Re-engage your attendees with a fun recap email showcasing different elements of the event!

Here are some ideas:
1 – Photo Booth Image Gallery
Share a link out to all photo booth images and post-party hilarity will ensue. Just make sure to edit them before sending so you don’t send anything that’s not work appropriate!

2 – Video of the Event
Nothing screams “epic” like a well done video of an amazing party. Mix it up with some drone shots and 360 video and you have a piece of media begging to be shared. Videos not only allow for your company to re-live the event, they also act as a great tool for recruiters to share with potential employees.

3 – Party Stats
People love visual stats. Put together a cool graphic showing information like “how much was drunk”, “how much food was consumed”, “what activity was most popular”, “how much money was raised”, etc.

Seeing data from the event will help attendees better understand the scale of such an experience and gain a further appreciation of the event itself. You can even compare stats year over year and turn it into a game for the next event. “Let’s have 50% less waste next year!”

4 – Surveys
Don’t be afraid to get reviews on the event. Sending out a survey allows you to get insight into what people liked and possibly didn’t like so much, and it allows you to make changes to future events. You can even incorporate that survey information into your sweet party stat graphic mentioned above.

5 – The Post Party Awards
Get creative with these awards as they’re not meant to be taken seriously. Give out awards for things like “Best Socks,” “Most Company Spirit,” “Best Performer,” “Best Moonwalk,” “Best Air Guitarist” etc. Feel free to add these award selections into your survey!

Whatever your recap email may be, make sure to include thank you to major players in the event and to the attendees as a whole. It’s always important to end anything and everything on a positive note.

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