On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me
12 Holiday Spirits that made me smile with glee

First came the Mistletoe
Which had me puckering up like a pro

Then I moved onto the Rudolph as bright as ever
Making me get up and sing Never say Never

I kept going and tried the Santa’s Stuck in the Chimney
Which quickly had me dancing a little too nimbly

So I went onto the Snowflake
Which made me feel wide awake

I needed a pick me up, so Jingle Bells was poured
And right away I knew that I wanted more

So I tried the Abominable Snowman
And stuck to my plan

Six more to go and I was onto the Candy Cane Twist
Which was almost as sweet as being kissed

So I took it down a notch for the Nutcracker
And let me tell you this one is a lip smacker

I prepared for the Frosty Freeze
Whose creaminess went down with ease

I was almost there until I had the Grinch
So good I couldn’t refuse and now I could barely move an inch

But I knew I had to try the Christmas Story
With all its raved about glory

And last but not least, the Gingerman
The twelfth Holiday Spirit, I made it through the whole span

12 Holiday Spirits all delicious and yummy
But now it’s time to head to bed and rest my tummy!

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