Hornblower Cruises & Events welcomed the DAYBREAKER crowd aboard the Hornblower Infinity on the morning of Thursday, October 30 to produce the second on-the-water morning dance rave and concert of 2014.

DAYBREAKER co-founder Radha and her twin sister Miki debuted there new DJ project, Me2Me2 as the opening act, before headliner Lexel took the stage and blew the speakers off Hornblower’s 210-foot yacht before returning to shore.

DAYBREAKER’s Halloween edition featured the usual coffee and juice on board, but this time with outlandish Halloween costumes donned by nearly every concert-goer. The party started at 6AM, sailed from 6:30-8:30AM, at which point guests were finally forced to head to their day jobs…

A Post-Event Message from the DAYBREAKER Event Organizers:

Friends, ghosts, and goblins //

Dancing at dawn on the Hudson to kick off Halloween this weekend reassured us of one thing — you totally float our boat.

Thank you for joining us on our second nautical journey aboard the Hornblower Infinity. The pre-Halloween tricks and treats — your wild dance moves, epic costumes, the helicopter fly-by, the IMAGINE sing-a-long — were unbelievable, thanks to your always-palpable energy and zest for life. Relive the action on Instagram with #daybreaker.

A special DAYBREAKER shout out to all the zoo animals, Effie Trinket and those American Horror Story twins, for donning your Halloween best. It was a phenomenal morning.

Mischief managed, indeed.

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