Galleries, drinks, restaurants, cruises — the possibilities for Mother’s Day in the Big Apple are endless.

When was the last time you called your mother? If you can’t remember, here’s a Pro Tip: Give her a ring! (She’ll love it.) And, while we should all celebrate Mom each and every day, there are a few days during the year when you’ll definitely want to show mom you care, including birthdays, anniversaries, the holidays, and, of course, Mother’s Day. Yep, though it feels like Christmas was just a few short weeks ago, the day set aside for mothers everywhere is right around the corner, and if you’re hoping to give Mom an experiential gift this year, there’s no better place to go than New York City.

From museums and restaurants to the incredible skyline, massive parks, and more, the only problem you’ll have with planning Mother’s Day activities in New York City is fitting them all into one day. (Oh and making those darn dinner reservations!) There are 8 million people living in the Big Apple — and countless more will be trekking in for the big day — so we figured it’d be a good idea to put together this short list of some of our favorite things to do for Mother’s Day in NYC. Check them all out below!


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Fun Things to Do in New York City for Mother’s Day 2024

The High Line – Both a nonprofit organization and a public park on the West Side of Manhattan, there’s no cooler stroll to take while you’re in town than on The High Line. Built on a historic, elevated rail line, you can saunter through lush gardens, see art, take in a street performance, enjoy delicious food, and show Mom a unique perspective of New York City. Plus, while you’re in the area, you can pop into one of the many art galleries in the West Side neighborhoods!

Central Park – No Mother’s Day trip to the city would be complete without a stop at Manhattan’s biggest and most famous green space, Central Park. Whether you plan to partake in one of the park’s slew of activities, check out the various statues and monuments, go to the Central Park Zoo, or rent a bicycle, Mom is sure to love the outdoor time spent with the family.


Central park New York city green space


Explore a Book Store in NYC with Mom

The Strand – Since 1927, the Strand Book Store has been supplying Manhattan’s Greenwich Village with books, records, and other media by the mile — literally! (The famous tagline is “18 Miles of Books.”) Today, the shop has over 2.5 million used, new, and rare books, an ever-changing array of literary gifts, and pretty much everything in-between. Even if you don’t take Mom here for the holiday, this is a great place to visit and snag her a fun and personal present.


Shop til You Drop for Mother’s Day in New York

If Mom is all about shopping, skip the crowds on Fifth Avenue and head down to the neighborhood of SoHo, where you’ll find plenty of chic boutiques, designer brand stores, outlets, and more. Plus, the neighborhood is also home to a ton of great restaurants, bars, and cafes, so once you get tired of shopping — or rather, once you run out of room in your bags — you can pop in for a refreshing drink and a snack.


Metropolitan Museum of Art


Mother’s Day is Perfect to Check out a Popular NYC Museum

If Mom is into art or history, there are plenty of incredible museums to visit while you’re in town for Mother’s Day, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the MoMa, the Guggenheim, the Tenement Museum, the American Museum of Natural History, the Whitney, and many, many more. For family fun, the American Museum of Natural History is a surefire hit — everyone loves dinosaur bones and planetariums!


Make Your Mother’s Day One to Remember with City Cruises

If you’re hoping to see some incredible views of the city’s skyline lit up at night, the Mother’s Day Signature Dinner Cruise is your best bet. As you sail along the East and Hudson Rivers, you, Mom, and the whole family will enjoy an unforgettable evening complete with a holiday buffet, classic cocktails, and, of course, New York’s most breathtaking views. There’s also plenty of dancing to be done in the climate-controlled interior, or just relax and soak in the night from the outdoor decks. If you’re looking for another excellent cruise option during the day, the New York Mother’s Day Signature Afternoon Brunch Pier 61 can’t be beat. Embark on a similar route along the Hudson and East Rivers while you drink, dance, and dine the day away — while still being able to make those dinner reservations you, er, definitely are going to remember to book!

No matter what you choose to do on Mother’s Day 2024, a dining cruise with City Cruises New York is the perfect option to either start your day full of excitement, or cap off e memorable day with mom. With two amazing options to choose from, the hard part is just deciding which dining cruise option you want to go with. Everything else will fall into place, making this the most magical Mother’s Day she’s had yet.


