Beautiful beaches are always an enticing element to any city — and Marina del Rey offers them in spades. This charming coastal community, which is known for its iconic amusement pier, is the ideal destination for a bachelorette party in Los Angeles (especially if a Marina del Rey wedding is already in the works). Because of the gorgeous surroundings, when you think of hosting a bachelorette party in Marinda del Rey, a yacht venue immediately comes to mind. How could it not? Taking advantage of the stunning scenery is an obvious choice, and a bachelorette party on the water is the best way to do it. Of course, finding the right carrier to work with is a top priority, and lucky for you, City Cruises provides everything you need.


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The Stage Is Set for a Wedding-Event You Won’t Forget

Since bachelorette parties symbolize a bride’s “last night of singlehood” setting the stage for a memorable event is of the utmost importance. And while you want the occasion to be fun, hosts are also responsible for elevating this pre-wedding celebration to make it special, safe, and an evening everyone will savor. While Marina del Rey has you covered with its vibrant environment and chic locale — which make it the perfect location for a bachelorette party — City Cruises provides a range of exclusive bachelorette party packages to choose from as part of our Marina del Rey Wedding Events. With options tailored to every size, style, and budget, we offer all of the features and amenities you need for a perfect event.


Cruise in Style For Your Bachelorette Party

bridal showerBy tradition, some bachelorette party venues leave much to be desired (we’re looking at you, Vegas). The experience can be challenging to plan, and chaotic to keep everyone together and excited. Those issues are alleviated when you choose to travel with City Cruises. Not only are you guaranteed to journey on vessels that feature elegant décor and a fun ambiance, but you’ll also enjoy customizable dining options and entertainment choices that inspire a joyful atmosphere. And that’s not all. You’ll also enjoy the panoramic views of local attractions and California’s coastal and waterfront skylines from comfy climate-controlled interiors and expansive exterior, open-air decks. Plus, the modern design of our Marina del Rey city fleet — which includes some of the largest and most luxurious crafts in class — is always a trendy alternative to bachelorette parties on land at restaurants or clubs where a lot of coordination could be required. Memorable experiences are on the docket with our unique cruise selections, which all encompass special features and entertainment.


Plan Every Detail of Your Bachelorette Party

You know the old phrase, “planning makes perfect”? Well, that’s an understatement when it comes to wedding-related events — and a bachelorette party is certainly no exception. In fact, since there are so many different ways to celebrate the occasion, the host has to handle coordinating numerous things (including food, entertainment, and venue). Let’s face it: All of that can feel a bit overwhelming. But when you work with City Cruises you can personalize your pre-wedding celebration with custom décor and themes as well as menu selections that will suit every guest’s palate. With the help of planning assistance from City Cruises event experts, you’ll feel stress-free and put at ease as they take care of all logistics.


Why You Should Choose to Cruise with City Cruises

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The main goals of a bachelorette party are simple: Make sure the bride has a great time and create as many unforgettable moments as possible. The occasion is meant to be a celebration of friendship and fun, so there shouldn’t be any stress involved. When you opt for City Cruises bachelorette party packages, those goals are easily achieved. We provide a variety of all-inclusive options for stress-free planning that include customization choices for every budget — as well as additional services and enhancements that you can incorporate. Looking for instant camera-ready photo ops? Add on a photo booth. Hoping to include the bride’s favorite flowers as part of the décor? Check out our customized florals. Do you want a video keepsake of the occasion? Let us get you a videographer. City Cruises has a network of exceptional local vendors we work with, so we’ll get what you want and do all of the legwork for you.


Tips and Tricks to Make the Bride Bliss

Because a lot of planning goes into a bachelorette party, making it a seamless experience can be really difficult to do when you’re organizing everything on your own. That’s why partnering with City Cruises to plan the event ensures the evening will be a success. Our event planners have a wealth of experience to offer for every aspect of your bachelorette party and can easily cater to all of your needs. This way the only thing you have to plan is a fun-filled, relaxing, and special evening where celebrating is your only concern. However, that’s not the only thing you’re bound to enjoy because the culinary journey provided for our bachelorette party catering and dining delivers the ultimate culinary delights on the water. With our exclusive, chef-prepared menus — which can accommodate dietary restrictions and special requests — every guest’s palate will be pleased. In addition, we offer beverage packages to toast the occasion so you can raise a glass gleefully.


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Book Your Bachelorette Party with City Cruises in Marina del Rey!

No matter how you define the ideal bachelorette party, City Cruises can make it a reality. Our vessels, numerous features, and amenities — along with stress-free planning through our expert event planners — make your pre-wedding celebration a painless process. We’ll elevate the experience while simultaneously helping you create lasting memories that every guest will treasure (bride included). Just fill out this form, and one of our experienced event planners will contact you to get the party started!