When the holiday season hits, parties are a plenty. But let’s be honest: Corporate gatherings may not always be the event people look forward to during the season. A lot of that may have to do with lackluster locations. For example, who wants a party held at the office? (Shocking but true…some companies still do this!) Alternatively, area restaurants or hotels might be an upgrade depending on where you go, but neither option really seems unique. A high-seas adventure, however, automatically gives attendees something to look forward to—especially when the location is Norfolk. Not only are you guaranteed gorgeous views of the skyline and local surroundings, but when you book with City Cruises, there are numerous amenities too. Whether you opt for all-inclusive packages or customize the experience to suit your specific needs, the occasion will be an unforgettable one full of festive fun. Imagine the excitement that will build when your team hears about the choice of venue! This will guarantee a huge turnout because everyone will not want to miss an opportunity to mingle and have fun in such a beautiful setting.


Norfolk corporate holiday party


At City Cruises Norfolk, It’s All About the Amenities

So you’ve decided your holiday party should be placed in the capable hands of City Cruises. Great news! Now, let’s talk options—because there are several to choose from. For starters, we can create an event that’s in line with your budget and party size, making organization easy. Not only does every holiday party come with an event manager, stewards, captain, and bartenders, but they also include tables, linens, flatware, and chairs. Coupled with top-notch hospitality, climate-controlled interiors, and open-air decks, this is a venue guests won’t soon forget. Additionally, freshly prepared cuisine is featured along with a cash or hosted cocktail and wine bar; photography and entertainment are available as well.

Norfolk corporate holiday partyFor customized packages, there are three offerings to consider: the signature lunch, the signature dinner, and private charters. The signature lunch is a two-hour cruise complete with a holiday buffet, live DJ entertainment on a spacious dance floor, and exquisite views as you travel along the Elizabeth River. With a starting price of $47.90 per person, it’s an impressive deal. The signature dinner, meanwhile, moves from daytime to evening and extends the trip to two-and-a-half hours. It includes a holiday buffet and live DJ entertainment on the dance floor with starting price of $65.90—making it equally enticing. Then there are private charters where you can select either a lunch, cocktail, or dinner cruise. They include customizable dockside and cruising times and a delectable range of food menu and beverage options with a starting price from $6,500.


Norfolk Has It All

Norfolk corporate holiday partyEveryone likes a party—especially when it’s a special event held at a special venue. And what’s more magical than a boat cruise on the Elizabeth River with majestic views? Not much, because corporate events on the water in Norfolk are unforgettable. The city, which is made up of just 66 square miles, provides visitors with seven miles of beachfront on the Chesapeake Bay; the home of the world’s largest naval base; the USS Wisconsin battleship; a spectacular skyline; and landmarks such as the Navy’s Atlantic Fleet and local architecture. Add to that a host of amenities from City Cruises—including chef-prepared menu options, full bar service, and all-inclusive packages you can customize to accommodate your budget and party size—and your gathering will definitely garner gratitude from your guests.


Vessels That Impress as a Floating Venue for Any Corporate Holiday Party

With two beautiful vessels in the Norfolk City Fleet, the issue isn’t if you’ll book a boat—it’ll be which one, depending on capacity and preferences. Let’s start with the Freedom Elite (capacity 80), a high-end private yacht that features complete customization with its open-air lounge deck. On the first deck, you’ll find a spacious dining room complete with a bar and dance floor; on the second there’s a bar with a lounge deck offering access to a partially concealed open-air observation area. Next is the Spirit (capacity up to 400), a three-level craft with two climate-controlled, interior dining decks and three exterior observation decks. This boat’s main deck, the Potomac, is ideal for meals and events. Then there’s the Delaware deck which features a large dining room with a bar and dance floor. Additionally, the most picturesque views of Norfolk can be viewed topside on the Spirit’s roof deck.


Norfolk corporate holiday party


Norfolk is a beautiful place to visit, and if you’re lucky enough to work there, it’s also an attractive destination for a corporate holiday party. Equally exhilarating is the Elizabeth River where the city views are a stunning sight to see; so it seems only logical that combining the two will be a perfect outcome. When you host a holiday gathering on the water with City Cruises you give your guests an elegant and fun experience in an exceptional venue. With all of the amenities provided, you also offer them proof that fostering a team environment and demonstrating how much you value their efforts is top of mind. Because when you level up the typical holiday party at the office, it’s a sign that you put a lot of thought into making the event memorable—and one you want them to enjoy. Who knows? This may become an annual event once everyone falls in love with the venue! You will never want to go back to a conventional location. Contact City Cruises and fill out this form today to start planning a corporate holiday party to remember!

