Washington, D.C. It’s not just a popular destination for tourists from around the globe to travel to, but also a city where numerous people live and work. After all, D.C. is America’s capital and the central hub of the U.S. government; so naturally come wintertime, holiday parties are a plenty. And although the city is chockful of excellent restaurants and hotels, one of the most dazzling ways to celebrate the season is — you guessed it! — taking in impressive views of everything the city has to offer as you cruise along the Potomac River. Of course, you’re probably familiar with the range of City Cruises offerings you can try during your personal time, but did you know that fun can be had as part of your professional life too? In fact, because our Washington, D.C., fleet has several vessels, packages, and customized amenities to choose from, you can design an outing that’s ideal for your entire company with a festive soiree on the high seas.


washington dc corporate holiday party


Unforgettable Amenities for Your Corporate Holiday Party in Washington, D.C.

What makes a holiday event meaningful? First off, it’s the company you keep, and since you’ll already know your co-workers, you’ll know what to expect. Second, it’s the venue. In this case, a conference room just won’t do. While a hotel ballroom or restaurant might give off merry vibes, neither really boasts adventure or excitement. But a boat cruise? You’re already primed for a good time simply by going somewhere special that offers exquisite views of city sights. Add to that, an experience that can be catered to your budget, party size, needs, and desires, and success is guaranteed. Not only does every holiday party cruise include an event manager, stewards, captain, and bartenders to ensure that everything runs smoothly, but they also come with tables and chairs, linens, and flatware. A cash or hosted cocktail and wine bar, freshly prepared cuisine, customizable entertainment and photography are also available. With six types of packages to choose from—the premier brunch, premier lunch, premier dinner, signature lunch, signature dinner, and private charters—there’s bound to be one that’s perfect for your purposes. Here’s what they entail.


Corporate Holiday Party Packages

washington dc corporate holiday party  The premier brunch, a two-hour cruise, features bottomless mimosas, a holiday buffet, live DJ entertainment, and beautiful views starting from $78.90 per person; while the two-hour premier lunch includes a plated holiday lunch menu, live entertainment, and gorgeous views starting from $66.90 per person. For evening enthusiasts, the premier dinner—a three-hour outing—comes complete with a plated holiday dinner menu, live entertainment, and breathtaking evening views of Washington, D.C., starting from $130.90 per person. Meanwhile, for private charters, you can choose from a lunch, cocktail, or dinner cruise; customizable dockside and cruising times; and a variety of beverage choices and food menus, all starting from $2,000 per hour—plus bar and menu costs. Last but not least, there’s the signature lunch, a two-hour cruise that includes a holiday buffet, live DJ entertainment, dance floor, and amazing views starting from $54.90 per person; and the signature dinner, a three-hour cruise that features a holiday buffet, live DJ entertainment, dance floor, and breathtaking evening views starting from $107.90 per person.


A Washington, D.C., Event Venue to Remember

washington dc corporate holiday partyHoliday gatherings are great—especially when you pick the right venue and pack it with amenities people will appreciate, and what’s more unique and memorable than a boat cruise on the Potomac River? It showcases majestic views of local iconic landmarks including the Georgetown waterfront, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial—just to name a few. Corporate events on the water in Washington, D.C., can be world class when they include City Cruises’ range of enticing amenities—including chef-prepared menu selections, full bar service, and all-inclusive packages you can customize to accommodate your budget and party size. Add to that exceptional hospitality, climate-controlled interiors, and open-air outdoor decks, and you’ll have a gathering to remember.


Vessels That Impress for Any Corporate Holiday Party

So you’ve decided that your corporate holiday party venue should be a City Cruises craft. Great choice! Next up: Figuring out which vessel is the right one for the festivities. With several to choose from in the Washington DC City Fleet, finding one that’s the right fit will be a breeze. While we don’t have enough space to provide details on all of them, we’ll highlight a few so you can get a sample of what’s in store. To start, let’s look at the Odyssey DC (capacity 600). This elegant, one-level vessel is climate-controlled and glass-enclosed and sails north under the city’s low bridges to provide up-close views of the monuments. Next, there’s the Cherry Blossom (capacity 300). An authentic re-creation of a 19th-century riverboat, this gorgeous craft is one of only six Coast Guard–certified working sternwheelers in the U.S. Add to those Miss Christin (capacity 125), a double-decker private charter boat, and Miss Mallory (capacity 70), a private catamaran, and every size party — large or small — has an option ideal for any event.


