this month with that special someone you have had your eye on. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you. Don’t let your mouth before your thoughts get the best of your conversation either. After a successful operating season, 1 proposal (that we know of) and many couples that came on our boats with a date, we find that it is only right to give the best advice on what we heard and what we know on what not to say so you can impress that special someone.

Enjoy our list of #5WordsToRuinADate below. Please note, we advise you do the opposite, if you’re thinking about landing a second date!

  1. Babe, Forgot my wallet, want to pay?
  2. Do you mind paying for  my little cousin too?
  3. What’s your thoughts on swimming?
  4. Where Are We?
  5. Are the tickets free because I was hoping they were
  6. Is my face running? (Implying makeup on face is smearing)
  7. Do I have food in my teeth?
  8. Where is the closest bar?
  9. Stop following me
  10. Are we in Niagara Falls, Canada or Niagara Falls, USA? So confused.
  11. There is more fish on ‘Plenty of Fish’ than in these Niagara waters
  12. I can’t swim, can you?
  13. Where are the washrooms, I need to go NOW!
  14. Where’s my over 19 years Discount?
  15. I know the owner, I’ll hook us up
  16. What time is this date over at?
  17. You buy, you fly
  18. Can you drive, I don’t have enough gas to get to work
  19. I don’t want a souvenir of this date
  20. How about I just take the picture of YOU


Here’s what was said from other businesses:

Not Sharing Mozzarella Sticks – Applebys

I’m Not A Dog Person – Petco

I’ve Never Read Harry Potter – Professor Snape

Vegas Isn’t Really My Thing – MGM Grand Hotel

Your Sister Was More Fun – Captain Obvious

If you are reading this and happen to have already said on a date then we suggest you keep trucking along (in other words…keep moving), but if you are planning on impressing your special someone then let us help you with what we think you should say to that lucky guy or gal.

  1. I need sunglasses because your smile is so bright and beautiful
  2. I’ll pick you up whatever time is best for you
  3. Did you fall from heaven?
  4. Miracles happen because you are here with me
  5. I love the Notebook and wish to be just like ‘Noah’
  6. I’ll drive don’t worry I have my own car AND licenses
  7. I really like the way your poncho looks on you ( wink face)
  8. No, your makeup is not running.. Okay just a bit, but here’s a tissue
  9. I left my BMW at home, we taking the Camry instead
  10. I do have my wallet. With me! .. Phewf!

After reading this, we hope your date goes well and you walk away with a second chance at winning love. Just thank us by visiting Hornblower Niagara Cruises this Spring or Summer season.

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