Norfolk Fleet and Venues

FAQs for Company Holiday Party Venues in Norfolk (2024)

Q: What types of company holiday party venues are available in Norfolk?
A: Norfolk offers a variety of venues for company holiday parties, including waterfront banquet halls, historic buildings, modern event spaces, and even cruises along the Elizabeth River. Depending on the size and style of your event, you can choose from intimate settings to larger, more extravagant locations.

Q: Can the venues accommodate large company gatherings?
A: Absolutely. Many venues in Norfolk can comfortably accommodate large groups. We recommend discussing your specific needs with the venue to ensure they can provide the appropriate space and amenities for your company’s holiday party.

Q: Are there catering options available at these venues?
A: Yes, most venues offer in-house catering services with a range of menu options to suit various dietary preferences and event styles. Some venues may also allow outside catering if you have a specific vendor in mind.

Q: Can we bring our own decorations to personalize the space?
A: Typically, venues allow for some personalization with decorations. It’s important to check with the specific venue regarding their policies on decor to ensure compliance with any restrictions or guidelines they may have.

Q: Do Norfolk holiday party venues offer audio-visual equipment for presentations or entertainment?
A: Many venues are equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual technology for music, presentations, or any other multimedia needs. Confirm with the venue manager about the availability and any additional costs for AV equipment.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum rental time for company holiday parties?
A: Rental times vary by venue. Some may offer packages that include set hours, while others may work with you to accommodate custom time frames. It’s best to discuss timing needs directly with the venue to find a suitable arrangement.

Q: How far in advance should we book a holiday party venue in Norfolk?
A: Due to high demand, especially during the holiday season, it is advisable to book your venue as early as possible. We recommend booking at least several months in advance to secure your preferred date and time.

Q: Are there any team-building activities or entertainment options provided by Norfolk venues?
A: Some venues may offer or can arrange team-building activities and entertainment. Options vary, so it’s recommended to inquire about specific services when you contact the venue.

Q: Is parking available at the venue for guests?
A: Most venues in Norfolk will have parking facilities. Availability and capacity should be confirmed beforehand, especially for large events.

Q: What is the cancellation policy for holiday party venues in Norfolk?
A: Cancellation policies are specific to each venue. They often depend on how far in advance the cancellation is made. Ask for a copy of the venue’s cancellation policy to review before making a booking.

What makes City Cruises a standout choice for company holiday parties in Norfolk?

City Cruises offers a unique and memorable setting for company holiday parties in Norfolk, with cruises that provide stunning views of the Elizabeth River and Norfolk skyline. The ability to celebrate while cruising adds an element of exclusivity and excitement, distinguishing your holiday party from traditional land-based venues.

What can guests expect to see during a City Cruises holiday party in Norfolk?

Guests on a City Cruises holiday party in Norfolk can enjoy scenic views of the waterfront, including the Battleship Wisconsin, the Naval Station Norfolk, and the beautiful lights of the city’s skyline. The moving panorama ensures a dynamic and engaging experience throughout the event.

How customizable are holiday parties with City Cruises in Norfolk?

City Cruises in Norfolk offers highly customizable holiday party packages, allowing you to tailor the event to your company’s needs and preferences. From themed decorations and entertainment to customized menus and cruise routes, the flexibility ensures your holiday party is uniquely yours.

What types of entertainment can be arranged for a City Cruises holiday party in Norfolk?

City Cruises can arrange a variety of entertainment options for your holiday party in Norfolk, including DJs, live bands, photo booths, and even casino nights. The entertainment can be customized to fit the theme and atmosphere of your holiday celebration.

How does City Cruises in Norfolk cater to dietary needs and preferences?

City Cruises in Norfolk offers a variety of catering options, with menus designed to accommodate a range of dietary needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for traditional holiday fare, gourmet dining, or specific dietary accommodations, the culinary team works to ensure every guest enjoys a delightful dining experience.

What is the capacity of City Cruises vessels for holiday parties in Norfolk?

City Cruises in Norfolk operates vessels of various sizes, capable of accommodating intimate gatherings to large corporate events. It’s important to discuss your party size with City Cruises to select a vessel that comfortably fits your group and meets your event needs.

How does a City Cruises holiday party enhance the festive atmosphere in Norfolk?

A City Cruises holiday party enhances the festive atmosphere by combining the natural beauty of Norfolk’s waterways with the joy of the holiday season. The unique setting on the water, coupled with holiday-themed decorations and activities, creates an unforgettable experience that embodies the spirit of the season.

What makes Norfolk’s waterfront the perfect backdrop for a holiday party?

Norfolk’s waterfront, with its mix of historical sites, modern architecture, and natural beauty, provides a captivating backdrop for holiday parties. The reflections of city lights on the water and the view of ships and landmarks along the Elizabeth River add a touch of magic and wonder to your holiday celebration.

Original Post Date: August 23, 2023

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