tarting June 28th through the end of August come aboard the Fireworks Dinner Cruise to enjoy a warm summer night with family and friends. The three-hour cruise around the San Diego Bay is absolutely wonderful, with scrumptious food for dinner and a dance floor to boogie the night away. Near the end of the cruise there is a spectacular fireworks show in conjunction with the San Diego Summer Pops Concert. This mix of great music with an even better view of bright lights shattering over the sky is a night you will remember forever.

The Ashford University Summer Pops Concert is ten weeks long and brings an array of talent onto the stage each night. It kicks off with a tribute to The King, Elvis Presley and gets better from there with performances from Boz Scaggs, Nathan Pacheco, Ozomatil, and Burt Bacharach. Each artist brings their own flavor to the concert making the audience clap their hands and dance in their seats. It is a night of fun for the whole family in the Embarcadero Marina Park South. For the rest of summer the Fireworks Dinner will cruise on over to the Pops Concert and set off fireworks in rhythm to the music. The snap crackle bang will have you mesmerized as you stare up into the night sky with a groovy beat swaying you side to side, so book here now!

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