Experience Reviews-Statue City Cruises

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Lisa – Greenlawn, New York

Check out what our guests are saying about their Statue Cruises experience! “Catch the boat from Battery Park. First stop, Statue of Liberty – as tickets for crown sold out we didn’t get off but took great photos and continued to Ellis Island. Next stop, The Immigration Centre Ellis Island – a truly moving and thought provoking experience which I will never forget. The audio tour (incl. in ticket price) made you appreciate the hopes and fears of those wanting to start a new life just a hundred years ago. Tips: If you want tickets to crown book up well in advance; take the cruise early in the day as it gets VERY busy. Apart from the queuing and inevitable security checks this attraction is just incredible.”

Jen – Dallas, Texas

We booked with Statue Cruises well in advance and were able to get crown tickets. Thanks to tripadvisor, we booked with Statue instead of some other cruise lines who had less than great reputations. I’m so glad we did. From start to finish, this was a great trip. They have it down to a science on loading/unloading, timing, going between stops, etc. The staff was all courteous and helpful and the sites were just breathtaking. We had an amazing visit to the statue and then Ellis Island. It couldn’t have been smoother!

Binh – San Gabriel, United States

“If it’s your first time in New York, the Statue o0f Liberty is a must see! Yes – you’ve seen pictures of it sooooo many times but it’s quite beautiful in real life. The ticket comes with access to both Lady Liberty and the Ellis Island. Both of which were a memorable experience, in my opinion. The boat comes and goes and you can spend as long a you really want in each. Just be careful of the lines as one goes to New Jersey and the other to New York. You do NOT want to be in the wrong boat. You can choose to buy your ticket online or at the site, but the better preference is online as you can guarantee yourself a spot on the ferry for a certain day rather than risking them selling out for the day of. If you do not have a printer, no problem, you can pick it up at Will Call!There’s a security checkpoint before the ferry and then after if you enter the pedestal or crown, both of which are airport security type. Try not to bring too much stuff!”

Mairead – Philadelphia, United States

“We were there yesterday as a treat for my 8 year old who requested to see the Statue of Liberty this summer. Bought tickets online a few weeks ago with pedestal access, crown tickets were sold out till September. We had tickets for the 12pm boat but got on at 11.30am as we went through security pretty fast. Saw the pedestal museum and climbed as high as we were allowed to go. The line to get the boat back was long but we were not waiting for more than 15 mins. We didn’t have time to stop at Ellis Island but we will be back to check it out for sure.”