Going out on the open ocean is a life-changing experience. While some people mold their whole lives around their love of the water, most of us can only explore our passion in temporary bursts before going back to our daily routine on land. But don’t fret; if you’re undergoing a post-cruise funk while you await your next adventure, you can still surround yourself with the sea by incorporating it into your home decor.

When you think of classic nautical decor, you probably think of seashells, old rope, and navy and white stripes. But if you go to town with all of these elements, your room may end up looking a bit campy. Instead, explore these creative takes on the seafaring look and bring a little Hornblower cruise joy home with you.

Navy and white are musts when it comes to this style of decor. But before you go buying a nautical-striped area rug, consider creative ways to tie this color scheme in with natural oceanic beauty. This navy chair pairs well with the decorative white coral accents for an aesthetic that isn’t in-your-face oceanic, but still captures the theme.

Nothing makes a splash like different shades of blue in an otherwise neutral room. These vivid hues and subtle wink to nautical stripes will transport you to the ocean – even if the view out your window is another building. Pair the stripes and blues with rich wood furnishings and you have an instantly classic, clean look.

If you don’t feel like going all out, it only takes a few beautiful pops of blue and paintings of calm seas or thrashing waves to emphasize your love of the ocean. Details are just as capable of expressing your tastes and passions as pervasive decor.

Every aspect of this bathroom screams coastal charm. You can practically smell the salty waves. But this is another case in which the details do most of the work: the subtle starfish motif, net-covered vase, and porthole mirror bring quite a bit of oceanic character.

Mixed throw pillows, white wood panels, and a gorgeous image of a boat give this family room a relaxed sea-worthy look. This room shows that you don’t need the typical staples (anchors and seashells) to nail the overall nautical feel.

You can also go the beachy route with wicker furniture, natural wood, and character-infusing pieces like the propped surfboard pictured above.

Last but not least, make your outdoor living space a summery yet sophisticated retreat with cool blues and warm sandy tones. Spend your evenings relaxing in the sunshine and your next cruise will be here before you know it!

Hannah West is the author of a young adult novel, Kingdom of Ash and Briars, debuting in fall 2016. Her freelance writing resume covers everything from addiction treatment to fashion, but she is especially passionate about her writing for Modernize.com with the goal of empowering homeowners with the expert guidance and educational tools they need to take on big home projects with confidence.

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