Spirit of Mt. Vernon Washington DC yacht


If you’re going to throw a corporate holiday party in Washington, D.C., it pays to do it right — and we’re not just talking about your budget. Hosting a seasonal soiree with City Cruises guarantees a great experience whether you opt for our range of pre-planned packages or choose to customize and create your own. With remarkable boats, enticing amenities including delectable food and drink, live entertainment, and spectacular views of the city surroundings, your party will make for a memorable experience all of your guests will enjoy. So, what are you waiting for?  Fill out this form and one of our event planners will contact you!Contact City Cruises today to start planning the event of the year!


FAQs – DC Corporate Holiday Parties (2024)

What makes City Cruises unique for corporate holiday parties in D.C.?
City Cruises offers a unique venue on the Potomac River, providing stunning views of D.C. landmarks, creating a memorable setting for corporate events.

Are there customizable options for corporate holiday parties with City Cruises in D.C.?
Yes, City Cruises offers customizable packages to suit various corporate needs, including catering, entertainment, and décor options.

What types of corporate holiday packages are available with City Cruises in D.C.?
City Cruises provides a range of holiday packages, each offering different levels of amenities, from basic to premium, tailored to different corporate event requirements.

Can City Cruises in D.C. accommodate large corporate holiday parties?
Yes, City Cruises’ fleet includes vessels of various sizes, capable of hosting corporate holiday parties of different scales.

What kind of views can guests enjoy at a City Cruises corporate holiday party in D.C.?
Guests can enjoy panoramic views of the Washington D.C. skyline, including iconic landmarks along the Potomac River, enhancing the festive atmosphere.

What makes Washington D.C. a unique location for company holiday parties in 2024?
Washington D.C.’s rich history and iconic landmarks provide a distinctive and prestigious backdrop for corporate events.

Are there diverse venue options for holiday parties in D.C.?
Yes, D.C. offers a wide range of venues, from historic sites and museums to modern spaces and river cruises, catering to various preferences.

Can Washington D.C. accommodate different sizes of corporate holiday parties?
The city is well-equipped to host events of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large-scale corporate functions.

What types of entertainment options are available for corporate holiday parties in D.C.?
D.C. offers diverse entertainment options including live music, cultural performances, and interactive experiences unique to the capital.

How does the festive atmosphere in D.C. enhance corporate holiday parties?
The city’s festive decorations, seasonal events, and holiday spirit contribute to creating a memorable and joyous corporate holiday experience.

What scenic routes are recommended for a City Cruises corporate holiday party in D.C.?

For a City Cruises corporate holiday party in D.C., scenic routes along the Potomac River offer views of the illuminated Lincoln Memorial, the striking Jefferson Memorial, and the beautifully lit Washington Monument. These routes provide a festive backdrop, making the holiday party experience even more special.

How early should I book a City Cruises corporate holiday party in D.C.?

To secure your preferred date and vessel, it’s recommended to book your City Cruises corporate holiday party in Washington D.C. several months in advance, especially for events in November and December, which are peak times for holiday parties.

What dining experiences can City Cruises offer for corporate holiday parties in D.C.?

City Cruises in D.C. offers dining experiences ranging from buffet-style meals and cocktail receptions to formal sit-down dinners. Menus can be customized to include holiday-themed dishes and seasonal favorites, providing a gourmet experience while cruising past D.C.’s landmarks.

Can City Cruises in D.C. incorporate team-building activities into corporate holiday parties?

Yes, City Cruises in D.C. can incorporate team-building activities into corporate holiday parties, such as trivia games themed around Washington D.C.’s history or challenges that encourage collaboration and communication among team members, adding a fun and engaging element to the celebration.

What unique holiday themes can be executed on a City Cruise in D.C.?

Unique holiday themes for a City Cruise in D.C. could include a Winter Wonderland on the Water, a Historical Holidays theme showcasing D.C.’s rich past, or a Capital Celebrations theme with decorations inspired by national symbols and landmarks, making your corporate holiday party stand out.