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Immerse yourself with educational park programs

Preserving & exploring historical grounds
The National Park Service offers a number of programs to inspire youth and adults to get involved. Find out how you can help preserve national and historical sites.


The National Park Service encourages the involvement through eager volunteers who want to give back and inspire others. Volunteers can assist with day-to-day visitation by assisting guests with questions, providing directions, and presenting programs. Volunteers can also assist with transcribing sound recordings from Ellis Island of the late 19th and 20th century. Volunteers can also assist their time at the Research Library located on Ellis Island where they will assist with historical preservation and work with maintenance staff. Interested in volunteering but don’t live in New York or New Jersey? You can find a location at:

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The National Park Service not only preserves the national historical sites but the grounds the buildings foundation on. The ‘Do Your Part’ encourages guests to participate in eco-friendly practices such as recycling, reducing carbon footprints from fuel in vehicles, and through the ‘Leave No Trace’ program that promotes the protection of the nation’s wild lands.

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Share your passion for the conservation and preservation with the National Park Service. Through community partners, many organizations such as, state and local governments, nonprofit organizations, private citizens, and Indian tribes have come together to revitalize and recreate affordable housing, build trails and playgrounds, and restructure historical buildings for use.

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