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FAQs – NYC Mother’s Day Things to Do (2024)

What does City Cruises offer for Mother’s Day?

City Cruises provides special events like the Mother’s Day Signature Dinner Cruise and the Afternoon Brunch Cruise.

What can we expect on a City Cruises Mother’s Day event?

These cruises typically include meals, stunning views of NYC’s skyline, and entertainment like dancing.

Is a City Cruises event suitable for all ages?

Yes, these cruises are family-friendly and offer a memorable experience for all ages.

What are popular activities for Mother’s Day in New York City in 2024?

Options include visiting parks like Central Park, exploring museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and shopping in areas like SoHo.

Are there special dining options for Mother’s Day?

Yes, NYC offers a wide range of dining experiences, from upscale restaurants to unique cafes.

Can I take my mother on a special outing in NYC?

Consider a walk on The High Line or a trip to the Strand Book Store for a unique experience. Or out on the water with City Cruises!

How can City Cruises enhance Mother’s Day celebrations?

City Cruises offers a memorable way to celebrate Mother’s Day on the water. Hosting a Mother’s Day event on a City Cruises vessel allows you to enjoy the beauty of New York City from a unique perspective, providing stunning views of the skyline and landmarks. Whether you’re planning a cozy brunch or an elegant dinner, City Cruises offers packages that cater to various tastes and preferences, making it a perfect, unique venue for celebrating Mother’s Day.

Why choose NYC for a Mother’s Day rehearsal dinner?

NYC is renowned for its dynamic atmosphere, world-class dining, and diverse venues, making it an ideal location for rehearsal dinners and Mother’s Day celebrations alike. The city’s vast culinary landscape and iconic settings offer a backdrop that promises to make any event unforgettable. From rooftop bars and luxurious hotels to unique spaces like City Cruises, NYC provides a variety of options to suit any style or budget.

Why is New York City the best place to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2024?

New York City offers a vibrant and unforgettable setting for celebrating Mother’s Day. From its iconic landmarks and parks to its world-class dining and unique experiences, NYC provides a plethora of options to make Mother’s Day special. Here’s why NYC stands out as the ideal destination for Mother’s Day celebrations:

What unique activities can families enjoy in New York City on Mother’s Day?

Families can enjoy a variety of unique activities in NYC, from rooftop vineyard visits at places like Rooftop Reds, offering stunning views and wine tasting, to exploring cultural attractions like the Queens Botanical Garden for floral beauty and serene landscapes. Adventure-seeking moms might enjoy a helicopter tour over the city for breathtaking aerial views, or a creative sip and paint class for a fun and artistic outing​​​​.

How does dining in NYC make Mother’s Day special?

NYC’s culinary scene is unmatched, offering everything from gourmet brunches at top restaurants to unique dining experiences like COTE Korean Steakhouse and La Goulue, where special Mother’s Day menus are crafted to celebrate the occasion. Whether you prefer a lavish meal or a cozy brunch spot, NYC’s diverse dining options cater to all tastes, making it a food lover’s paradise for Mother’s Day celebrations​​.

Why is a City Cruises boat the perfect venue for Mother’s Day?

Celebrating Mother’s Day on a City Cruises boat adds a touch of luxury and uniqueness to the occasion. It allows families to enjoy panoramic views of NYC’s skyline and landmarks from the water, providing a memorable backdrop for the celebration. Whether it’s a brunch, lunch, or dinner cruise, City Cruises offers a distinctive experience that combines great food, stunning views, and the joy of being together on the water​​​​.

What makes NYC’s parks and gardens ideal for Mother’s Day?

NYC’s parks and gardens, like Central Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, offer lush, green spaces perfect for a leisurely stroll, a picnic, or simply enjoying nature’s beauty. These outdoor venues serve as a peaceful retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle, allowing families to spend quality time together in a beautiful setting​​.

Can families enjoy cultural experiences in New York City on Mother’s Day?

Yes, NYC is rich in cultural experiences that families can enjoy together on Mother’s Day. From Broadway shows offering entertainment for all ages to museums and art galleries presenting inspiring exhibits, the city’s cultural offerings make it easy to find something that will delight and surprise moms who appreciate the arts​​​​.


Original Post Date: March 3, 2023