We are honored to announce that Captain Jose Gurganus, of the San Diego Port, was recently honored by the American Red Cross with a certificate of Recognition as an “Invaluable Partner”! His constant hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated by our company, and we are ecstatic to recognize Captain Jose for his wonderful achievement!

Along with being a loyal and safe HornblowerCaptain for many years, Jose is also a volunteer Emergency Medical Response instructor, who helps train students that are practicing to become future EMTs, firefighters, lifeguards, and healthcare providers. He is also knowledgeable in Wilderness Remote First Aid, and teaches one of the few classes that instruct students to learn about safety out in nature. Not only does Captain Jose know a great amount about first aid, but he also gives back to the community by teaching it to students of our future. Captain Jose knows all about the safety of people, but he also knows all about the safety of their pets. He is qualified in Pet First Aid, and graciously volunteered for San Diego’s Pet Day on the Bay. He truly is deserving of recognition from the American Red Cross.

Captain Jose is a great man with a wealth of experience in the first aid department. We are thrilled that the Red Cross recognized him as an “Invaluable Partner,” and we cannot wait to see what other great opportunities will come his way. Congratulations Captain Jose Gurganus!

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